Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Oh, my sleepy eyes.

It's no secret that we've been having sleep issues around these parts.

You know, you expect those type of sleep-deprived situations when you have a baby. It's true. For the most part, unless you're one of those lucky hated people with a newborn who sleeps for a freakish 8-10 hours off the bat, you typically lose precious sleep with a baby in the house.

But, I have to admit--the sleep deprivation didn't bother me as much before as it does now. There could be a few reasons for this.

For one, it could be the fact that the sleep deprivation is now stacking up. Rather then just being one month of never getting a full nights sleep...ever. It's been three months of not getting a full nights sleep......ever. Starts to make for some heavy eyelids, for real, yo.

Secondly, it could be the fact she's now in her own room. I never used to care that much when she was in our room, and she'd wake up. I simply rolled over, picked her up from her bassinet and fed her. In fact, I could easily stay in sleepy mode and have zero issues whatsoever falling back asleep.

But now? The whole hearing her on the monitor...waiting out her little noises first...then waiting to see if she'll fall back asleep, then waiting for the first big "Wahhhh" cry which is my GET.UP.NOW signal. Then actually getting OUT of bed, and heading all the way (all 8 feet of it) over to her room. It wakes me up. Like, A LOT.

So on top of having a baby who is sleeping like crap recently (please God, just be a growth spurt, please, oh please I beg of you!), I'm also sleeping like crap.

You see, she's easy. She gets up, is very obviously hungry, I feed her...then lay her back down. No rocking, no butt patting, nothing. She's right off to dreamland again. Which is awesome.

But me? By this point--I'm thirsty as heck. I also realize that I'm either hot or cold and need to adjust the air conditioning. So, I trudge downstairs and get an ice cold water...adjust the thermostat, and back to bed I go.

Unfortunately, that's when my brain starts rearin' to go and I can't I cannot fall asleep. I toss, I turn. I can't get comfortable. I stare at the monitor. I turn again. I position the pillow so it blocks the glow of the green light. I huff and puff and moan to Declan about how tired I am, and he doesn't.hear.a.word.

I throw my leg over Declan to see if that will be a comfortable position to sleep. It's not.

I pull the comforter up by my chin. Then I get hot. I try to sleep with just the sheet. But then, I get cool. While messing with the covers I inadvertantly kick Mac off the bed and hear a *thump*. He forgives me quick and returns to the bottom of the bed to sleep. Sometimes he just stays on the floor for fear that I'll kick him off again.

My brain just keeps thinking. About everything. Sometimes I suddenly remember that I have a mommy question, and I'll break out of my phone and GOOGLE some sort of "how long should my 3 month old be sleeping" question. I start reading answers. I realize I'm not alone. But, I'm still.not.sleeping.

Then, I realize..." hour's gone by. She'll most likely be up in another hour or two...why even bother sleeping?" I fight an internal battle that is resisting sleep every time I try to rest and let my body go into dreamland.

It's starting to really hurt me.

Mommy Insomnia.

I'm self-diagnosing it...and it's not fun.

I'm more irritable with my husband. I'm just generally tired all around. My eyelids...oh, they're so heavy. My's sleepy. I'm mopey. It's pathetic.

All of my tweets and facebook statuses are whining about being up again, being tired, and crying that 'good LORD my child needs to SLEEP'...[and so do I!]'s bad.

So, I'm asking...anyone with sleeping issues of any, tricks, and hints to get my body asleep? I'm so desperate I've even tried counting sheep. For the record, it doesn't work. For me, anyway.

Happy sleepy Tuesday!

As to not cause any confusion, for the record, she's worth it.


  1. I feel ya COMPLETELY!! When it comes time for bed, I really want to fall asleep, but can't. It's like my body is just waiting for my little one to wake up...ughh. It's got to get better :)

  2. Well, sorry I don't have any advice, seeing as I'm a few months BEHIND you, but I'll give you a compliment... even with tired eyes you've managed to write one heck of a good story, sans spelling/grammar mistakes. way to go teach! =P (Does that help... just a bit...?)

