Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Did you know? Random things you never needed to know.

Did you know that even after getting a straight 7 hour stretch of sleep (yay Emeline!), that I'm still capable of being tired? Pathetic.

Did you know that going out to breakfast is my most FAVORITE meal to eat out? Something about sipping coffee...eating crunchy bacon...and having good talks that I love so much.

Did you know that I was homeschooled from grades 2-4 just because I was scared of the 2nd grade teacher I was assigned to? Me and my mom had so much fun those two years.

Did you know that I'd rather shop alone then with someone? If I go with anyone, I'll typically buy absolutely NOTHING. If I go alone? That's when it's dangerous on my purse.

Did you know that I hate shoes? HATE.HATE.HATE. Shoe shopping is pure torture for me. I buy 3 pairs of flip flops for the summer (gray, black and brown), and that's all I need.

Did you know that I'm already secretly thinking about this one's 1st birthday party? I'm the one all worried about her growing up too fast--yet I'm thinking about this ALREADY?! She's 10 weeks old for goodness sakes.

Did you know that I watch The Bachelor and Bachelorette every.single.season even though I'm always disappointed? Did you know that my husband watches with me?

Did you know that I've never, ever, ever cleaned my kitchen floor in this home? [We've lived here for 2 years!] Before you get sickened, that's because Declan does it.

Did you know that scrubbing tiles in a shower is my absolute most dreaded house-chore ever? [Because I swear, it's too hard to get clean. I hate it.]

My second most dreaded house chore is putting away clean laundry.

Did you know that I used to have my nose pierced before it was trendy? I was one of the first kids in my high school with it. I nearly cried when I had to take it out before my student teaching.

Did you know that I hate washing my face before bed? Although I do it (most of the time), I seriously dread it.

Did you know that I'm terrible at filing away paperwork properly, and I have a hard time finding anything twice? It's pretty bad.

Did you know how I wish I was a better photographer? I seriously wish I had amazing photo snapping skills. Like the pro's.

If it was even possible, did you know that I love Mac even MORE now that Miss E is here--because of how freakin' sweet he is to her? It melts my heart. I couldn't be more happy about it.

Did you know that yesterday I had 668 hits on my blog, and 484 of which were 'unique' visitors--yet, I only had 18 comments on my post. UMM....HELLO....? Do I need to do another de-lurk post? Say hi every once in a while. It's kind of creepy, yo.

Happy Tuesday!


  1. De-lurking here! Hi :) I'm new to the blog world and have been searching out pregnancy/ baby/ mommy blogs. Love your style of writing and the adorable pics of your baby girl don't hurt either. Sorry for being a creeper!

  2. Just saying hi since you called us all out today :) Sorry I never post comments. I think because I don't have a baby so I feel weird reading so many baby blogs. One of these days ;) Love your blog, and your little cutie is just precious! Hope you have a great day!!

  3. It's funny that you said you wish you could take better pictures because the other day I showed a picture to M on your blog and said "I wish I could take pictures like that! It's amazing!" lol I was going to ask you if you edit or if it's just the camera you use?

    I despise laundry! I hope for the best when I go into the closet because I hate hate hate it.

    and I just want to hug Mac! :)

  4. Breakfast is my fav, too. I could each French Toast with fruit on top everyday for the rest of my life. Yet, AJ & I have only been out for breakfast 1 time in the year and half we've been married! Love the post!

  5. Breakfast is my fav, too. I could each French Toast with fruit on top everyday for the rest of my life. Yet, AJ & I have only been out for breakfast 1 time in the year and half we've been married! Love the post!

  6. I know..I am bad at commenting too. I do in my head, but I guess I am just too lazy to post. I feel ya on the hating to put the laundry up...I hate doing that too. that is why it usually stays in my room for days!!! And u are a great photographer!!! I always love ur pics!! What camera do u use?? Love ur blog and I love ur honesty!!! Oh and I am so jealous about you getting 7 straight hours of sleep...but yeah I would still be tired too..hehe

  7. LOL I read every post I just don't always comment. That last pic of Mac and Emeline is too darling!!

  8. oh my gosh, that pic of Mac and Emeline is so adorable! I have 2 yorkies and they couldn't care less about the baby!

  9. I'm with you on the sleeping.

    And the shopping.

    And the shoes.

    And the Bachelor.

    And the scrubbing the shower.

    And the laundry.

    And the filing.

    And the photography.

    And I really, really want my nose pierced. I could have it at my school but B hates them so I respect his opinion.

