Monday, August 9, 2010

Questions for Declan: answered {Well, some at least]

Last week on our 3 year anniversary post, Declan agreed to answer some questions that you chica's asked him. Yesterday, he got through a little more then half of them before he pooped out on me. Actually, in all honesty, I sent him (hehe) to his mancave and he worked on them for a while. I was pretty impressed. I hope you get his humor...and I hope he answers the remaining questions in the next few days. We'll see about that.

So without further ado, I'm letting the husband take over my blog for the day. Make sure to show him the same amount of love and kindness you show me. [Because, as you'll find out...he reads every comment. Some things were new to me, too-go figure]

Oh, and some questions were highly repetitive, so they were combined and what-not as to not bore the crap out of you.


Leigh asks:
What do you love the most about Katie?

What's not to love? Kate has a lot of great attributes about her that made me fall in love with her
, (I've been warned not to make Kate look too "good" in this post, hah) but if I were to pick one thing that I love about her it would be the fact that she is my rock. Since day one she has been my number one fan. She's backed me up in almost every single situation that I've been in (except that one time last week...:) ). She's supportive with my passions, desires and she guards my heart (yes... just like that guy on The Bachelorette, and yes... we do have matching tattoos on our arms...)

Hailey asks:
What is your favorite part about watching Katie be a mom?

Before Emeline was born I would look at Kate and wonder what she'd be like as a mom. Not in a bad way, but in the sense of her interacting with our child. For those who have a "I read Kate's blog through her pregnancy and all I got was this T-Shirt" shirt, then you'll know what I'm talking about. She established an incredible bond with a baby that wasn't even born yet. I envy that and sometimes think that it would be interesting to have that same bond (just not have all the other stuff that comes along with it). And since Emeline was born, Kate has blown me away with the maternal love, kindness and joy that she shares with our little girl every day.

Patience asks:
How has parenthood changed your relationship?

This is the part where I say "We are perfect parents and have a perfect baby!" but by posting questions for me to answer, you will get honesty, just like my wife (love you babe!). Before Emeline was born it was far easier to do what we want, whenever we want. Once she came, that was all thrown out the window. Having a child is is a bittersweet sacrifice. What I've personally learned is that yes, it isn't just the two of us anymore and yes, our world does revolve around Emeline. There have been nights of stress and a crying baby, when nothing seems to soothe her. As the tension rises it becomes more difficult to communicate to each other without being on the "edge". The first step for us is understanding where that "edge" is and not letting it go beyond it. We have been partially successful in achieving this but we are aware that this is a life long learning experience that we are happy to do together. [Wow, that was verbose. Sorry!]

What is your greatest memory from the past three years?

As for my best memory from the past three would have to be marrying the woman of my dreams, being blessed to have a brand new home and finally feeling what it's like to be a daddy.

Gina asks:
What are your thoughts on Katie's involvement in the blogosphere...becoming friends with people she's never actually met? My hubby can't quite wrap his brain around about you?

Gina, tell him to tweet me and we can have a chat about all this nonsense. No, but seriously enough, I've been exposed to this blog stuff from a young age. Those who know about it, Blogger wasn't the first blogging platform, LiveJournal was. I'd like to think that we made blogging cool (just kidding...). Our group of friends all posted on there daily as a means of keeping up with each other. Kate continued doing it as others dropped their interest and she then transitioned to using Blogger. With that said, it's pretty cool to know that she has a place to air out her thoughts and have hundreds of other people sympathize with what she's going through. It's been amazing to see all of you support in us having Emeline and the love and gifts that have been given has been amazing (For real, gifts? You guys rock!) It's like having a long distance relationship with hundreds of people.

Kel asks:
What do you admire most about Katie?

Hmm. So much to admire... I believe I covered this in my first question but I can bring up many more. Kate is strong, funny, gorgeous, caring, did I ever tell you about how awesome of a mother she is? Yea, there's a lot to admire about her...

Jess asks:
In this new little family and routine of yours, what is your favorite time of day with them and why?

Well Jess, I don't get as much time with them as I'd like, which is kind of sad. Throughout the week I really only get to see the babes for a few hours at night but I must say I love bath time! After Emeline goes down, Kate and I can unwind together by watching other people's drama. Now, on the weekends I get to see them both all day. If you haven't heard about our Saturday mornings, it's definitely a huge highlight of my week.