    In any case, she definitely looks totally worth it! hang in there! I think you're doing the right thing by having her sleep in her own room. Personally, I think it's a very healthy habit. (So I've heard from numerous people)

    J/W, are you still using the Itzbeen? I put it on my registry after you said it's really useful. Is it still after 3+ months?

  3. Ohhhh man.

    I totally shouldn't have read this post.

    That is all.

  4. This is going to sound ridiculously stupid, but on an episode of One Tree Hill once, there was a scene where Lucas says something along the lines of, "If you pick a place on the ceiling and stare at it, you WILL fall asleep." And everytime I have sleeping issues, I just pick a place on the ceiling & stare. And try my best not to think about anything else, because eventually my eyes get heavy & close like steel doors. It sounds ridiculous, but it works for me. I have the same mind-wandering problem. Good luck!!

  5. by far, the hardest part about newborns. i don't have any words of wisdom...just empathy becase i went through it, too. i ended up getting to the point of being so exhasted, i out-exhausted my own insomnia :) and started falling asleep again... maybe that's the trick! oh myserable lack of sleep...please please go away :( you're no fun.
    hang in'll find a way to fall asleep again...until then...lots and lots of coffee :)

  6. I'm sorry! I've come to terms with the fact that sleep after having a baby will NEVER be the same as it was before the baby! I don't think I'll ever sleep as well again. You just have such a heightened sense of things going on around you. I am such a light sleeper now. Right now, he's still in our room, and I am so afraid to put him in his room for fear of exactly what you've described!

  7. Remember this phase too shall pass. I remember feeling the same exact way, why bother going to bed when Jackson will wake up as soon as I'm good and asleep. I developed terrible Mommy Insomnia and fight it every night. However, I've found b12 shots to be helpful. They boost your energy and help you sleep. I get one every two weeks!

  8. I'm so sorry (though, you're right.... she is so stinkin worth it).

    I don't have Mommy Insomnia, but when I do have trouble sleeping, I'll try moving locations. Maybe if you were on the couch or somewhere else, you'd be able to relax a little more?

    Another suggestion.... I have an IPod with a sleep timer. If you could listen to some soft, soothing music for about 30 minutes, it might help your brain stop thinking and let you relax enough to fall asleep. With the sleep timer, it will turn off and then you'll still be able to hear Eme later on in the night/morning.

  9. haha, guess I can't say slip some tylenol pm to help you out, huh. Alright, well the first thing I would do is get comfortable in a position and STAY THERE! Don't move, because that only keeps you wired. Second, just concentrate on your breathing (plus quiet room with NO TV) cause that relaxes you (hello, labor! haha) and third, this is really, really silly, but it works every single time for me. I imagine me walking through this room in a beach house where everything is white, curtains flowing, you can hear waves.. I don't know it's just peaceful and quiet and it seriously works.. I would say basically relaxing is the biggest thing. I am just like you, I get distracted easily and toss and turn, but if you can force yourself to just lay there, you will fall asleep almost every time!

  10. okay, you're going to think i'm crazy but you should turn off the baby monitor. my son was such a loud sleeper that it stressed me out to hear every single noise. i knew that he wasn't far away and when he was "really crying" i would be able to hear him. i know this is sucky and hard to do but it helped both me and my hubs out.

  11. all honesty...I was cracking up laughing at the part where you kicked Mac off the bed. Not that I think poor Mac getting kicked is funny, but I could just picture exactly what happened and poor Mac's expressions.

    The sleep will already know my advice.

    Love you!!

  12. First of all, please know that the baby will eventually sleep for longer spurts. Really, she will.

    Secondly, until that happens, for your own sanity, why not bring her back into your room so at least you're not fully awakened and unable to go back to sleep each time she needs feeding. I know you wanted her in her room and you can now see that she can make that transition easily, but maybe for your OWN sanity, you bring her back into your room until she starts sleeping for longer spurts? If nothing else, when you start putting some solid foods in that belly (even just the beginning cereal), she'll start sleeping in longer spurts, so it's not that much longer.

    Tucker went to her room earlier because she had at least one long-ish stretch in the nights pretty early, so it's not like I'm just an advocate for keeping the baby in your room forever. I'm not. I'm ALWAYS an advocate for doing what works best for you BOTH, and if that means her beside you for a little while longer so you can get SOME sleep, then I say DO IT.

