Wednesday, September 15, 2010

My form of writers block

I have a problem.

All my inspiration for writing comes to me in the middle of the night.


Like, right after I feed my little girl and tuck her back into her crib...I crawl back into my bed, and bam! It hits me. 1902182 things I want to write about.

My mind goes crazy. Crazy! I cannot get it to stop.

So, in efforts to get my brain to shut down again and go to sleep before my darling daughter wakes up for the 394083 time that night (okay, normally 2x), I whip out my iPhone, and in the notes section I write down a tiny blurb about what I want to write about.

My sis-in-love, Kesh, who is a mommy of two told me that writing down your thoughts is one of the best ways to get your brain to let you fall asleep when dealing with mommy insomnia issues. Because, you can't let yourself fall asleep for fear you'll forget whatever it is you're thinking about., right?

The problem is? At freakin' 2am....4am...whenever I write down said blog ideas that keep my brain forever churning, they really are not that good of ideas, at all. But for some reason? My lazy brain at that hour of the morning has me convinced its awesome.

I don't know what the heck I'm thinking about, or making myself believe is some bright!idea!, but it's totally not that interesting, at all.

So, for per my iPhone Notes app, I could tell you about:

-Our incredibly new, annoying and LOUD neighbors that moved in on a 2!Year!LEASE! [Good, Lord, help me!] I could tell you about how sad I am that my other neighbors had to move to DC due to a job situation, and their baby girl who was born the SAME day, in the SAME hospital as Emeline, who was bound to be her BFF also had to leave. And how we never, ever, ever heard them EVER in the 2 years we've lived here. And suddenly? New neighbors move in, and POOF! Loudness! Not cool. [We own an end unit of a townhome, and share one wall with said neighbors...]

-I could tell you about last night when in my dream, my husband pointed to a jar and said, "Look, a bug!", and in real life, I JUMPED UP OUT OF BED, threw the covers off me, started to yell at my sleeping husband (who never woke up) and only THEN did I realize it was a dream. Bugs freak me out, yo.

-I could tell you about the random bursts of energy that are hitting me at 10pm at night, having me scrubbing out cabinets, organizing, re-arranging rooms, etc. I could tell you how it feels shockingly similar to nesting. I could also tell you to NOT get any ideas. We are not ready for another kid and NO I am not pregnant.

-I could tell you about my first post-baby experience at my gynecologist the other day. But, I think I should spare you the details. You can thank me now.

-I could tell you about our new solid-foods journey and how it's going smashingly well, but somehow, it's still not meaning more sleep. I'm at a loss, but also at a place where I'm kind of done with advice about it. I've taken advice, but now I'm just going to read a book and try to implement one thing. Mom fail.

So, now that I've told you about the things swirling around in my brain at 3am that I feel will make awesomely, hilarious posts...

I give up.

They are not that funny and/or amusing.

...and I'm spent.

Happy Wednesday.

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  1. I am right there with you on mom brain making my mind race with a thousand things while I should be dreaming away! Unfortunately, I can also relate to terrible neighbors. Seriously, ours are awful. Check out my blog post about it...

  2. I'd take crappy ideas over no ideas.

    And the bug thing? Hilarious, especially since Logan was yelling about his special cupcakes in the middle of the night and I started talking back to him until Brian informed me that he was dreaming.

    Uh...oh. I knew that.

  3. DON'T consider it a mom fail that she still wakes up. Just remember that she is her own person and has her own schedule, even if it doesn't agree with what would be the most ideal situation! Oh, and the nesting thing? Got me, too! I was up until 10:30 last night going through my drawers and closet purging of clothes I won't wear. The mess is still sitting there where I left it after realizing what time it was and when I would have to be up next!

  4. I can relate. I always have something to say/write about at 2:00AM and although I SWEAR I'll remember in the morning, I never do. Then, when I actually want to sit down and update my blog, nothing comes to me. Nada. Not one thing! Funny how that happens, right?! (not)

  5. Did you know that breastfeeding causes you to nest all over again just like when you were pregnant? That's probably causing the crazy bursts of energy and madness! otally feel you on the new neighbors, we had a similiar situation (although ours involved confrontation by us and lots of cussing by the neighbor), and thank GOD they moved out a month or so ago. We were seriously thinking of putting our house on the market because of them! Do NOT feel bad about E not sleeping through the night! It is not a mom fail! A vast MAJORITY of babies don't sleep through the night until they are well past 6 months old. I hope the book I'm sending you helps out!

  6. I think tired ideas are the best ideas!

  7. I write down "great" blog ideas in my phone all them time...then go back to them and realize how not great they are. Or forget that I ever wrote them down in the first place!

    And I have bug dreams all the time. My husband finds it hilarious when I shoot up out of bed throwing my pillow and sheets everywhere. I find it less than amusing until I realize just how rediculous I look!

  8. I'd read all those ideas! And I don't think it's just me!

    Heck, I'm just glad I'm not the only one who does this!

  9. I would read any blogs on any of those ideas, too. I agree with Brittany Ann. I hope you are having a great day. Oh, and bugs totally freak me out too.

  10. awe this is me! At night I make a list in my head of all the things I need/want to do in the morning and then I wake up and can only remember one thing...DRINK COFFEE!

  11. I do this sometimes but without a baby! lol
    Those neighbors do not sound good!

  12. I'm just now visiting your actual blog (not in my reader), and I love your new header. Super cute.

    Just wanted to stop by and give you encouragement regarding sleep. It is totally NOT a mom fail if your baby doesn't sleep through the night. Each baby is different....don't be so hard on yourself! You're doing a great job. ;)'s some hopeful, encouraging words (because I'm sure you've heard waaayyy too much advice). My oldest never slept more than 4 hours at night until she was 6 months old (ugh..), BUT ever since then, she's the best sleeper ever. It's MUCH better to have a happy, easy to bed toddler. Let them be cuddly and awake as babies....she'll get it figured out in time. Until then, she'll just enjoy snuggling her Momma.

  13. this happens to me too!!!! except i don't want to wake up a sleeping husband with the light of my phone (since he has to be up at 5am...and i've got no job) i just try and remember them.

    the next morning, they are AWFUL ideas!!!

  14. I always seem to get these "great" ideas in the shower, and then I get out and...they aren't so wonderful. :)

  15. aww that is so sad about the baby moving, I definitely think they would have been best friends!!

  16. OMG I write the best posts {in my head} when I am driving, in the shower or laying in bed. Of course when I sit down to write it my mind either goes blank or its horrible, lol. I am right there with you!

  17. I do the same thing! The notes app on my iphone pretty much saves me from going crazy. I write down every little thing that pops into my head that I don't want to forget. I have a notes page for blog ideas and one of them was to write about using the notes-lol! Guess we were thinking alike!