Wednesday, August 25, 2010

On tweeting...

Can I just say....I love Twitter.

I think that every person who starts a twitter account is a teeny, tiny bit skeptical about the whole idea of it at first. Most people I know are, anyway.

But, I'm always up for doing anything social-network'ish or a year ago I signed up for it....

...and did NOTHING with it.

For a long time.

It just sat there.

I even had the app on my iPhone. But never checked anything.

A few months ago I got more "serious" (as serious as you can 'be' about tweeting) about it. I checked frequently. I updated often. I found lots of my blog-girlies, and they found me.

It became a really awesome place for me to get feedback, give advice, and heck, even get last second recipes.

and I LOVE IT.

It's also given me a way to get closer to many of you. Seeing and hearing about your day or little parts of your day in 140 characters or less is, well, kind of fun.

On top of that, my twitter crowd is way.too.kind for putting up with my bitchin' and moanin' complaining about recent sleep loss and anything else I feel like whining about.

Instead of telling me to shut my sassy mouth, they OFFER ADVICE. They help another fellow mommy out. It's seriously so kind.

So? If you're a twitter-skeptic...don't be.

There's a whole following of people out there that put up withcare about the traffic you're sitting in, empathize with the screaming baby in your arms who won't.calm.down, and who are willing to throw a quick appetizer recipe your way when you ran out of time to find one on your own.

Seriously. It's the best.

In fact, Twitter may even be one of the reasons that I don't have the isolation feeling that creeps up on many stay-at-home-mom's (of babies!). There's a whole slew of you out there too, tweeting, with one hand (like me!), holding baby or toddler in the other, and helping me to realize I'm not alone.


If you haven't found me yet on Twitter yet (after the mishap with deleting my old account), you can find me here. I wanna get to know you.

Happy Wednesday!


  1. I was just going to write this exact same post a few days ago! About how much I loveeee twitter because I can ask all my TMI questions about pregnancy and stuff that I don't like writing about on my blog since my brother and stuff reads it.

  2. My husband doesn't get twitter. Or blogging. When I tell him that _____ on twitter said _____ he looks at me like I'm crazy. Or when he finds out how much I know about someone or vice versa from twitter, he just shakes his head. Sometimes tho, I talk to the same few people on twitter more than friends IRL. I'm bad about corresponding, and since having B I have even less time. With twitter, I can keep up with people and it's quick & painless. (Especially easy to do while breastfeeding too!) I wish everyone was on twitter, it'd make my life so much easier!

  3. I had Twitter for a long time before I did much with it too, but it does help when you're friends with the blogs that you read. It certaintly helps the work day go by a little quicker!

  4. I just sent you a request. I'm hlopez50 on twitter!

  5. I don't know, maybe I'm weird, but I just don't understand twitter! LOL =P

  6. Yes, I was one of those who had twitter long before I actually did anything with it. I LOVE it now! I'm going to find you on it :) I'm ablansford0620

  7. I love it too!! It's perfect for instant opinions and advice!

  8. Maybe it's because I'm not a mommy yet... I tried it last year for a few months and got super bored. Nobody ever responded to me and well, I just couldn't do it anymore. I'm glad there are so many of you out there that are having a positive experience though!

  9. i heart twitter. i did a guest post for a friend of mine about how i came to *finally* find friends. after 6 yrs of living in pa, i finally feel like i have a group of friends i can call my own, all of them i met through twitter. and i see a lot of them on regular basis - tweetups all around town. you're probably too far for a trip to lancaster, right? otherwise id totally extend the invite.

  10. okay i am going to give it a try and see what happens. you make it sound so much fun!!!

  11. You and Gina are my entertainment when I'm feeding the baby.

    Plus all our random tweet-convos? Vastly entertaining. I'm with you, lady.

  12. I am getting into it now too. I have had my account just sitting there and thought WTH and starting tweeting. Now I check it twice a day ;)

  13. yeah, I haven't signed up yet. Mainly because I'm scared I won't have enough to say. People will get bored with me. Plus, my phone is ancient. I can't even get text. Well, I CAN, but my phone won't let me for some reason. Anyways...

    Maybe I'll give it a go. But don't judge if I make you want sleep even more...

  14. I just gave in and joined this morning! I'm definitely going to become a follower! My account name is emcg84

  15. I feel like you wrote this with me in mind. Okay, that sounds really vain, but seriously.... :)