, Mrs. A, Michelle and Tatiana ask:
What is your favorite part of being a dad?

I get this question a lot (ha, I sound like I'm on interviews everyday). At this stage of Em's growth, it's just a sheer joy to watch her grow and see features pop everyday. Because I don't see her all day, she tends to grow quick in my eyes. I am just super excited to see her transition through crawling, walking and talking...OH MY!

Aly asks:
What is your favorite quality about Katie? (Kayla asked a similar question!)

How many questions did Kate sign me up for!? I believe I've answered the first question a few times now but it never gets old. If I were to throw my most favorite quality about Kate out there it would have to be that she is fun and adventurous. I think that's how she lured me in the beginning. I was a punk kid looking for adventure and I was greeted by her beautiful face.

When did you know you wanted to spend the rest of your life with her?

That was when I was about 16 (young, I know). I may have to do a mini series of posts to walk you through our early relationship. It's quite the page turner.

What do you like to do in your spare time?

As for my spare time..haha, what spare time? That's kind of funny. Besides working long hours and being a dad and husband I enjoy web development/design. My background is in design and I got hooked on web programming. While I don't play sports, I do love watching sports. I'm a huge Philly fan and totally stoked about the Eagles season this year (If there are any haters out there, please refrain from commenting). I also enjoy taking long walks on the beach and staying up late whispering sweet nothi... I mean, yea. Those are a few of my hobbies...

Meredith asks:
Do you read Katie's blog?

Katie has blog? Bad joke... Yes, I like to think of myself as her biggest fan who is still a "lurker". And yes, I read ALL her comments, too so I am watching ALL of you :)

What was the most unexpected part of pregnancy/labor/delivery from your perspective?

Most unexpected part about the whole shebang would have to be how surreal all the feelings were. Through pregnancy it was just surreal. Then as it got close and after the birth, it was really surreal that we actually have.a.child.

What is your favorite book/movie/song?

Fun, fun. Books are like seasons so my favorite book right now would be Rework, by Jason Fried. My favorite movie would still be the first Matrix. And my favorite song would have to be "Clumsy" by Our Lady Peace. Incredible band if you haven't heard them before.

What is Declan's favorite thing to do with Katie? (PG-13 version - ha ha)

Oh man, PG-13? Just kidding...we like to keep things clean anyway. Kate and I can really have fun together. I love to go yardsaling with her, take on house projects together, and take day trips with her.

Brae asks:
If you only had once chance to show to Katie how much you love her, what would you do?

Intermission now? Ha. One thing to show Kate how much I love her, huh? Well, this is easy because I know Kate so well. To show that I love her, I would probably make her breakfast-in-bed before I left for work. I would then call or text leaving sweet messages like, "Miss you. Can't wait to see you later!" Throughout the day I would send multiple bouquets of different types of flowers (because I know how you love flowers babe!). I would leave work early to get stuff to make dinner for her. I would end the evening with candlelight chatting while eating chocolate covered strawberries that I hand prepared the night before. Oh, did you say "one chance"? Whoops.

How has being a Dad changed your life?

Now let's switch gears. Becoming a dad has reshaped my outlook on life. Work isn't as important as it used to be. There IS a bigger joy when watching your own child smile back at you. And I am super excited to watch my family grow around me.

What is the worst meal Katie has ever made? Did you eat it or make a sandwich after Katie went to bed?

The worst meal Kate has ever made me was a bratwurst & cabbage soup with brussel sprouts on the side. Okay, another bad joke... Kate has never made a "bad" meal for me. The thing is, I'd eat anything. Growing up, I was the one who would eat hot dogs and grilled cheese everyday because it was easiest. Kate has made plenty of things in our marriage and they have all been delicious. She actually makes her cooking sound worse then it really is.


Phew. That's that for now.

There are so many times I want to interject with my own comments, but for now, I'll just leave it be and let my husband do the talking. But PS: the links and such throughout to other posts...that was ALL him. I am highly impressed. ;)

Thanks for reading, loves, and Happy Monday!


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