Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Checking in on my "intentions"

I wrote a post with my September Goals/Intentions last month. I'm gonna check in on them. Honestly? I didn't meet them all. Not even close. Big fat friggin' fail.

But, let's discuss shall we?

Here they were...with updates on how I did on them.

Read more books to my baby girl

[Maybe I didn't read MORE, but definitely read some. She doesn't hold a lot of interest in books these days. However, she likes this same one repeated to her 3928309x in a row. I know the book by heart. Which be expected.]

Take more walks and explore some new places

[Yes, we did! We took some walks in new places. One time I brought my camera, but went to take a picture and realized my SD card was at home. Fail. But? It's the thought that counts, right? We found another great park with tons of walking trails and enjoyed that too. See our experience, here.]

Document the little things I
(we) find at new places

[Check! See above.]

Bake more things....
anything.....bake, bake, bake.

[Check! Check! Check! I baked more loaves of banana bread then I can count on both hands, andddd, cupcakes, and a cake (that was a major failure, and I had to trash it...BUT! I still tried!)]

Be more intentional about helping others

[Um? I guess I didn't do that great at this since I can't really recall too many things off hand. Bad.]

Try {two} new recipes for dinner

[Only tried one new recipe for dinner, BUT I made it in two large crockpot's to feed 40 people. I call that a WIN. Double points for me, right?]

Make a bunch of new adult headbands and post them to my Etsy shop.

[Um, WOW---made more headbands then I can even count. I've had over 70 sales since I've opened my shop "officially" a little over a month ago. Yay! Triple points.]

Go on a date with my husband. (sans kid)

[Sad. Sad. Sad. This really makes me want to cry. We didn't get one single date this entire month. Nada, nothing, zip, zilch. Seriously, we MUST go out in October....or I may die.]

Finish my craft room and take photos for you all to see the transformation

[CHECK! I did! If you missed that, you can see it here!]

Love more & have more grace

[I'm a work in progress. But...I've seen improvements. Will forever be working on this....]


So, overall? I maybe met 50-75% of my "intentions".

I won't beat myself up about.

October is now here (ohmygosh, time! You go SOFAST!), and we have a lot of things on our agenda. We're definitely gonna go to the pumpkin patch, drink a pumpkin spice latte (me, not her), take way too many photos, a trip or two to the gardens, lots and lots of walks, dress my girl up in the cutest little horse costume ever, more baking, and please OH please a much needed date with my husband. [Calling all babysitters!]


Got any special plans, goals or intentions for October?


  1. I'd totally babysit ;) I think you did really well with your goals! But definitely make sure you go on a date with the hubs! My plans, goals, intentions for October is to be completely ready for BABY! I have two showers this month, my mom's coming to help me organize, and I must have my hospital bag packed. AHH EXCITING!

  2. I'll totally babysit! It'll just take me, oh, several DAYS to get there! My husband and I have not been out to eat ONCE since Cooper was born. FOUR months ago!! We are going out next weekend with a group and my parents are watching him OVERNIGHT. Congrats on all the etsy shop success! I hope it keeps up so that...maybe? you can stay home with Eme longer :) Fall is going to be so much fun with her!

  3. I think you did awesome on your goals! Now you have some things to work on for October :-)

    P.S. I am super jealous of your craft room! My sewing machine is still in a box in the closet :-(

  4. I think you did fab all things considered-meaning not always on a full night of sleep, planning for Em's dedication- you're a busy gal.
    My goal for October is to pack. Ugh. Last night, i started on the boys' clothes. Our living room looked like a laundry room. Slow- forward moving-progress.

    I was thinking- because you're so good at hosting bloggy things- we should do a recipe swap thing. There are some really yummy and easy ones to share!

  5. Can I babysit? ;)

    I think goals are important for the making of them even as much as the doing them. And 70 orders in a month--wow!!!

  6. I wish I lived closer so I could watch Eme!!!

  7. I think reading to Emeline is a great idea, my mom used to read to me ALL the time when I was little. I LOVED it! great job on your etsy sales:o)

  8. I think reading to Emeline is a great idea, my mom used to read to me ALL the time when I was little. I LOVED it! great job on your etsy sales:o)

  9. With people writing on Jessicas page yesterday reminded me about what you said, that you would ACTUALLY pray for people when you say that you will. It made me wonder if all the others ARE praying.
    I hope so.

  10. I'll babysit. Maybe you AND Declan need to come down here for a visit, and then take a night for a date, and we'll watch Baby Girl! Heck, if I can ever manage a trip up there (fingers crossed), I'll send y'all out and I'll babysit. One day...

  11. Mom Mom will totally LOVE to watch Emeline!! Just let me know when!! Yay!! Love EmeKay time!