Tuesday, September 21, 2010

To-Do List, Oh No You Didn't.

I've mentioned multiple times that I am not the type-A personality. I am not a lover of to-do lists. I am, by no means into "routines", and no two days are ever the same in my world.

Usually, this system, or lack-thereof is perfect for me.

It works.

But lately?


Maybe it's mommy-brain. Maybe it's just me. But, lately--I'm feeling like my mind is rearin' a million miles a minute thinking of all the things I have to do. How to pack it all into one day. Figuring out when and how, and OH crap! I forgot to do x, y or z.

It's kind of chaotic

It's kind of stressing me out.


It's making me feel a little irritable (and my husband can attest to that).

I was considering writing a blasted To-Do list.

But, I hate them. I do. I know there are some of you who could not live life without your technicolored sticky notes and to-do lists. But me? Typically...I don't like them. I don't need them. It's not me. Not my style, per-say.

As of lately....I feel like I need it, though.

Between my custom Etsy orders, the almost-flat tire my car is sporting and the appointment I need to book, the specific fabric I need to buy, the sewing machine that needs to be fixed, the kid that needs to be fed, and fed, and fed, shipping out my orders, grocery shopping, cooking dinner and de-thawing the meat, the meetings for Church, homework for the class I'm taking, changing diapers, pumping the ladies, putting away laundry, emailing so and so, meeting people for lunch or playdates......

my brain feels mucky.

It feels all if all of the "to-do's" were shaken up and spit out, looking like this:

aldkfjaer903849038439024ajaklfjaksldfjaidfj23094u329[joi2j4kj23klrjklfj20934un 3*(E(Eureinre88u9iu9u3irj3ieojrk9038429889(9-(((*@*#(ndkad*!*#)(# @(#I 2@#()@ i49304u3(#)*@#njaflkjakdjf#($u mnvkdjafj*@#*@#)@U)!

So, last night...while I was feeding da baybeh...I used my good old iPhone notes section, and wrote a little ::gasp:: To-Do list. made me feel a little better.

Seeing it written out makes me at least feel like I won't forget what needs to be done now.

So, all you to-do-listers can be proud.

I joined the club.

Well, for the time being, anyway.


Happy Tuesday!

Thank you for all the wonderful comments on yesterday's blog post. I, too thought that story was amazing which is why I chose to share it with all of you. Thanks for being amazing, thanks for being you.


  1. Welcome to the club! Maybe it'll help you sleep better at night, too, because you won't be thinking about forgetting something. I couldn't live without to-do lists! :)

  2. Lists are wonderful! I always feel much better writing out what needs to be done and then I feel such a sense of accomplishment when I can cross them off. Hopefully the lists will keep your mucky brain at bay!

  3. I would be a lost little puppy without my iPhone's notes!

  4. Ahhh I am type A to a T!! I LOVE lists! Sometimes I include things on the list that I've already done so that I can cross them off :) I'm a freak like that. And it's no wonder, with Eme AND the new Etsy shop (AND a class?! Whoa lady!) that you're feeling overwhelmed with responsibilities and to-do's. I'm sure you'll figure out a system that works for you, whether it includes to-do lists or not!

  5. Maybe a MomAgenda would be nice! At least you would have something snazzy looking for those tedious to-do lists. :)

  6. I used to not need lists or a planner.

    Then, life got so busy and full of different responsibilities that I need them just so I'm not worried that I'll forget something. I usually don't even need to look at said list and/or planner, but it helps me relax just to know it's written down.

  7. You will feel a whole lot bette when you get to erase a task off the list!

  8. I must say... with everything you have going on you produce awesome work! :) I really appreciate the time and effort you took for my custon order. Plus, the way you had it packaged was ADORABLE! Really.... you rock!

    I'm a list girl. I live and breath off of them. Really, it feels oh so wonderful to check things off. It's a way to keep my brain straight and my conscience sane.

  9. I am definitely the Type A list-maker. Seeing your paragraph of things to do made me want to grab a piece of paper and make a list for you! I was just telling a friend yesterday that I feel like I wasted the entire day of work because I didn't have a to-do list to keep me on task. And here I am again - no list, and reading blogs instead of working!! I'm off to make that list now...

  10. I am definitely a list-er! There are sticky note reminders all over my house! Even if I forget a few things, having a list and checking things off reminds me that I didn't just sit around all day and do nothing ;)

  11. Welcome to the dark side, my friend.

  12. I love making lists! Except now I have the problem of losing my list, so I'll have to write another one. And then my husband comes home and finds a million to-do lists all saying the same thing. :)

  13. Yeah, I hate to do lists too. They're aggravating. It's just one more thing I have "to do". ha. But lately, my husband has been calling me "scatterbrained", and I wholeheartedly believe it's because I have too many things I'm trying to remember that I forget that the milk doesn't belong in the laundry room...

    Maybe I need to get some post-it's.

  14. ooh i love me some lists! i just have a bunch on my blackberry memo pad...not so much to check off, but to have somewhere i can put all the stuff i need to get done!

  15. i am so with you on not being a routine person. Not one day is the same and if I ever write a todo list I always forget about it or never follow it but sometimes it just makes you feel better to get it all out there and on a piece of paper!!

    hope you can find a middle ground!

  16. Haha!! I am so one of those ppl that has to write things out on a list and LOVE to be able to check them off! I think that is why I enjoy making lists is just to get to check the items off. I even put silly stuff on there like instead of just put do laundry, I actually put wash, dry, fold, and put up laundry. Then I get to check more stuff off. Okay after typing this I think I may have a problem..hehe!!!! Oh and btw I have worn the headbands EVERY day! I am sooo addicted. They are the only headbands that actually stay in my hair and I have gotten TONS of compliments and I have been sending them to your etsy site!! I can't wait to buy TONS more :D

  17. You can still be a nonscheduler and have to-do lists. TRUST me.

  18. Ohhh to-do lists. They're what keep me going!

  19. Welcome to the club girl! You will love it. You need to get the ANote app (Awesome Note). I love has folders you can make. I even keep a folder for blog topic ideas! :) Oh are you on twitter?

  20. I love the Notes function on my iPhone for a to do list. I can add and delete, section it into days if I like - and I get the glory of deleting things once they're done. I always lose real notes on paper, but my phone's always with me. :) (It's also great for jotting down an amazing inspiration idea for a blog or craft or something great I read that I want to remember.) :)