    You have to take care of yourself to be the best mommy you can be. :)

    I hope you get some sleep soon, honey. I remember how miserable sleepless baby nights are (and I've always been a bit of an insominiac, so I also know how miserable wanting to sleep and not being able to is). Hugs!

  13. haha, I laughed out loud when I saw the part about Mac and my mom heard me and thought I was talking to her :) Kind of funny but I think you had to be here :) The baby I nannyed for this summer only slept 15-20 minutes at a time because of his teething, not fun! So maybe it could be something with that? I know she's only 3 months, but so was he :)

  14. I'm having the exact same issue right now. I've been praying it's a growth spurt the last couple of days and that it will end soon. Ethan won't even nap for longer than an hour so it's really hard (I actually just wrote a post about it too just to vent). So you're not alone in any of this and I hope we get some good sleep soon!

  15. I have a feeling I'm going to be the same way since I have such a hard time going back to sleep once I'm awake. My brain just can't stop! I'm sorry you're having a hard time. Maybe you should have a day when someone can babysit her and you just can take a really nice long nap ;-)

  16. Okay - I'm totally not a Mom - but I do have a lot of experience with not being able to sleep. I totally understand how much it stinks. My suggestion would be to try some Valerian Root tea (after you get up to feed her in the middle of the night). It's sold at health food stores - I think it's safe for nursing moms. You only have to make about 4-6 ounces of the tea. It helps me fall asleep right away - but doesn't leave me drowsy when I wake up.
    It's not very expensive either.

    I will warn you - the tea bags sort of smell strange - so I store it in a ziplock - but the tea actually tastes pretty good even though it smells funny.

    I hope this helps. And I hope you get some GOOD sleep soon. :)

    Emeline gets cuter every single day!

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  18. I've been reading your blog for awhile, but this is the first time I've ever commented. Your daughter is precious, and I love the voice behind your writing:) My heart goes out to you about the sleeping situation. I have a 26 month old son, but I remember those days/nights. I'm sure you've heard this before, but I noticed you didn't mention anything about during the day. When Emeline naps, so should you. My personality is also one that makes me want to run around like a squirrel and get things done, but your body needs the sleep more. To this day, on most days, when my son naps, so do I. It allows me to be refreshed when he's awake...and, occasionally, I still manage to get some things done. I'm with you on the Baby Einstein dvds - I'm telling you, it's how I was able to shower for awhile. Or make dinner.

    Another suggestion - have you heard of the books The Baby Sleep Solution or Healthy Sleep Habits, Happy Child. Maybe some of their tips/suggestions could help Emeline sleep for longer stretches at a time, thus allowing you to get a better night's rest?!

    Good luck!

  19. This is the part of motherhood that I'm most worried about. I don't do well without sleep - and I'm guessing with a kid, you don't get too much. This post shows that! Yes, children are worth it, but it scares me in the meantime.

  20. Good Lord she's adorable!

    Well, I don't know what your daytime schedule looks like but my mom advised and I followed "Sleep when they sleep" and nap I did! That's what got me through most days was taking good naps.

    Have you tried getting her to sleep all the way through the night? I don't know what time you put her down, but I read that putting them down earlier helps them sleep longer and later. I did it with Ari shortly after two months, started putting her down between 7 or 8 and she's been sleeping through the night ever since.

    And whenever I can't sleep for whatever reason, I count backwards. I've done it for ages, maybe it'll help?

    Good luck!!

  21. Oh you poor thing!! I am sorry! On another nite, follow me on twitter please: @edwardsedition

  22. okay i am so with you honey!!! I get up and feed Noah and CANNOT go back to sleep and it DRIVES me nuts!!! This is what helped me, but I am not sure if you can do it if you are breastfeeding. I had todd (hubby) take over two nights in a row and before I went to sleep I took some children's benadryl...i know it is in the house for my dog before she gets shots but I took it over...haha! I got two glorious nights of sleep and now I feel better. Sometimes you gotta just gotta try to catch up and then you can deal for a little while longer and then do it again! I can't wait til I can have give my night over to todd again..hehe!!! Praying that both our babes start sleeping completely through the night VERY soon :D