Tuesday, September 28, 2010


I've definitely felt challenged on something recently.

In fact, I'm pretty sure it's something God's been laying on my heart. So, since I'm a sharer, and it's what I do best--here it goes.

I cannot tell you how many times a day, or throughout the week I see or hear people request some kind of prayer. No matter what it is...serious issues, or not as serious, but still important to the individual. Maybe it comes in a text form, via email, in a blog post, person to person or via Twitter.

No matter the platform, life situations are thrown our way--and when you feel helpless, asking for prayer, well, helps. Helps us feel better...helps us to know other people are praying on our behalf, etc etc...

However, the thing I've been challenged on is not just saying "sending prayers!", or telling someone you're praying and not actually doing it---but literally, praying for them, for their situation. Besides, that's what they asked us to do anyway. Right?

I have been guilty of, in the past, saying I'll pray for someone--and then letting the day overwhelm me, and completely forgetting. How terrible of me. Truly.

So, I actually have been taking the time to really pray for people when asked, and challenged that when I TELL someone I'm praying, I actually do, and don't forget and let it go by the wayside.

It's important.

It works.

Prayer actually changes things.

"…The prayer of a righteous man is powerful and effective" (James 5:16)


  1. Usually I say a prayer as I see the request. Then I pray about various things in the car when I'm driving.
    I meant to go back and comment yesterday, the red helmet story. I was driving yesterday morning and thought of that story and got chills all over again!

  2. I too am guilty of that. Now, when someone asks for prayer I immediately pray for them so I will not forget.

  3. I do this same thing. I've started making a point of actually saying the prayer right after I've said that I'm doing it. It's so easy to say "praying for you!" and then go about your day and totally forget, so I've started just saying the prayer right then and there.

  4. So very true - prayer is our chance to bring requests to the throne of the One who can solve every problem.

    Back in high school, I was a big fan of a singer named Steven Curtis Chapman, but his one song always convicted me. "Let Us Pray" has a section that says:

    "I hear you say your heart is aching
    You've got trouble in the making
    And you ask if I'll be praying for you please
    And in keeping with conviction
    I'll say yes with good intentions
    To pray later making mention of your needs"

  5. This rang SO true in my heart recently, too. It struck me that I am SO quick to respond with "I'll be uplifting you in prayer!" but then how often did I find myself on my knees praying for that very thing as consistently as I promised?! Love this post. It's something I have to be mindful of every day - giving it all over to Him and following through whole heartedly and earnestly when I commit to praying for someone.

  6. What I do and well it actually works for me is right when someone needs me to pray for them I do it righ then so I don't forget I also write a reminder on my phone so I can continue to pray for them.

    Prayer really works.

  7. I've been stuggling with this, as well.

    It's been coming for a while and hit really hard last week when one of my friends passed away very unexpectedly. I told her I'd pray for her and did, right then and a couple quick times later. However, I should have been on my knees covering her in prayer.

    When I say I'll pray for someone, I do say a prayer right then, so I don't forget. But, when I do my nightly prayers, I tend to have trouble remembering all those people I said I'd pray for earlier in the day. I want to be able to spend a little more time than a quick prayer, praying for their needs. I'm still working on a system, but I think I'm going to carry around a little notebook, so I can write it down. That way, I won't forget at the end of the day.

  8. Thanks sweetie for the reminder for all of us that others are depending on us to pray! I have been quietly of this and try very hard to pray immediately. Whether back in an email or right where I am. I know me too well, life gets busy and I get distracted. Forgive me Lord for all those opportunities I missed to be a part of their miracle!

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  10. Oh, Katie…. Thank you so much for this! I am guilty of the very same thing!!!

  11. You're totally right. I say that I'm praying for people, but I'm not sure how often I actually follow through. Thanks for the reminder!

  12. Yep, I got convicted of this a few months ago too. So like Charbelle, I pray as I see it BEFORE I say "sending prayers" or whatever. That way, I actually AM praying and not just saying I am.
    Thanks for posting this. It's always a good reminder not to take prayer so lightly.

  13. I have dealt with this same exact thing in the past. But now when I see the request, I immediately pray. And then whenever I think about it, I pray more...usually in the shower or when up nursing.

    I do think it was pretty cool that I posted the update about B s situation right when you were praying for him!

  14. I have found myself thinking the same thing and have been guilty of saying I would pray and then forget. I make it a point to do it right away now cause I feel so horrible when I realize later that I forgot. Glad you guys got to clean like crazy this week and get some projects, I just love that accomplished feeling!

  15. I'm guilty of the same thing. I have the best of intentions to pray for someone but then the day just gets away from me. But, I have been thinking recently that I'd like to start writing them down in a little journal or something similar, so that I can't forget and I can continue to pray for each and every request.

  16. Sometimes it's not always just "the thought that counts", sometimes it's the action too.

    Thanks for this post, I wish there was a "like" button. :)

  17. I definitely do the same thing. It's so easy to just say "..praying for you!" without actually putting any thought into it. Thanks for the challenge! I need to be better about putting actions behind my promises, especially when it comes to prayer. Prayer is powerful, and one of the easiest, most thoughtful ways to help someone.

    Hope you're having a fab Tuesday, dear! Can't wait to see pics of Eme's precious dedication outfit!

  18. Yes,yes,yes. I am always challenged on this. I too, am trying to make a conscious effort to take action on my words. Thanks for the reminder of that today, Katie!

  19. EXCELLENT point and excellent that you blogged about it. Thank you so much for sharing...
    Katie from ND...praying. Really praying.

  20. I try to make it a point and stop and pray in that moment for the request before I get busy and distracted. It helps me to stay true to my word!

  21. I LOVE this !! I vowed a while back to make an attempt every time I read a request to pray for it. It's hard, but it helps. I know from personal experience ; /

  22. what a great post.. I would have to agree that I am guilty of saying "praying for you.. but not actually praying

  23. I've been making a real effort in this department lately as well. I try to actually stop and say a prayer for that person or need at that very moment and then tell them, "I just prayed for you." I try to remember later in future prayers, but if I don't, at least I did say one sincere prayer for them. :)

  24. Thank you for posting this.

    Because I have done the same thing. And I hate that.

    I believe in prayer so much. God called us to pray, and yet, it sometimes slips my mind, even when I myself need prayer so much.

    I'm encouraged more so that I won't do this anymore, either!

  25. I found myself saying I'd pray a lot and then not doing it. Since that time I've made conscious effort to pray right then and there!