    No wonder I love you so much! :)

  10. So I wonder if I come up as a "unique" visitor? I visit your blog everyday and I think I have only commented a few times! Honestly, your blog is one of my favorites!


    P.S. You take great pictures! I am quite envious of your skills! :)

  11. I love this post :) I HATE cleaning the bathroom tiles, too. They are absolutely impossible to get clean. But, I have to admitt I love laundry-probably my favorite chore because I like the fact that everything has its place. Sounds a little OCD, hunh?

    I haven't been commenting recently, but I am a loyal reader-so I'll try to be better about that. I hope you and miss E have a great day! xoxo, KA

  12. I will say hi! I have really enjoyed all your baby posts :) I have seven weeks to go and I'm getting so excited to see her. I hope my dogs do as well with her as yours does. I'm praying, praying, praying!

  13. I'm delurking. HAHA!
    I too, hate shoes. And I only have three pairs of flops, except mine are black, silver, and brown. What else could a girl need?

    I had my bellybutton pierced before it was cool.

    I wish all showers had a self-cleaning setting. Because although I hate mildew, I hate cleaning the tiles more.

    And I won't shop with someone else. I just don't like the way anyone else shops. It IRRITATES me.

  14. Another delurker! I found your blog through Megan's and l've really enjoyed reading it because I am pregnant with my first (a boy!) and I am getting ready to be in your new-mommy shoes in October. Love your honesty and creativity!

  15. Lol! De-lurking. :)

    Love the picture of Emeline with the pup. Very cute!

  16. myself. I can't even recall how I found your blog, but it was before you had E and then I was hooked because I was dying to hear her name - which is adorable! Plus, your writing is just addicting. :o)

    I'm a new(er) mom to a 9-month old little girl, so I am loving all these headbands and wishing I could be crafty and make some myself. And the pictures are to die for! Totally jealous of your skills! I've managed to get a few good pics of my little girl, but it's mostly just plain ol' luck.

  17. You do like shoe shopping?!?!?! Are you sure you're a girl?? HAHA!!! JK! :)

    It's horrible but I too HATE washing my face at night. LOL! That or I'm just lazy!!!

    And that last picture is beyond precious!!!!!

  18. I also hate shoes, and dislike going shopping with other people. Just thought I'd share ;)

  19. I totally love shopping alone too...I just get annoyed when I am with other people, I need to focu! :)

  20. Your blog is one of my top favorite blogs ever but I have lazy with commenting lately... so hey!! Also, breakfast out is the best... But my husband hates breakfast out. :( sadness

    Also also, I have totally been thinking about getting my nose pierced for like 2 yes but I'm too chicken. Haha

    Your daughter is cute as ever!!! :)

  21. Just found your blog about a month ago! I love it!!! I love reading about your sweet girl, since I'm having my first in Oct.

  22. Did you know that we seem to be freakishly similar? Seriously! I was shaking my head to each thing I read. Ha! I love looking at pictures of your sweet girl each day. She is an absolute DOLL!

  23. I hate cleaning the tiles too...they never look any cleaner!

    That picture of Mac and Emmekay melts my heart, so cute!

  24. Hi Katie! De-lurking! I think I don't comment because I'm worried I have nothing super exciting to say. BUT...I agree with you on putting away clean laundry...and cleaning the bathroom tiles. We have this adorable house kind of out in the country, but really high iron in our I have to do it, or my tub starts to turn orangey. Yuck!!!!! The joys of buying your first house. Love your blog, love Emeline's sweet face. It makes me even more excited to meet my baby girl in September!!! :)

  25. I just love Miss E's sweet little smiles. She just keeps on getting cuter and cuter!

  26. I definitely need to do another de-lurking post, my readers are becoming ghosts, ha! :)

  27. omg! My little Oliver is 12 weeks tomorrow and I don't want him to get bigger either! Last night I started planning (in my mind) his 1st birthday party. I'm so glad I'm not the only silly one out there. :)

  28. Busted!

    I hate putting away the laundry too! And I'm the same about shopping!

    Love your pictures, you have an adorable little girl!


  29. I so can't picture you with a nose ring! lol.

    And I think you're a fabulous photographer :)

  30. Just saying hi!!! ;)

    Love the new pics, Mac and EmeKay are seriously adorable. I hope my pup takes to the baby when I finally have one!!

  31. awww, love the pic of mac and E! So sweet!!!

    I too love eating breakfast out-helps me get my morning going. And I also have watched every season of the Bachelor/Bachelorette. I swear every season I am done watching it, but I still do. Sad...

