Friday, August 27, 2010

Five Things Friday

Through my friend, Angie-I found this blog who does 5 {things} Friday. I loved this idea.


5 things I did yesterday:

welcomed my family home from Africa with lots of hugs...

chuckled at my dad's beard-growth (the man has been clean shaven my entire life)...

ate pizza with my family...

got hugs from my cute nieces...

kissed my baby's sweet cheeks a million times...


5 random things on my mind:

have a wedding tonight...and lots of running around to do prior to it...

need to clean my house, like, REALLY clean it...

i'm admitting to loving the show Big Brother, but this season is lame...

i want a pedicure desperately, but won't get one...

my new neighbors are annoying the crap outta me...

5 things I can't live without right now:

my iPhone

coke zero


painting baby toes

swaddle-me blanket for Em

[Not in that order :) ]


5 things I'm grateful for:

a healthy, happy family...

a freshly groomed (and super soft) puppy...

creative outlets...

a safe and reliable car...


Have a great Friday.


  1. Those little baby toes, ahhhhhhh so sweet!!!

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  3. oh my gosh - baby toe nails. adorable!

  4. When I found out I was having a girl, one of the first things I thought of was getting to paint her toes, lol. I've painted them several times already and she's 6 months old. Girls are SO much fun :)

  5. Tehehehe her toes are so cute. I will definitely be doing that if my babe's a girl. Happy Friday!

  6. Aww I loved this post. And I love the Mommy/Daughter toenail picture. Sooooo cute.

    Happy Friday!!

  7. oh those little toes are just precious!

  8. love the little toes!! What's with the new neighbors?!

  9. She's so cute. I cannot believe you paint her tiny toes-that's adorable. Livie's toenails are too small to even clip. Painting them would be a disaster.

    Yay for your family getting home safe.

  10. Sooo glad your family made it back home safe!!!! :)

  11. Those toenails are adorable. lol. I can't believe you were successful at it without getting everything else covered in pink polish. I'm impressed! :)

  12. Too cute that you painted her nails:-) love this post!

  13. I love her face in that first picture and those cute little toes!

  14. What a face she's making! I love it!

  15. Sounds like you have been having a lot of great time. I was just swinging by to invite you to join us for our Spotlight Saturday Blog Hop. Link up your blog and another you'd like to spotlight this week. I hope you have a great weekend!


  16. What a fun post and such sweet pictures :)

  17. OMG Katie, that picture of her is TOO FREAKING MUCH!!!!!!!!!!!!She is so gorgeous, we all knew that already, but that is a new level-why haven't you tweeted it???

    Love it!

  18. Aaaah, I love your blog. You have a way with words, you should be a writer... I'd buy everything you wrote, seriously!

    I am IN. LOVE. with your first photo. It's so beautiful... and I love painted baby toes. So. Stinkin. Cute!


  19. Ahh, in LOVE with the little baby toes!!!

  20. I might have to steal this next week!

  21. do you paint them while she is sleeping?! Or does she still sit still ? I tried to paint one of avins toes while she was awake and it got all over her leg from how much she kicks!

  22. Oh my gosh! That picture of your feet is SO cute- love it!

  23. Glad to hear your family is home. Amen to the baby kisses. I've been thinking about having someone come clean my house for me, like it was when we first moved in. I need a pedi, my last one was two weeks before O was born. I can't put my iPhone down, I love it.
    Do you have any of your flowers in Etsy on aligator clips? I might like one for me, to dress up my frazzled mama updo :)

    Take Care,

    I know I've asked before, but I can't remember the answer. Where did you get Em's owl sleeper?