Friday, July 9, 2010

Our mornings.

I am so not a morning person.

Never have been.

In fact, I'm one of those people who rolls out of bed and doesn't want to mutter a anyone, until I'm fully dressed and ready for the day. I need some time. To wake up. To wipe the crusties from my eyes. To process the fact that I won't see my bed again for hourssss. It's rough, people.

So, adjusting to the sleep deprivation that comes with motherhood has been...well, kinda tough.

Rather then waking up once in the morning, it's a multiple-times-sorta-deal.

Which makes the "real" morning (ie: what I refer to as the time we actually GET OUT of bed) even harder.

I'm in slow motion. Like, majorly.

We usually come downstairs...and depending on the day, see Declan off to work. [Some days, we don't even make it downstairs until, umm...much later then 8am.]

Emeline has this spurt of coo's, smiles and giggles in the morning hours--which, honestly, is the main reason I have to get out of bed at that time [dude, I'm exhausted!]. So, if I can lay her on the playmat, turn the music on--she'll lay there and play for a good half-hour or so in the living room. Coo'ing away, batting at toys, and letting out the cutest.noises.ever.

This gives me a few moments to walk to the kitchen, open the microwave, and grab my blue and white polka-dotted oversized mug of coffee that my husband has already lovingly prepared for me. [I know, he is seriously sweet. Don't be jealous.]

You see, I used to be a casual coffee drinker. Like, you know--the occasional Starbucks--or when going out to breakfast, or those days when I used to be abnormally tired (umm, now? That's EVERYday).

Since May 10th--I'm one of those "must have coffee or I'll die" types. Okay, I won't die. But, if you encounter me before I chug drink it, you may want to die. Just sayin'.

By this point, the little Miss is starting to let out some sounds that are a mixture between coo's and cries. If you're a mom, you KNOW what I mean. It's that sound, where--you can't exactly tell what's going on with them. They seem happy one second, next second, semi miserable. It goes back/forth, back/forth for a few minutes. I'd like to think this is the point where she's deciding her mood. Or just realizing that she should have just stayed asleep in the first place!

I pick her up. Cuddle her for a few minutes in a blanket--and she usually starts to doze off for first nap of the day. This is where I either sit on the couch and let her sleep on me, while I watch some form of lame morning TV--or where I put her in the swing to sleep, and catch up on my google reader. It just depends on the day or the moods--you know what I mean. If the coffee kicks in faster then normal, sometimes (and I emphasize "sometimes") I'll even straighten up, unload the dishwasher, or even run upstairs to get myself dressed and ready for the day.

Other times, we just lounge around the house all morning in PJ's until I decide it's time to get ourselves ready to go run errands, meet up with people, etc. [Oh, and just for the record, it IS possible for me to get ready and get out and about early if I wanted to...I've done it. But I don't prefer it much.]

Basically, I need that morning time. I like the quiet, calmness of the house during those hours. I I love the smell of the coffee lingering through the house. I even like the lullaby music coming from the swing which is the tell-tale sign for 'sleeping baby' around these parts. I like my sleepy pupster lazying around the house just like us. And that annoying morning TV quietly on in the background? I even like that, too.

Although I'm the opposite of bright-eyed and bushy-tailed in the mornings...I'm growing to accept them for what they are. Because, I have years and years ahead of me of early mornings.


Anyone out there not a morning person like me? What are your coping strategies...? Do tell.


  1. I'm with you completely! My husband and I usually aren't up at the same time but there's a "no talking" rule until we're both almost out the door. I need time in the morning to not talk - including in my car on the way to work, so by the time I get to work I can be social.

  2. Mornings have always been hard for me! When mine were babies, I basically did the same thing you're doing. Sometimes I would change out of my PJ's literally 10 minutes before husbie came home from work. ;)

  3. I, too, LOATHE mornings.

    If I don't sleep in and wake up naturally (which is 99% of the time), I have to have a shower to function. My family knows not to even bother talking to me until I've let hot water pour down on me for a nice long while.