  32. ok so i think i knew pretty much all of these things anyway but i like to credit that with being your sissy. :)

    seriously, let's plan a breakfast date before i leave for africa! or 2 or 3 even. hahaha!

    love that picture of emekay. so freaking cute!!!!!

  33. Hi there... de-lurking here.

    I love your blog and your writing. I think I could read pages after pages of stuff you've written. I love how witty you are... and of course I love the photos of Miss Emeline!

  34. Breakfast is also my fav meal out! It's so comforting!

    And, never fear, I've planning First Birthdays for my babies, and I don't even have them yet!

  35. shoe shopping ranks right up there with jean shopping for me! worst thing ever!

  36. I'll admit it - I'm guilty of reading and not commenting. I'm sorry, I'm a bad blogger!

    I just wanted to tell you that your photos are awesome. So much better than mine! :)

  37. Oh I hate shoe shopping too! I live in flip flops because its easy and cheap!

    That little girl of yours is just too cute!

  38. I hate shoe shopping too! I bought two pairs of flip flops this summer...which I will also likely wear throughout the winter. Thank you mild Texas winters!

    I don't like socks either.

  39. Caught :) I've been following your blog since I was pregnant with my little man (Everett- 4months). I go to church with your fam, my husband plays softball with Jim, etc. I think that's how I found your blog!

    ps- You should absolutely sell those headbands! I want a few :)

  40. I read your post yesterday. I can't remember if I commented or not. I really liked it though. It will be a never ending process for me and I'm okay with it.

    ps - It's scary how much we have in common.


  41. Very nice post. Guess I'm kind of de-lurking, I've been reading for awhile and comment here and there when I have time!

    I had to laugh so many times in this post, I agree with so many of the things. The shopping alone that you mentioned - yes, very dangerous for myself as well! And, babies and "their" doggies are so flippin' cute! :-)

  42. I am so glad that Mac and Eme get along!

    I know why you are thinking of her first birthday - it is the creative side of you. I am not even thinking of having kids for another couple years, but I am already working on baby things for the room.

    I am much better shopping alone also. I just can't get things done with someone else there!

    I loved the list!

  43. I shop the exact same way! I have a hard time buying with most people. I usually feel bad for making them wait for me to try stuff on.

    Scrubbing shower tiles is pretty much the hardest job ever.

  44. I love your photos and wish we lived closer so you could shoot some maternity photos for me. Eme is absolutely adorable! Oh, I have that package...I need to mail it asap!

  45. Loved this post. I was just thinking today about how eating breakfast out is my least favorite meal and that I think people who love it are crazy :). Also, in 3 1/2 years of living here, I've only cleaned my shower/tub a handful of times. For some reason, it's Evan's job. I hate it.

  46. We are SO alike on so many things! Creepy!

    LOVE the pic of Emeline and Mac!

  47. Howdy yo!! Delurking here too!! Love your blog!! ;)

  48. Hey quick question.

    I love the name Declan for a baby boy. What does your huband think about the name? Can people who just see it in writing pronounce it? We have a very Irish sounding last name and my husband loves it!

    Thanks, Jen

  49. Hi Katie! Totally don't want to be a lurker..or creepy for that matter! Ha! So, my name is Melanie, and Im not sure how I came across your blog, but I am glad I did! I love the honesty in your writing! Not a mommy yet, hopefully soon. =) You and your daughter are adorable!

  50. Saying hi :)I have been reading since you guest blogged for Sonja way back when. I know, I know. I should have said hi before now. Your little girl is absolutely adorable! Oh, and my little boy is 4 months old and I started planning his first birthday last month! Ha!

  51. Awww...such a cute picture of Mac and Emeline!

  52. Ummm I've been wearing flip flops since April and can't remember the last place I wore real shoes to other than the gym. I also LOVE shopping alone. It's so much faster.

    I think you take great pictures by the way!

  53. Katie!
    Just wanted to say hi and let you know I've been reading your blog for about 5 months now, found you through my cousin Lisa's blog, SweDaisy spaces.I recently started a blog of my own and I am just learning the ropes :).
    Your daughter is BEAUTIFUL!
    Hope you've had a joy filled day.

  54. Your daughter is a doll!!! I'm stopping in from Carey's site, we went to high school together! looks like you are off to a wonderful start as a mom! Take care :)

  55. I love this post! We're a lot alike! I can't shop with anyone either. And I never file paperwork because I know I'll never get it out again! And I think you're an amazing photographer! But I feel the same way about myself and wanting to improve!