Monday, July 12, 2010

Freakish Timing

So, like pretty much every mom-to-be, when I first found out I was pregnant I signed up for something, that somehow got me weekly emails sent to me from "What to Expect".

Well, apparently, I'm finding out that the emails keep coming after the baby, too. And you know what? It's totally fine...but it's also been oddly creepy.

The titles and timings of the emails alone have been Why you ask?

Because, literally--every.single.time something new is happening around here (with baby or me regarding post-pregnancy), the thought comes to my mind about it and the questions are starting to circulate in my head...

and BAM!

An email from What To Expect is IN MY INBOX about the EXACT SAME THING I've been questioning or dealing with. feels like someone is spying on me. It's kind of wigging me out.

For example(s):

-The first time I got majorly puked on--the email came that very day titled, "Spitting up baby".

-At 5 weeks old, Emeline got her first cold...and I felt horrible. In my email? "Treating baby's cold".

-The day I first cried because I was in all sorts of pain....the email? "Nursing your nipples".

-The first night I decided to try a little baby massage, and I later checked my email and saw: "Baby Massage Benefits".

I could not make this up.

It goes on.

-I started noticing a little redness on her butt. Crap! Diaper rash. The next day? "Secrets to Preventing Diaper Rash".

And honestly...this next one...this one freaked me out the most. Because, it wasn't related to baby...but more so to me. I had been whining to Declan for a few days about how badly my lower back has been hurting. I felt so silly thinking that a little 9-10lb kid could really have my back in so much agony already. The next thing you my inbox read: "The postpartum backache".

I kid you not.

So, kudo's to What to Expect for being so freakishly-timely on their emails...

....and also for causing me some slight paranoia.


Happy Monday!


  1. At least you know whenever you have a problem, worry, or concern, you just need to check your email and you'll have it solved :)

  2. That's kinda awesome and kinda scary.

    I'm sure you'll get lots of advice on diaper rash, but I SWEAR by Triple Paste. I'd advertise for them for free. You put it on once or twice and the rash is gone. I got a tub for L when he was a baby and there is still more than half left...perfect for the new baby!

  3. OMG I have experienced the EXACT same thing! Only, mine are still the pregnancy ones. But yes, every single time I mention something, it pops in that day or the next, it's really, really, weird!! Hope everything is going well with you guys! She sure is a cutie! Oh yea, you did a post awhile back about the top things you would recommend to anyone with a newborn (toys and such) and I was wondering.. is there anything you would recommend to someone about things you would've done different in the hospital, or things to bring.. etc. I am getting a little worried that I won't remember everything.

  4. Hey, at least you know that both you and Emeline are on course!

  5. ha! that IS a little creepy though.

  6. That is kinda creepy! I've noticed it's happened to me once or twice during my pregnancy...perphaps what to expect has secret spies out there!

  7. Crazy! I love it when I can find "answers" though! I read the book, but maybe will have to sign up for emails too:-)

  8. It is so weird when things happen like this...then again...things happen for a reason. I hope you are feeling better!

  9. Eeek! They're in your head! Oddly enough, I'm writing a similar post tomorrow. But it's about my dog. Go figure:)

  10. I laugh every time that email comes in. It seems like Olivia is either right on time or a week early. It's nice to have a guide as a first time mom.

    Quick question, you said that you were away for a bit and had made some post to have released while you were away. How did you do that with out the date getting messed up. I find that if I create more than one post it stamps them all with the date I started them. Somedays I have time to sit and write multiple post and other days Olivia needs me more.

    Take Care,

  11. I found the same thing happened to me when I had Ryan lol, a little scary but helpful. P.S The backache will be from your tummy muscles not supporting your back like they use to, I had to go through physio cos my back pain was so bad. I had light tummy strengthening exercises to do. Hope it gets better soon.