  4. I have never been a morning person... I seriously hate waking up to an alarm every morning... I have a feeling when I have a baby one day, I am going to have to start drinking coffee too haha.

    Happy Friday! Hope you all have a nice weekend :)

  5. COFFEE! And lots of it:) And those cute little faces we get to wake up to every morning makes it easier:)

  6. I am SO not a morning person. AT ALL. And L is. He bounds out of bed at 6-something every day, talking my ear off. I just roll with the punches like you. I am PETRIFIED of my mornings with an energetic three-year-old and a newborn!

  7. I'm not a morning person. I blogged about it last year. Such a grouch!

    You can read about it here:

    I know you said not to be jealous. But I can't help it... I just bought myself a new coffee machine that is self-timed and can be ready for me in the morning. I'm still a college student (and full time employee) and military spouse... coffee keeps me sane!

  8. I'm not a morning person at all! I always end up feeling awful if I have to start my day really early. Do you ever take a little nap? Maybe that would help.

  9. I am SO not a morning person! I don't like to talk at all in the AM. Mornings are the only reason I'm thankful for a 30 minute drive to school. And even then I'm still waking up when I get there. I just feel like my brain isn't completely turning yet so I don't like to talk.

    I too can get up and around if I have to. And if I have to I can fake being "awake" if it's out of my normal routine. I just really like my sleep and school doesn't usually motivate me to get out of bed!

  10. I am SO not a morning person either - I have no idea how I'm going to cope. At least I know I will be a SAHM for a little while anyway, so I can take it easy if I need to. I am also not a coffee drinker, but I have a feeling that's going to change very soon.

  11. My head is all for being a morning person. The earlier I get up and off to work, the earlier I get to come home while it's still daylight. However, my body HATES the mornings. It's a struggle to wake up at 5:30am each morning knowing that I'm up for the day.

    A shower first things always helps because if I wait (like on the weekends) I never really seem to wake up at all.

    I get coffee nearly every morning and I spend the first hour at work easing into things. Checking emails, logging onto facebook, etc. If I jump right into work, I'm exhausted by noon.

    Good luck and just remember Emeline's sweet face when you're sleepy!

  12. I miss the days of being home with my little ones when they were so small! Those days were the best- so precious- so sleep deprived- so tender.
    I didn't feel guilty about how many naps I took, what time I actually took a shower, changed into regular clothes, or emptied the dishwasher. I may have time at 4am when precious baby didn't wanna me to go back to sleep. Or I may not. But it would get done and the world would keep on turning.

  13. Sorry. I'm polar opposite. I'm one of those people who hits the floor running in the morning, but is SO DONE by bedtime. My husband is the non-morning person in our house. And after ten years of marriage, I still do not speak to him for two hours after he wakes up. It's just not worth the horror of his personality.

  14. I am so not a morning person. I was sitting here nodding my head right along with it.

    Honestly my morning drive to work (before I graduated) and then the 1/2 mile walk from the parking lot to my office were the only thing that really woke me up. And the coffee. Can't live without the coffee. :)

    Once again I will say "Declan is THE SWEETEST" :)

  15. I'm actually one of those annoying morning people who gets up ready for the day. My husband can't stand it and I've learned to just not talk to him. Lately I've been much more sluggish though and I can see after a few weeks of no sleep the grouchiness increasing.

  16. Lol sounds like at the beginning you were describing me! My husband has learned to not talk to me for about half an hour in the mornings. After that I'm wide awake and read to go! I don't have kids yet but it's encouraging that to see that even non morning people like us can cope with little ones ;)

  17. I am NOT a morning person. I cope by checking my blackberry (FB, Twitter, Blogger, e-mail) and then making a mental list of the things I need to do today. It helps my "Type A" self get out of the bed.

    If I wake up before Chris it's okay, I can probably swing a good mood. But, if he wakes me up then get out of my way.

  18. After yesterday's post, you know how I feel about mornings. I can only imagine how painful they'll become once I get knocked up!

  19. Oh, we used to rock mornings like this too! It changes once they get bigger and mobile. They aren't content to just sit there and play-they want to be all up in it. :D