Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Daddy love.

I have to say, this entire parenting gig is kind of a new thing for us. Duh. It's one of those things where you just figure it out, what works for you...what works for us.

I have to say, parenting 'partner' is ah-may-ziiiing. He makes life with a kid easier.

One thing that has really been so awesome for me to watch is seeing my husband become a daddy. I know that sounds so corny and cliche, but I mean it. It has been the most special thing, everrr.

Something about a daddy and his little girl that'll melt your heart.

Despite the long and sometimes tiring days at work, Declan comes home and is ready to be completely hands-on and in full-blown daddy mode. He tells her everyday how much he missed her while he was at work, and kisses her squishy cheeks a million times the second he comes in the door. In return, he gets a slobbered-on face million smiles.

It's precious.

He has blown me away with the natural fathering instinct he has. He's very relaxed with her. He really loves to spend the few hours before she goes to bed at night with her right by his side. He will sing her favorite song to her and play little games with her. He'll do anything to make her 'giggle' or smile. He's the best snuggler, ever.

He's such a good dad, and he's blown me away.

In fact, every night he gives Emeline her bath. Of course, I'm "around" (ie: straightening her room, getting ready for bed myself, etc, etc), but he pretty much takes the lead on that. They are so cute together and I love catching them in little moments together.

Seeing the sweet bond that they have already makes me even more excited to see how it develops as she gets older.

We're both lucky to have him.


Happy Tuesday!


  1. LOVE! Sweet Declan! THat last photo is a winner!

  2. very precious!!! I can't wait for my husband to be a daddy. I already get choked up just thinking about it! You are one lucky lady! Emeline, too!

  3. Ah I love love love it. This is, hands down, the thing I'm looking forward to most. Seeing how much E loves to talk to my belly and rub my belly - I can just imagine what he's going to be like when the baby is here and in his arms!

  4. this is by far one of the sweetest posts ever! they are too cute together :)

  5. So precious, he is such a great daddy!!! :)

  6. I just wrote a similar post! It's amazing how you find more love in your heart for them than you ever knew was possible.

  7. that is SO adorable!!

    p.s. I have a giveaway going on :)

  8. I have been thinking about doing a similar post...B is awesome too. I bet I've changed less than 10 diapers since we've been home from the hospital. I'm already dreading when he goes back to work in a week!

  9. Good men are so hard to come by. I'm glad we've got them, especially for the sake of our future children.

  10. Oh my, so sweet. And that he gives her a bath? Precious. :)

  11. love this post. so sweet. and yes, daddys and daughters just melt your heart. seriously... the littlest daddy daughter moment for anyone will bring me tears. it is ridiculous sometimes. haha

  12. This was such a sweet post to and about your husband :) I think a father/daughter relationship is so important! Glad to see he has this special bond with her!

  13. I love your post. My hubs usually does bath time too. We are lucky ladies.