Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Moms don't get sick days

The last few days I've been struck with some sort of nasty summer cold. I've always heard the phrase, "Summer colds are the worst"---and I finally now believe it. It sucks.

I've got this really sore throat that came from sudden coughing spurts that started a few days back. The kind of coughing that you don't just do for The kind of coughing that itches the back of your throat SO bad that you have no choice but to cough, and cough loudly.

And all that coughing=a sore throat. Oh, and now I'm all sorts of congested too. It's not fun.

Terribly.yucky.and.disgusting. I'm all sniffly too, which causes Declan to say things that annoy me like, "Aww, Babe, don't cry--it's just Ali sending Kirk home." To which I reply, "It's my frigggin' nose! I'm NOT crying! I could care less about Kirk, anyways-I love Roberto." [Added for dramatic affect.]

But seriously.

It's all sorts of no fun.

I feel pretty horrible.

Frequently throughout the night, I'll get this urge to cough--because I get the "tickle". The tickle that I cannot deny. And it's terribly inconvenient, because in the .2 seconds I have to think about my cough, 192081 thoughts are running through my head. The most important being, "How the heck do I cough without waking the babe up?" (who is approximately 1-foot away from my head in her bassinet).


Waking up your own baby (from a COUGH no less) is like breaking every sleep-deprived mom rule there is.

The best solution I've come up with is shoving my face IN my pillow so deep and then letting out my big old sick-nasty cough. The pillow muffles the loudness of said cough. It takes the edge off, at least. And baby stays soundly asleep.

It works for all.

Oh, and waking up is just thatmuchharder when you've got some sickies on top of the other frequent wake-up-calls that come along with motherhood.

You already know I am not a morning person. Add in any other factors, and I'm a hot-mess.

On top of the middle-of-the-night cough fests, and trying to muffle it as to not wake sleeping child, I'm having to moderate my coughing during the day too. Because, for some reason-in this last week or two, Emeline has decided to be much more spooked by loud noises. When she was a newborn, I could have ran a vacuum by her head and girl would stay sound asleep (besides, they say the womb is louder then a vacuum with the rushing blood--did you know that?), but now--not so much the case.

So, the scene yesterday was as follows: Me on the couch. Emeline sleeping in her swing. I let out a hearty itchy-throat cough. Emeline, in a dead sleep--JOLTS! Throwing both her hands in the air with all her fingers! sprawled! apart! I scared the poor girl to death. It was not cool.

Oh, and without going into detail--having a cough like so and nursing your baby DO NOT go hand-in-hand. I don't think I need to give much explanation--but, let's just say it's not fun...for either of us. Scaring a baby with a cough who is attached to you? Yea...notsomuch.

The other night I was whining about how sick I feel to Declan.

And I sighed, "Moms don't get sick days".

It's true. We're always on duty.

So, could somebody pass me the cough syrup?


  1. I've been battling a cold this week too--it is NO FUN. Feel better mama!

  2. I'm so sorry that you're sick. I really hope you get feeling better soon ... maybe Eme will go easy on you today.

  3. Hope you feel better soon girl! I loved what Declan said about it's just Ali sending Kirk home! :)

  4. Ohhh nooo sweetie! That sounds just miserable! You are right mom's dont get sick days...but they really do deserve them! Feel better soon!

  5. Aw, hope you get to feeling better girl!!! :(

  6. I know the feeling...hope you feel better soon. Oh....and although I do like Roberto....I like Chris a little bit more ;)

  7. I've heard lots of this going around lately and you are right.. summertime colds are SO much worse! Summertime + baby that needs you alll the time = no fun at all! Get better soon...

  8. Awwww.... feel better soon!

    Summer colds really are the worst.

  9. Cepacol cough drops are the bomb!!

  10. Hope you feel better soon :-)

  11. Sorry you're not feeling well. :( Summer colds are the worst, in my opinion. At least in the winter time, you can drink hot beverages and eat hot soup and it's okay. In the summertime, who wants to do that? It's hot and sticky out and you just feel stuffy and gross. :(

  12. here here! I've been stuck with a "summer cold" since Saturday and I have been dyyyyyying. I really do believe they are the worst!

  13. So sorry your sick!! Hope you are feeling better soon!!

  14. I'm just getting over a summer cold and yes it is the worst!!! hope you feel better soon!

  15. I hope you feel better soon!! Maybe this will help...


  16. I'm so sorry you're not feeling well!!! And please don't hate me, but I couldn't help but laugh over the coughing while nursing part. I just got this image of that sort of thing happening to me because I just got rid of a tickly-cough spell, and it made me laugh ;)

    But seriously, you're in my prayers and I hope you get to feeling better real fast! Sorry Emeline got startled, but I'm sure she still looked adorable doing it :)

  17. Oh no! I'm so sorry! I'm praying for you, hun! To heal quickly! Because Declan may be right, but still, it stinks! You should get more sick days!

  18. Hope you feel better soon. Been there, done that. I am always sick in the winter. And the fall. And the spring. So I feel your pain. Try a Neti Pot and some Delsym cough syrup.

  19. ...The things moms sacrifice for their babies!!!

    I hope you're feeling better soon.

    And OUCH to the coughing/nursing incident. :(