Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Spa? Why yes, please.

So, today is my sissy's birthday. I love my sister. She is my bee-eff-eff, forever and always. I consider myself super, duper lucky to have such a wonderful relationship with her. Happy birthday my dear seester, I love you tons and tons.

For her birthday, this past weekend my momma took me, her and my sister-in-love, Kesh away for an overnight to a beautiful hotel and spa, where we got pampered galore.

It was amazzzzzing. I had never, ever, ever in my entire life spent two days hanging out in a spa (let alone ONE day?!) this was for sure a treat.

The food....the relaxation....the pampering......the chocolate! Oh, I didn't mention the chocolate? Oh NO? There was chocolate every-where-you-turned. Afterall, we were in Hershey, PA. You know...the hometown of only the best chocolate evaaa.

We started our pampering off with this crazy thing called a "rain shower" aka: chinese water torture. It was caaarrraaazeeee. Never in my life have I experienced standing in a gorgeously tiled rounded OPEN shower, with jets and 43904839 shower heads all around me,beating me massaging me. Not only were the shower heads hitting every square inch of my body, but this woman held a high-pressured HOSE and gave you a WATER massage. With a HOSE! A massage! WITH A HOSE! It was so weird...and cool at the same time.

I left the rain-shower slightly confused, but also feeling more relaxed at the same time. Truly, an odd experience. But one I'm glad I had. I mean, who has a lady squirt you down with a high pressured hose?! Apparently I do.

Next up was my full body massage. I was so much looking forward to this. For me? This is relaxation at it's finest.

My name was quietly called and I was greeted by my masseuse. What proceeded after that was a massage...but not a relaxing one by any means. Which, bummed me out a little. However, it provided us ladies with lots of entertainment for the next few days. Someday, I'm pretty sure I'm going to dedicate an entire post to it, entitled, "Sh*t my masseuse says"....because, it is just that jam-packed with nonsense that I'm sure you'll appreciate.

Bottom line is? When you're getting a massage...the last thing you want is someone talking your ear off, right?

That night, we had the most yummy-liscious dinner ever. We had some pretty fancy mixed drinks, and were even served CHOCOLATE bread with CHOCOLATE butter before our meal was served. Dessert before dinner? Why thank you, I will. Heck, it's chocolate town after all. We celebrated my sisters birthday with a cute cake.

We hit the hay pretty early, and I got a nice long full nights sleep. I must admit...that is ahhmazing, even despite the fact my body still woke up at 2:45am, wandering around my hotel room and hallway searching for ice cold water. After falling back asleep, I then woke up at 8am with rocks for boobs. Perks of a nursing mother, eh?

Even though I was away from my baby for about 30 hours, I was still reminded of mommyhood every few hours when I sat down to pump. It's kind of hard to forget when my body is still acting like a cow milk-producin' machine.

The next morning we had yet another delicious meal...and as you know, breakfast is my favorite ever. So, it was thoroughly enjoyed. We decided to hit up the amazing pool/hot tubs/slides they had on the resort for a little bit before spa round 2 began.

When we returned to the spa, we got back in our non-flattering, yet comfy robes...and lounged in the quiet-room's, reading magazines, resting, relaxing....oh, and drinking hot chocolate. It was serene. I also realized how much I lean on technology ::cough:: iphone ::cough:: and how I have a hard time figuring out what to 'do' when I can't just whip it out. Pathetic, but true. I love my phone and the access to anything at my fingertips. I cannot lie.

The next part was the weirdest of all (even weirder then the rain shower)..........

Get this:

We had lunch-

I know, right?!? So weird. [I know, I'm a spa-newbie...apparently this is all normal. Obviously, this isn't my norm. Although, I could totally do more spa'ing in my life...if only it weren't so expensive....hmm.]

Luckily, everyone else in the restaurant was all wearing their spa-robes too with basically nothing underneath, while munching on salmon mousse and avocado wraps, and asparagus and ham soup (and many, many other crazy, yet delicious things...), so we didn't feel out of place at all.

Next up, and last thing on the spa-agenda was our 75 minute cocoa-facial's. Yea, you heard me right....cocoa. Before you go and start thinking they melted chocolate and dripped it on our faces, that wasn't quite the case. However, the aroma of chocolate was wafting through the air during my glorious facial, and it was oh so pleasant to my nose.

They use their line of all natural cocoa-based products, and my skin was GLOWING afterwards. It was awesome. Hands down, the best part of the entire trip. If you haven't had a facial before. They are amazing, and super relaxing to boot.

After a quick trip to pickup some gourmet cupcakes to bring home to our families, and a soy-chai latte to-go, we were in the car heading home again. But, right after we snapped our picture with the big Kit-Kat bar :)

It was the perfect amount of time away.

I missed my husband and my baby terribly.

But I came home to their sweet faces and all was right in the world again.

All in all, it was a fabulous little getaway.

It was so fun celebrating my sisters birthday.

And Momma needed a little pampering.

Happy Birthday, Sue!


PS: I was there, I swear. I just do not exist in photos.


  1. Ahh it sounds like a glorious weekend! I am dying to hear all of the things the masseuse was talking to you about. Props to D for being such a hands on Daddy! Way to go.

  2. thanks sister! it was a fabulous weekend! i'm so glad it worked out. :)

  3. Oh my goodness, sounds like HEAVEN in spa form!!! What a great time!!! So glad you got a little “you” time!!!!

  4. Sounds fabulous! There is this spa in Colorado that is so fabulous. I've been there 3 times with my girlfriends and can't wait to go back.

  5. I love Hershey! It's so delicious smelling. :) Glad you had a wonderful respite away from your little family. I think getting away for a day or two every once and a while helps me appreciate them even more. :) Can't wait to hear about the masseure!

  6. Ah, sounds AMAZING! My best friend and I are doing massages, and mani/pedis in a couple weeks for my birthday and I can't WAIT!!

  7. it sounds like you were at the most glorious place on earth - the hershey spa! my fav was the chocolate fondue wrap - i smelled delicious afterwards!

    glad you enjoyed a getaway!

  8. It sounds like y'all had a great time :) I so want to go to the hershey spa now! I hope you are having a great week so far! xo

  9. I had no idea there was a chocolate spa in Hershey! I am heading to look it up right now - I think I may have to visit it ;)

  10. WAY FUN!! I've never been to a spa either. I've actually never even had a massage. That changes today. a guy here at work won a lunch/ massage session for everyone in the office. 10 minute chair massages. I'm scared. So sad!

  11. A chocolate spa?! Heaven. Sounds wonderful!

  12. Girl that sounds like a fabulous weekend!!! I'm glad you had such a good time. Now I'm dying for a cocoa facial.

  13. Glad you got away! You deserved it!

    And seriously, CHOCOLATE BUTTER?

    I might need to make a trip, and we may need to go there!

    And, hey, speaking of trips, I need to email you soon about the possibility of y'all visiting SC! I know things are crazy, but I still haven't forgotten:)

  14. Now that sounds like a spa trip!!!!

  15. Cool! Glad ya had fun, you deserve it!!

  16. water massage sounds crazy...and the mental picture is too funny!! also, i now long for chocolate bread and butter...yummm