Monday, October 11, 2010

5 Months Old

[She turned 5 months old yesterday on 10-10-10]

Dear Emeline,

5 Months.


You are just such a delight and a joy to our lives in every.single.way.

You are the easiest little lady to get a smile out of. You are so full of happiness and love. We are so blessed to be your parents!

This month has been so much fun. You are growing! I don't know your exact stats since there's no doctors appointments (and no yucky shots) this month. But, you are definitely a growing little girl. We switched you to size 3 diapers this month. You still fit very well in size 2's, but it never hurts to go a little big. I have a feeling you'll be in size 3's for a long, long time.

You also fit into your first piece of 6 month clothing this past week. However, you're still mainly wearing size 3 month is most everything.

You are on the go, kid. You are scaring me a bit. Because when you start moving full force, life is gonna change, big time. You are getting up on your knees and pushing off. You have been rolling everywhere for over a month and a half now. You can get any toy you want, anywhere in the room. You even rolled up to the bookcase and pulled your books out. You are so super coordinated.

When people talk to you, you listen intently and also 'talk' back to them. You're so sweet.

Sophie the giraffe is your favorite toy right now, as it's constantly in your mouth being chewed on and squeaked on. You also love your little lovie-horsey blanket, and it always has to be in your carseat with you when we travel.

You are so obsessed with your feet. If you're wearing shoes, you can figure out how to get them off, especially if they're velcro. You take them off, then take off your socks, just to play with your toes. It's really cute, but can also get difficult when I'm running around stores trying to find missing shoes. You always keep me on my toes, little one.

We started solids this month. You were eating bananas, applesauce and peaches (with rice cereal) for breakfast. At dinnertime, you were eating squash and carrots. However, after about 3-4 weeks of solids, we decided to take a break. You started to lose interest. I think we'll start back up in a few weeks when you seem to be more interested. You still are pretty satisfied with just nursing.

This month, you began taking naps in your crib versus the swing. At first, it was a hard transition, but you're doing good. Every once in a while, you'll get a swing-nap, but-most of your naps are taken in the crib and you are doing well with it. You nap in the morning for about 1-2 hours, then another 2 hour afternoon nap (lunchtime), and sometimes a little catnap around 4pm (20 minutes or so).

You still aren't sleeping "through" the night. I haven't quite figured all this out yet, but such is life. You like to keep things interesting. One night, you may go 8 hours. Another night, you'll be up every 4 hours. However, typically you are up no more then 2x a night. Honestly? I'm so used to it by now. But, someday, consistent good nights sleep would be nice :)

This month you got dedicated at Church and that was super special for us.

Overall, little girl---you are my favorite sidekick, shopping buddy, and the sweetest little daughter I could ever dream of. Thank you for being you. I love hanging out with you all day. You make being a mom super amazing.

Your daddy and I love you to little itty bitty pieces, and continue to be enamored with the way your personality just shines.




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  1. Happy 5 Months, Emeline!!! Great picture!!

  2. Happy 5 months Emeline!!
    Katie she is too freakin' cute!!

  3. I love all the photos of your baby. She's cute. Inspiration.

  4. So cute she found her toes! I keep giving Connor his hoping he will do it on his own! You are right... mobility will change everything! I am kind of glad Connor shows no interest in rolling yet :)

  5. Wow! Five months already! Happy day Emeline!

    Katie she just keeps getting more and more adorable!

  6. I love the fact that you write about her loving her feet so much and how she is holding her feet in the picture! Lol, i love it! Great post, babe! :)

  7. Aw, can’t believe she’s already 5 months!!!

  8. She is just a doll! And I LOVE those boots from the middle photo. Did you find them on Etsy?

  9. Happy Five Months Eme!! I can't believe she's moving around so much. Wow. Watch out Mama!

  10. too too cute!! love all the pictures as always.. seriously our girls are going to have pictures . . pictures .. way to many pictures!!

    where do you store all your pictures?

  11. Happy 5 months! Really...5 already?!? I can't believe my little guys just turned 2 mos. Where does the time go! Adorable as always...I love how she's discovered her feet, makes for such cute pictures!

  12. so cute, happy 5 months!

    We're starting Ethan on solids this month and I'm so excited. We tried rice cereal yesterday and he HATED it. Spit it all back up at us. We're going to try again in a few days though.

  13. So precious! She's adorable! :)

  14. Wow, she is just so cute. I love your letters--someday they'll mean more to you than words could ever say.

  15. Ahhh, she's so sweet Katie! Love all of her expressions! I can't believe what a MOVER she is! Cooper is just a month behind her and he could care less about even trying to roll over. I'm trying not to be that parent that freaks out becasue he doesn't hit milestones when he "should"! :)

  16. Can she be any cuter? What an adorable little girl!

  17. SUCH cute pictures! I think her and KP would make great baby friends!