Thursday, September 2, 2010

Intention is everything.

September goals:

Read more books to my baby girl

Take more walks and explore some new places

Document the little things I (we) find at new places

Bake more things....anything.....bake, bake, bake

Be more intentional about helping others

Try {two} new recipes for dinner [that may sound like NOTHING, but it is BIG...]

Make a bunch of new adult headbands and post them to my Etsy shop.
[PS: All my adult headbands sold out yesterday.]

Go on a date with my husband.
[Big!huge!deal! once you have a kid.]

Finish my craft room and take photos for you all to see the transformation

Love more & have more grace


They may not be the typical goals you see people talk about or try to attain. No, I didn't set a goal to working out for "x" amount of hours a week, or read 2 novels this month. I'm not setting those goals as "demands". In fact, all of these things, exclusively and all together are things that make me feel more alive...more, me. Things that I truly love, but let slip by the wayside. And dang-it, I think September is a pretty great month to get back to that. I need this. Keep me accountable.


Do you have any September goals?


  1. I think we need to set date night as a September goal too!

  2. My goals for September are to finish up the nursery, relax more with my husband, and drink more water :-)

  3. My goals are to go on more dates with my husband before the baby comes, learn how to cook new meals (I could eat the same thing everyday so I feel bad for my husband lol), and get a new camera!

    I like that you didn't set goals based on "x" amount of hours, etc. That always seems to backfire, huh?!

  4. love these. definitely want to be better about documenting the little things. i used to be so good about it and now i just let all those little things pass.

  5. That is a great idea. I'm not big on setting definitive goals either, but I'm always striving to feel more like the myself I used to know. September is a perfect time for that!

  6. Good luck with those goals! I just posted a new recipe I tried and it got rave reviews from my family.

  7. I call goals "intentions" too. I learned it from practicing yoga and it just fits.

    Two new recipes would be huge for me too!

  8. I call goals "intentions" too. I learned it from practicing yoga and it just fits.

    Two new recipes would be huge for me too!

  9. :)

    A couple of goals I have for September are- to stop going through the drive through so much!
    And also when someone is talking to me, to actually stop, make eye conatact, and LISTEN.

    Those things are both hard for me to do.

    Glad to hear your headbands are selling!

  10. girlfriend, goals are goals. don't knock yourself. i think those are wonderful goals. i should try to new recipe goal too...but i'm not ready to committ.

  11. Good for you Katie. I have a pile of books next to my glider that Olivia and I read before bed. She sits on my lap and turns the pages. It's really cute.

    Take Care,

    I found a site that sells that owl clothing and I bought Olivia a fishermen hat. Thanks again for the link.

  12. Great list! I love the feeling more "alive" and more "me" part. Definitely things worth having goals for!

  13. I didn't even realize your Etsy shop was open yet :( Well..I do now, I just bought 2 head bands. If you make them in adult ones to match, let me know. Looking forward to more purchases soon!