Monday, August 30, 2010

To the padded, white room, I go.

Mommy paranoia.

What's up with it?

I have never...ever...been a paranoid person in my entire life.


In fact, I'm not paranoid about a lot of things pertaining to her. But random things? Yea. I guess I am.

For instance...the other night, it was about 2am. I heard a noise that somehow shook our bedroom door. It

I quickly woke Declan, "Babe! The door made a noise! Get up and check what's going on."

He, half asleep, muttered something to the affect of, "Our house is air-tight. It's just wind moving around". [PS: Does that EVEN MAKE SENSE?! To his defense...he was mostly asleep, ha.]

I whisper-shouted. "BUT BABE! We have a BABY! and she is in her room! And I AM SCARED!" (As I type this I realize how pathetic I sound. Nice.)

So we I get up...and start creepin' around looking for a bad guy to pop out from around the corner, because WHY ELSE would my door have made that noise!?

I'm tip-toe'ing around my house like a crazy fool.

I go all the way down 3 flights to the front and back door and check to make sure they are locked tight. They are.

I peer out the front door. Absolutely nothing is going on.


I realize that I'm just a crazy paranoid momma-bear, who really needs to get her butt back in bed.

But, only after I tip-toe into my baby's room and check on her sweet little face for the 10th time.

I've officially lost it.


Happy Monday...!


  1. Haha, you sound just like me...and I don't even have a baby yet! I'm just a paranoid freak. ;) I must get up at least once a week to check on some kind of noise/bang that I hear in the house. 99% of the time it's just the dogs, but, I always freak myself out with the 'what ifs', and end up getting up (Hubs is fast asleep every time, of course.) And then it takes me about a half an hour or so to fall back to sleep again!

    So, don't worry, you're not alone. ;)

  2. Oh I've done this a time or two ... and I don't even have a baby yet!!! One time, I made E get a baseball bat and check things out. he he he.

  3. I only freak out if my dog hears the noise, too. Because if I can hear something the dog can hear then it must be a big deal riiiight?? lol If my husband has to go out of town, I freak myself out to the extreme. And now when I have to get up to pee at night I turn a little light on my nightstand on. I use the excuse that my growing belly is throwing my off balance and I don't want to run into anything, but really this light thing started when those freaky Last Exorcism commercials started!! I'm a wimp :) You're not alone!

  4. Haha, the most ridiculous thing I freak out about is when he's "too quiet" while sleeping! I mean, isn't he supposed to be quiet while sleeping? He is...asleep...after all :)

  5. I have done the "too quiet" while sleeping thing too! I totally understand!

  6. I already freak out about random not-even-at-all-dangerous things, so I can't even imagine what I'll be like if we're ever bless with children here on Earth!! Haha! :)

  7. You are NOT crazy!!! I do the exact same thing and I don't even have a baby!

  8. oh i have been there for sure... even with the monitor on I feel like I hear things and it drives me insane!!

    i love having the video monitor though. I am such a light sleeper that I hate hearing those crazy noises!

  9. uh... yeah, you're not alone.

    My hubby works weird hours, so when he's gone at night, I get extra paranoid. We have two big dogs, so that helps. But still. I have a baby and that makes it MUCH worse.

    Last week, I heard a loud noise downstairs (like something fell, but nobody was down there). I didn't have my phone on me, so I panicked. I looked for the closest thing to a weapon I could find. I found one of those big BIC lighters. And some scissors. Yes, I am a crazy paranoid momma-bear walking around the house with a lighter and scissors in my pj's. I'm just thankful I didn't somehow trip in my scared state and end up in the hospital.

  10. Jaxon is still in our room in his pack n play. I freak out about random stuff, and he is RIGHT NEXT TO ME! Haha. I think it's a mom thing ;)

  11. Katie,

    You are not alone. I check the front & back door everytime I go downstairs. Sometimes even if I don't hear anything I have to go check- ya know just to be sure.

    And get this one, even though both of my boys are older (5 & 10) I still go in their room & check on them. To ya know make sure they are there, sleeping, & oh yea breathing.
    Hope you are having a happy, back to school for them, Monday & you get your craft room fixed today!

  12. Oh dear. I'm a worrier without a baby. This can't be good.

  13. Uh oh, I don't even have a baby and I do things like that!

  14. You are so not alone! I do that and we don't even have a baby yet! I can't imagine how crazy I'll be when we finally have the little guy.

  15. You're not alone at all! I practically sleep with one eye open now that I'm a momma. I call it my inner momma bear:)

  16. Paranoia means you are a fabulous mommy.

    Even if my own mommy thinks differently.

    Whatever. ;)