Monday, September 27, 2010

Clean-spree turned project-overload

I mentioned last week that cleaning was in the weekend forecast in our neck of the woods. I also may or may not have said I was semi-excited about the whole ordeal, because, yay! A clean house! While all that's true....the work it takes to get to the happy ending? Pure Torture.

I hate cleaning. I really do.
[I like to straighten...I like to tidy...I don't like "cleaning".]

And for some reason, as we cleaned...we started little projects all over the house. So, it felt like everything was in disarray for.freakin'.ever. While the little projects here and there needed to be just annoyed me as it was happening.

My more then irritable mood [my husband can attest to (sorry, hun!)] was evidence of the annoyance these little projects brought on.

However---like everything else in this world---you endure some pain, and what's at the end? TYPICALLY, something good.

Or, a clean house. With LOTS of little projects done.

So, one of the projects I want to share with you is something that I've been dying to do but we just hadn't mustered up the energy to do so. In fact, about 6 months ago we bought the supplies to do it, and they've been sitting in the garage since. Us...lazy? NO way....

I digress.

We removed the hideous vertical blinds we should have never installed in the first place, and replaced them with some dual layer curtains. I really, really love that look. The curtains that is, NOT the vertical blinds.

[In the madness, I didn't take a before picture--but this is what I found searching my photo archives. You get the idea.]

After a trip to Ikea (6 friggin' months ago), and a little elbow grease...

...these bad-boy's were hung.

They look so much much much more welcoming and less harsh. Vertical blinds are just so annoying, always falling apart, and kind of cheap looking. [If you have them or love them, please, hold your tomatoes! To each his own! :)]

The white curtains we pull closed at night, and they give complete privacy. It's perfect!

The same brown curtains are also in my living room--so, the two rooms coordinate quite nicely, now.

I'm very, very pleased.

Do you like?


So, that was a little glimpse into my Saturday.

But, back to reality--


Happy ::sigh:: Monday!


  1. I like!!

    We are about to buy a house and I can't wait to be ugly vertical blind free!
    They are mega 80s style! Ick!!


  2. Oh wow, huge difference! They look so nice!

  3. melikey! It definitely makes the room a lot warmer :)

  4. thought I commented but I didnt. We have no blinds, i take that back we still have paper blinds because we dont want to buy cheap stuff until we can afford the ones we really want.

  5. I hate cleaning too... but I also hate clutter and disorganization. When things start to pile up, I have a heart attack over it and can't concentrate on anything else until it's gone.

    The curtains look great! We have thebiggestslidingglassdoor EVER made, and so we just kept the verticals that were already there and just changed out the nasty cloth panels to put fresh clean white ones in it. I HATE them though. The dog tilts them all the time. And they clink. And the are a royal PAIN to open because they are so big. I dont think curtains like yours would suit our situation, but I can't wait to get rid of our verticals and exchange the whole darn package for some beautiful french doors :)

  6. I think it makes your dining room look much warmer and cozier. Perfect in time for fall.

  7. I think it makes your dining room look much warmer and cozier. Perfect in time for fall.

  8. Looks great! We need to do the same thing. I took down our living room curtains when we repainted *ahem a year and a half ago ahem* and our windows have been naked ever since!

  9. LOVE THEM! Looks great, girlie! :) And um.. how do you write on photos like that?! I want to do that!

  10. You did a great job! I wish I could do the same but our landlord just replaced our verticals because they were falling apart - just makes me long for my own house one day even more!
    Great job though and I hope you had a great weekend

  11. I like it!

    Our sliding glass door has NO window treatment of any kind, and I'm really debating what to put there! I don't think curtains would hold up between our very mobile kid and our cat who would probably climb them. But I don't know what TO do!

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  13. Those curtains look great! :) I like the idea of the double rod, one for color and one for privacy.

  14. I love the way your new curtains look! We have those obnoxious blinds, too, but our house is so small that if we tried to put curtains in, they'd overtake the entire room. I just want to get some new french doors instead and I'd be a happy camper!

  15. Love it! Glad you were able to get so much done over the weekend!

  16. I love! So cute! Floor-length curtains are my favorite!

  17. Girlfriend, they look so great! Look how crafty you are! Doesn't it feel so much better to get those little things out of the way? I love it. Maybe you can enjoy next Saturday now :) Happy Monday honey!

  18. OOO I love the new look. :) And bonus points for it coordinating with another room! Ha.

  19. I love it! The curtains really soften the space and make it look pulled together :). Hopefully, Mr.B and I can have a cleaning weekend next weekend (fingers crossed!).

    ps- I tried to comment on etsy to say how much I LOVE LOVE LOVE the headbands but I am techno challenged because I cannot figure out how to do it!

  20. OMG looks so good! What a great simple improvement!

  21. Very nice! I love chocolate brown anywhere in the house. We have nasty/annoying/usually facing opposite directions vertical blinds in our apartment. If I could take them down I would!

  22. Hooray for house projects! They turned out great! You've got a great set-up btw from what I can see!