Thursday, September 30, 2010

New Neighbors

About a month or two ago we got new neighbors. You know...neighbors aren't that big of a deal--but when one of your walls are connected?


It's a big deal.

The interesting thing is, for two years we lived next to a couple a few years older then us...who, in fact, were pregnant the exact same time as us, AND had their baby the exact!same!day! as us, only a few hours later, IN the same hospital--AND our rooms were next door to each other for 2 days while we recovered, ::drum roll please::, sharing a freakin' wall, yet again! WEIRD?! yea. I know. [Run-on sentence...but totally necessary!]

Crazzzyy story...but a fun one to tell, anyway. [Oh, and our kids were an ounce different in weight, and a 1/4" different in length! ha. Crazy, I tell you.]

Oh, back to the story. Those neighbors? Were AWESOME.

We never heard them. Ever. They tell us they never, ever, ever heard us either.

People would ask us "oh, do you hear people next door?" [Remember, we're an end unit in a line of townhomes], and we always would reply, "Heck no! The sound barrier is great...bladdy-blah blah."

Apparently though...that's garbage.

Once our new neighbors moved in, we quickly learned we could, in fact, hear things next door.

I gave them a know...a few weeks to move in, bang things around, get their pictures hung and such---

But, we're talking a few months later now--and still, noisy!

I find it really frustrating (almost as frustrating as the lady who leaves her window open for her big-arse dog to bark out it WHILE MY BABY NAPS...I digress...) that I can hear them pounding up the steps.

Seriously, the steps?! That are on the opposite wall??

I find it annoying that while I'm feeding my baby who wakes at an un-Godly hour to eat, I'm hearing car doors slamming, and the beep beep noise of car locks going on and on.

Maybe I just had it too good before.

But I feel all momma-bear about people (and DOGS) who wake my slumbering child, or don't give a crap that their car alarm is going off, and OFF, and OFF while I'm trying to nap-train Eme in her crib for the 40th time that week.

I just don't get it. What ARE they doing over there? I understand they work 2nd and 3rd shift jobs...but please, refrain from slamming, and re-slamming, and locking, and re-locking and whoops! hit the car alarm by mistake! at 2 friggin'.A.M.

I'm gonna go mad over here.

Trust me, you do NOT want to see me come outside in all my pj/make-up less/messy hair glory and go all momma-bear on you.



  1. aw man I thought there'd be a picture to go along with it!! tehe I vote for Mama Bear to come out! =P
    But in all seriousness is there anything you can do? Do you know if the neighbors on the other side of them hear them, too?

  2. That would seriously anger me too. Do you guys have an HOA? Maybe ask them to address them about the noise.

  3. I know all to well what your dealing with.. including the dog barking. I live in a condo and share both walls NOT FUN. It wasn't that bad before.. but now with a baby, it also seems like they just know the second you got the baby to stop crying after 45 minutes, and the third try of laying her in her crib without waking her and walked away then it happens.

  4. I never understood the people who "accidentally" set off their car alarms! I can count on one hand the number of times I've EVER done that, ZERO!

  5. Haha this is too funny, I have only lived on post once but wow that was an experience, all the soldiers getting in their trucks at 4am to go to work and then by 5am would be running past singing their cadences at top volume and then by 6am the guy with the loudspeaker by the airborne towers would start shouting!

  6. I hate neighbors who don't think of anyone else. I mean really, they get what they're doing...they just don't care.

  7. I hate neighbors who don't think of anyone else. I mean really, they get what they're doing...they just don't care.

  8. Sorry to hear you have to endure this! We live in a house but it isn't any better and we live on a dead end street! Lady next door plays her bongos and loves to squeal into her driveway blaring her music... and Connor's room is right by her driveway. Annoying!

  9. ha ha ha this made me giggle . . that would be hard, I don't think I could hold it in if it has been months. talk about annoying and rude!

  10. I say put a for sale/or rent sign, whatever the case maybe, in front of their house and get their crap out of there, haha!!!! :)

  11. Ugh! How annoying. We once lived in a basement apartment and our upstairs neighbours were horrific. They must have been nearly deaf because I could always hear the TV - so loud that I could actually decipher the words. And THEN ... Christmas time came along and I was so excited to put lights up in our bedroom window, since it faced the road and was the only exterior decorating I would be able to do. But, one day, I came home and they had placed this gigantic, ugly, plastic light up Santa RIGHT in front of our window. And everynight, they plugged it in and it would shine flourescent red Santa light straight into my eyes as I tried to sleep. Eventually, I started sneaking outside and unplugging it every night at like 8 pm ... and they got the idea.

    Crappy neighbours suck.

  12. hmmm...Maybe you could bake them some yummy treats and go over for a "chat" one day when you know they are home. Casually drop that you have a new baby and How hard it must be for them to work such late hours because you've heard them coming and going...maybe they don't realize, and will get the hint. If not...Then tromp out in your PJs. Good luck!!

  13. Hubby and I lived in apartments and townhomes for a long time and were tempted to rent a townhome here in Maryland to save money but he would not relent for just this reason. He did not want to hear other people. I am kind of glad he was such a stickler because we have our space and privacy and great neighbors. Hope things settle down for you.

  14. I cringed for you. Major boo on the noisy neighbors. :( I dont want you to have to go all mamma bear on them, but I think it'd be comical b/c at least they'd learn their lesson! Or position little E's bed next to THEIR wall when she's crying. Let them get a taste of what noise is like. Yes, that's kinda passive aggresive. I'm immature sometimes. haha.. :)

  15. Our neighbors are constantly throwing bottles in their recycle bin at all hours of the night. I am all for recycling, but glass bottles all.night.long?

  16. I'd be annoyed too! I've lived in an apartment where 2 people would fight in the middle of the night & then knock on the door in the middle of the night to ask for a pen! There was also the house I lived in that had residents upstairs who smoked pot. It was SO bad one weekend when I was actually there that I woke up out of a dead sleep in a total panic! I was not happy at all! If they hadn't moved out not long after that I would have turned them in. Of course the new neighbors weren't much better. They blocked my car in the driveway one morning and I couldn't get out from work! The person who was driving the car that was there wasn't even staying there, or so I thought. But when said person got there a person came downstairs that could have moved the car in the first place!

    I'm really thankful now that our neighbors are a distance away on both sides now! Although there is the guy in the neighborhood with the ridiculously LOUD motorcycle!

    Good luck!

  17. Ugh, I loathe bad neighbors. We had awful ones at our last apartment: loud, crazy, cops at their place alot( seriously), and so dirty that the bugs started coming into OURS. Gross.