Monday, July 26, 2010

Not Me! Monday!

On Friday night at the retreat for church, I did NOT have a screaming, out of control baby, making it impossible to stay that night until the 9pm stop-time. I did not feel terrible about leaving, and I did not feel frustrated that nothing I was doing was soothing her. Nope, I would never get anxiety about a freaking out baby.

Declan and I did not get home and immediately put her in the bathtub (even though she did NOT have a bath earlier), because the bathtub soothes her. Pretty much always. Every.Time. We were not desperate.

This baby-outburst did NOT make me incredibly anxious about keeping her calm the entire next day at the retreat.

I was not relieved when she did amazingly well all day Saturday from 9am-5pm.

It did not make me feel good to hear people say, "What a quiet baby!", or "She's doing so well!"

I was not, however relieved when my mom said she would gladly take her on Sunday.
[Knowing her she probably would have taken her the entire time but she was away, and I physically didn't have enough pumped bottes to do so.]

The information that we learned about on the retreat did NOT shake my world, and make me think about everything differently. I do not have a TON to process and definitely need a debriefing of some sort.

I am not mentally exhausted, and I most definitely did not look forward to the beginning of a "work" week starting. I always dread weekends ending--and never look forward to a Monday.

I am, however, NOT so very sad to be seeing my sister and little brother off to Africa for a full month starting tomorrow.

I will most definitely not miss them.

I am not sappy like that.

Nope, not me.


To join in and tell us all the things you "didn't do" this week/weekend, or to read others--check out MckMama's site.

Happy Monday!


  1. Yay! I am so glad I am not the only one who did a Not Me Monday despite the host being on hiatus! And so glad your baby made up for her day of being icky. You are such a fab mom :)

  2. Africa? That is awesome.
    Yesss I wonder what was up with E?! She is always great-- maybe she just needed to bathtime again.

    I, on the other hand, have the child who would scream always just because he likes to be home and a church that didn't have a nursery. Woo...don't miss those days.

    Hope your Monday is going well! Whatcha making this week?!

  3. Is it sad that sometimes (especially on Monday mornings) I have to think a little too much while reading these types of posts? Ha;-)

  4. Oh no! Sorry Miss Emmeline was such a handful on Friday, at least she redeemed herself on Saturday! How cool your sister and brother get to spend a month in Africa! Try not to be TOO sappy!

  5. I love when retreats make you think of everything in a completely new way! I'm sorry about the baby but glad she was an angel on Saturday and your mom took her on Sunday!! :)

  6. I think the "Not me" Mondays should be reserved for another day when our brains work better. THis post hurt my head :-) heheh

    So glad your lil girl cooperated for you on Saturday. I am sure it must have been stressful on Friday!