Monday, August 23, 2010

Back to school...remix.

I cannot b.e.l.i.e.v.e that essentially the "summer" is over. For my district, this is the week that the teachers start back, setting up their classroom's, and sitting in 29308239 long, tedious meetings.

I also cannot believe that I could have been starting back to school this week...sending my baby to daycare, and figuring out a way to keep my sleepy eyes open and somewhat alert after being up multiple times a night with my growing girl.

I must admit.

It is weird.

It's a truly odd feeling to know that school is starting...and I'm not.

It's a really weird feeling knowing my classroom will still be occupied...but not by me.

It's a tiny bit sad to know that 29038 funny things will be said by my students...but I won't hear them. [Gotta admit I'll miss all the "Funny Kid Comment of the day posts"...]

This is the first year in all of my life (since I was, what? age 5??) that I have not been gearing up in some, way, shape or form to start a new school year.

So, it feels a bit strange.

But, at the same time---I feel lucky. I am so incredibly excited to have taken this year off to be with my sweet girlie. I love that the weeks are open for us. We can plan outings spur-of-the-moment, go on lunch dates with Daddy, have play dates with other stay-at-home-mom friends and their children, and have lots of mommy-Emeline time.

I've always been the type who hates missing out, or feeling left out of the loop. So, perhaps that's where the little, teeny, tiny, eensie part of me knows I'll miss teaching. Or, perhaps...I'll miss my co-workers. I'll miss not knowing what the school drama is (pathetic, I know). I'll miss all the inside jokes and the half day lunches out with my teacher-friends.

In fact, there's even a handful of kids I'll miss too.

But ultimately--

I know this year is for the best.

I know that I am going to love every second (and already have) of being a mom who stay's home with her baby girl.

Honestly? If I could...I already know it's something I'd want to do forever. [But, we'll take it a year at time...]

The teacher in me will still miss it, though. To some degree, at least.

With that said...wishing all my fellow teachers a wonderful (and quick!) school year.

You can find me covered in drool, and hanging out in my pajama pants.

Cheers to this "school" year.


  1. Hi. I found your blog awhile ago but this is the first time I've ever said anything. (Lurker comin' out!) Anyways, I too just had my first baby (in April) and I was a teacher and I'm staying home this year. I could have written your blog post WORD for WORD. I'm so insane though that I just emailed my old principal saying I'd like to volunteer for something one day a week. haha. So anyways, I understand exactly how you feel. That is all.

  2. I'm not a teacher but since I just finished grad school this is my first September in 20 years that I'm not gearing up to head back to school in some way. I kind of miss it, too. I went to campus last week to attend a presentation a colleague of mine was giving and I have to admit, it tugged my heart strings and made me kind of miss being involved in academia! But at the same time, like you - I feel so blessed to be able to take some time off to spend with my babe.

  3. Enjoy every minute with your sweet girl!!! And will love reading your stories of a SAHM throughout the year!!

  4. I am glad you get to stay home with her :) It wouldnt be normal for you to miss teaching or be a little sad but you found a new calling besides being a mommy and thats your etsy shop!!!

  5. Today is the official student start day down here! From now until June, I'll only be able to talk to my sister on the weekends, except for the occasional text message she sends me at 6am when she's heading out the door, haha. I know you won't miss those early mornings!!

    Have a good week!!!

  6. I remember my first August after having Cass, and not going back. And it killed me. I missed it so much.

    Yet here I am, six years later, still not going back. I miss teaching, but I love being home with my kiddos more.

  7. I am so grateful that I figured out the arrangement that I did because I'd be freaking out if I hadn't. That said, we'll see how I feel come January when I have to go back full-time. But for now, I'll just worry about going into labor.

    (I know you are wondering, and I am timing my contractions, but they are only about 20 minutes apart.)

  8. It's a very blessed thing to be able to stay home with your little ones, IMO. We're fortunate enough that I'll get to fulfill my dream of being a SAHM. I mean, it's basically the number one reason I decided to major in education. It was the closest thing to being a SAHM, and I love kiddos! Three more months of practice, then it's time for the real deal! :)

  9. I'm sure it is weird not to be starting back to school....but like you said, staying home this year is something you will never regret!! I'm jealous I have to go back to work in a mere 4 weeks....if only we could win the lottery!

  10. I'm so happy you get to stay home with you precious baby girl!

    I can't believe it's already back to school. The summer seriously, flew by..but I'm definitely itching for fall!

  11. I think it's so great that you're able to stay with her for a whole year. I'm sure you'll love every second of it! I can't wait to do the same :-)

  12. i've been a stay-at-home wife and dog mom for almost 2 months now...and i feel the same way, i miss my coworkers, and being a working girl...but NOT the actual working. for now, it's a choice for the hubs and i that we needed to make, mentally i NEEDED a break and to be done with my job, and not be contractually obligated to stay on for a i'm at home. and now i keep thinking...what if we decide to have kids next year? should i even bother going back to work? or just stay home? bravo for making the best choice for your family!

  13. I'm getting ready to go back to school this week. I teach grades 4-6 special ed. I'm excited to see my students, but I can't wait for the day when I can do what you are's my dream job :-)

  14. I was sad last week when my school started:( I wanted to go back to work so bad!! But I am enjoying my baby!!

  15. Girl, I know just how you feel. I hate that I'm missing out on those kids moments. Even though I know that's not the right thing for me right now. Wait till you see my post tomorrow.

  16. SO happy for you that you are home with your daughter. I would love so much to be in your shoes. It is nice, in some ways, to get dressed up everyday and have adult conversations, but when it really comes down to it I just want to be home with Kirsten. I want to see her crawl first, I want to put her to sleep for her naps and to feed her lunch, I want to be the one raising her and teaching her and watching her grow. Sorry that got a little deep at the end, it's something I struggle with though. Anyhow, I'm sure you do, but enjoy these baby days you have at home w/ your little one!

  17. I completely know how you feel! This time of year has been a little weird for me for the last three years of staying at home. It gets a little less weird, year by year (provided you don't go back), but then, before you know it, your little one will be starting school, and you'll be in the throws of it all over again. Crazy!