Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Back to our roots

As much as I love my house, and even being indoors at times...

I'm also a lover of the outdoors.

I need to breathe in the fresh air...look at beautiful scenery...take walks...

Honestly? That is one of my top 10 favorite things to do.

Take walks.

I feel very connected and close to God when I'm soaking in moments....taking a few minutes to just relax...stop thinking about my to-do's...and take spur-of-the-moment trips to a nearby park, to which you discover the most glorious walking trails known to man.

My heaven on earth.

My sidekick was more then willing to enjoy this outdoor hour with me yesterday.

She is such a joy. I'm so thankful God gave her to me.

'Cuz really...just look at that face:

And you know what I realized? My baby has never touched grass.

Until yesterday.

So, I laid her down on her diaper pad (because I didn't have a blanket with me-improvise? check!), and she put her hands in the grass instantly.

She was fascinated by the texture. She patted the grass over and over and grabbed handful's of it--and shockingly, didn't even bring it to her mouth.

She loved it.

And I just sat there, with my butt in the grass in front of her...taking photos of the moment my babe first discovered God's green earth.

...and I'm really glad I did.

She was happy as a clam, as you can see.

I'm pretty sure she enjoys walks and outdoor time as much her momma--because she doesn't make a peep the entire time we walk, and her little eyes just look around and soak in the beautiful calmness of our surroundings.

This girl just lights up my life. So much so, that I'll show you an un-showered, makeup-less me since my little lovie is by my side.

She is my favorite company, after all.

And remember when I talked about my September goals...?

To spend more time taking walks...and documenting the beautiful things I see?

Welp, I did just that, too.

Getting back to where I feel most "me"....

Happy Wednesday.


  1. ahhh-dorable! This is what life's about, right?! The pictures are absolutely beautiful. I'm thinking 8x10 worthy??? ;) I can't wait to do this with my own daughter. 32 weeks is really making it seem real!! eek! haha Your blog has gotten me pumped up for mommyhood and brought me back down to reality all at the same time. Thanks, girl <3

  2. How precious! What a cute walking partner you've got there Katie!!

  3. So fun! Love her little pink shoes :)

  4. I SO loved this post. What a sweet time with your girl!!! :)

  5. The picture of her in little shoes is too cute! I have yet to put any on Connor. He is just getting used to wearing socks right now. I would love to put Connor in some grass but Adam is currently tearing up our yard right and and reseeding it. I should do it at my parents' house. Looks like you two had a great time!

  6. I love talking walks as well - those pics of Emeline with the grass are awesome!

  7. The pictures outside of you two are great!

  8. I also love being outdoors. The twins I nanny for and I spend time each day playing in the backyard and take a long walk. It is a nice break during the day and they truly love the sunshine, fresh air, and change of scenery. Glad you ladies could enjoy the nice weather yesterday.

  9. Beautiful photos. You've inspired me to take my lunch in the park today.

  10. Those pictures are so precious. I love that Miss EmeKay is always dressed to the nines :)

    I love walks too - they are my favorite form of exercise.

    Ps. Your walking trails look beautiful. Jealous!

  11. awe these pictures are gorgeous! your little lady looks like she loves the outdoors! I wish KP was big enough to enjoy it!

  12. ooh where'd she get that awesome headband? ;) She is soooo pretty. I can't believe how big she is getting!!
    The boys and I have been hanging out at night looking at the moon lately...ya know cuz its SO HOT! So now I have bug bites all over my heels- not an easy place to scratch! ;)

  13. I, too, feel closer to God in nature. Love love love these pictures!

  14. Soooo cute! I can't get over how much y'all look alike! How did you get the watermark on your photos? Is that new?

  15. I'm just amazed at how cute she is. :) That's so funny that you realized she had never experienced grass. It's the little things like that that makes me want to have a little one, to show her all those amazing things.

  16. Personally, I think you're super pretty without makeup :) and I think you should frame the collage of Miss E discovering grass. Those pictures are amazing!

  17. She is so sweet! Looks like you had a wonderful time outside. I can't wait to introduce my girl to God's great creation.