Friday, August 20, 2010

Friday Fragments

I have a mover. My daughter is somewhat a mere 3 months old. We have a scooter. The other day I laid her on a blanket with some toys. She was on her back, and I walked to the kitchen, and did a little dinner prep. I came back in and was all "WHERE'S MY KID?!" She had SCOOTED herself with her feet, on her back along the carpet and around the corner of the ottoman! For real. The days of laying her PUT on a blanket are gone already?! Life is flying back. I can't blink!

This past week I've felt really challenged on the area of doing random acts of kindness. I feel like so often I live my life selfishly and there are so many little things I could be doing to put a smile on someone's face and make them feel loved. I'm really working on this.

I'd like to report that the last two days sleeping has been so.much.better. Emeline seems to be sleeping in longer stretches, which means momma is too! I've been really trying to relax before bedtime and it's helped me to get my eyes closed and sleeping faster. Thank you, God. Some relief!

Because of the crazy heat, we haven't been able to get too much use out of our deck for the past month or so. Well, yesterday was beautiful out--so I started to straighten up out there and clean off the tables, etc. We have an umbrella over the table (but it was closed), and I QUICKLY realized it is inhabiting nests of the craziest looking leaf-bugs I have ever seen. Needless to say, I was skeeved and REFUSE to go out there. My skin was crawlinggggg. Declan plans on throwing it over the edge and spraying the whole thing down with a hose this weekend. I, on the other hand--will not be watching or having anything to do with it. EW.

I am reeeeally missing my family in Africa. BUT! Good news! They are coming home this!week! I am so excited to see them and hear the stories. favorite part about my traveling-family is hearing all their awesome stories. I can't wait. Prayers for safe travels are welcome. They have an 8 hour van drive out of the village, then an 18 hour plane trip. Then, a 3 hour drive home from the airport. Exhausting, huh?

Today, my sister-in-love, Lyryn and I are doing a little cousin photoshoot of the kidlet's (they're 5 weeks apart). She's also gonna get some Momma-Emeline pics and I cannot.waittttt. I love my girl to itty bitty chewable pieces. We most certainly need more then just bathroom photos taken in the mirror (because someone's husband, ::cough:: Declan ::cough:: doesn't pick up the camera).

Have a happy weekend!


  1. So glad that you're getting better sleep :)

  2. Yay for more sleep! Remember when we laughed about the fact that just when you started getting good sleep I'd be completely sleep-deprived? And here we are!

  3. I was just thinking, "her family should be home soon!" Hooray for more sleep and if you're thinking about random acts of kindness you should check out

    Can't wait to see the photo shoot pics! Happy weekend!

  4. Can't wait to see the new pics!! Have fun!

  5. Yay for your family coming home! I'm exhausted just thinking about their journey home, though! Glad your sleep is better. And family-baby shots... how exciting!!! My cousin is due a month before me and is coming down in March so I can't wait to get our little ones together for some photo-opps! Have a fantastic weekend :)

  6. I can't believe she's moving already! Mine stayed put (mostly) till 11 months. lol.

    Hope your fam gets home safely! Can't wait to see the pics!

  7. We don't have kids yet, but I feel you about a husband who doesn't wanna take pictures. Boy does that bug me!

  8. Looks like little miss Emeline wants to keep you on your toes ;-)
    Can't wait to see the pic's from the photoshoot!!!

  9. 1. So glad to hear you've been getting better sleep.

    2. Praying for your family on their trip home.

    3. Bugs are gross.

    4. My hubby never picks up the camera either - I really hope that changes when baby comes, but I doubt it.

    5. Have an awesome weekend with your family!

  10. Oh yeah ... I can't wait to see the photos was supposed to be in there somewhere, too.

  11. Yay for more sleep! And I wish I was better about random acts of kindness, too!

  12. I've been learning about doing acts of kindness too. I grew up w/ a selfish mother and it wasn't until the past decade I realized there is actually such a thing a doing things FOR PEOPLE! It's fun but I still have a ways to go.