Friday, September 24, 2010

An Etsy Feature...? For me?

I had yet another terrible night of sleep last night with my little girl. Therefore? Momma and baby slept in today. Because of this decision, I'm sporting an amazingly obnoxious headache, AND no blog for today.

The good news is, this morning at 6am while I was feeding da baybeh, I was scrolling through my reader, and saw my Etsy Feature on Becky's blog.

Like a total idiot, I FORGOT!ALL!ABOUT!IT!


That is where I'm sending you today, on a blog-less day.

So, would you do me a favor, pretty pullllease? Go over to her blog and check out everything you wanted to know about how I got started in all this flower biznazz.

Seriously, go-now. I'll read your sweet comments over there!

Love you all--and Happy Friday!

[Thank you, Becky!]
[PS: Fun fact: Becky was my FIRST official Etsy buyer ever! Made my day....]


  1. Look how popular you are! LOVE this, and I can testify to your fabulous product and how cute it is on! Can't wait to buy some more :)

  2. Look at you...practically famous! Hope you get some much needed rest today!

  3. SO happy you agreed to the feature! :) Thanks!

  4. So cool. If you ever want to advertise on my blog, it's all yours. :)

  5. Yay! That's so cool. And I can vouch for the cuteness of the product, for sure. (cass totally wants to usurp the brown one you just sent me...she loves it but I"m mean and won't let her have it. haha!)