Saturday, July 31, 2010

Dear Twitter, I might cry.

I stupidly deleted my Twitter account today. Like, totally, completely DEACTIVATED it. ON ACCIDENT.

I am ticked.

I am not kidding...I thought I was deleting an old account I had for a grad class. But, no. I deleted THEE one.

I lost all of you. I lost followers. I lost following. I lost DM's. I lost it all.

I may just cry.

So, username is back to my old one until they release my other one again in a few days...but you can find me here.

My little twitter heart is shattered into a million pieces...


  1. Oh no! I added your new username. I hope you get your old one back soon!

  2. How sad!!

    Your headbands are too cute :) Think I'll have to get one... or two!

  3. Ahh!!! Oh no! Just re-followed you!!

  4. I'm surprised it's not like Myspace or Facebook when you "deactivate" but if you type everything as if you're logging in, you magically come back to life! I'm following your new account now! Yay!

  5. It says you protected your tweets but doesnt give me an option to request to follow :o(

  6. Oh that stinks! I'll go try to follow... I'm @mrsnatalie. I hate how you can't quite ever tell which account you are registered in.

  7. Oh no! I requested to follow you again. @preggoinpearls

  8. I was wondering what happened to you!