Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Dentist Haters, Unite.

Yesterday I had my every 6 month cleaning-type deal at the dentist.

For a week prior to my dentist appointments I typically whine and stomp my feet around a little a lot, because

Seriously, ever since I was young--utmost hate.

The sad thing is, I totally took my dental-hygiene for granted. I didn't realize until I was an adult that my parents could not afford sending 4 kids to the dentist regularly (even though they did send us!), so they bartered miscellaneous deals with the dentist. Seriously. JUST so we could get our teeth cleaned. Apparently that's how things worked back then.

Also-I'm really not sure where my hate stemmed from. Our dentist was awesome. We got our pictures taken every time (with a polaroid,VINTAGE!) and hung up for us to see every time we came for another visit.

He was pretty gentle. And funny, too.

The hygientists were super sweet.

But, I still loathed the trip every time.

I'm thinking it has something to do with the first time I got a cavity...and then the second...and the get the point.

Every time I'd go to the dentist they'd say, "Oh, you have the soft white teeth that are prone to cavities".

Cavities to me=big huge freaking needle in my mouth, and a long, annoying procedure.

Hence, my hate stemmed.

I will not mention the fact that I've always been a chewy candy lover, or the fact that flossing is probably up there with scooping dog crap on my mental list of "don't want to-do's". Those facts are not pertinent to my story.

But the hatred just kept going.

Truth was? I would rather have my arm pricked with a million needles, or have blood drawn any day of the week instead of going to the dentist.

So when I became and adult (ha), with my own insurance...and my own will--It was up to ME to go to the dentist.

At my first teaching job, we had an unusual dental plan. So, I literally googled dentists within 5 minutes of the school I worked at, in hopes that I'd find a dentist that took that insurance.

I did. And off I went. [Did I mention the only reason I went was because I had a tooth that was bothering me? Yea. Because if not-totally wouldn't have gone.]

Well, google failed me.

Big time.

I picked the most God-awful little hole in the wall dentist office around, with the most tacky, un-professional dentist on the face of the earth.


I ended up with a string of "you need to come back in for _____", and literally....had to get one cavity filled after another. (Seriously, WTH. I think they just wanted my money!) They assured me my insurance would handle it.

I did my thing, came back in, got poked and prodded every friggin' time, the dentist even jammed that mouth-holder-opener thing IN my mouth even though it hurts my jaw and I told him that (I have some TMJ issues). Oh, and the cherry on top was....

He used to work IN MY FACE with NO mask on.

Un professional? YES.

Illegal? I'm pretty freaking sure. [I think there are OSHA regulations or something...]

Weeks later I got slammed with a bill over $400, I almost shat in my pants then and there. I was told that insurance only covered some of it, and this was my portion.

I mailed my owed money into them with a big fat freakin' complaint letter like no other, ranting and raving about the unprofessional nature of their practice.

That was it. I was even more traumatized and more scarred by the dentist then ever.

Then I started my new job. My permanant job. The one I'm technically still in now.

I needed a new dentist and even got some referrals from people I know. I no longer trusted Mr.Google all by himself.

I ended up at a dentist that is literally ACROSS the street from my house. As I'm laying there getting my teeth cleaned, I can stare directly at my house if I so choose. They are, so nice. And the dentist, while straight to the point--means no funny business. He is professional. He seems smart.

I felt comfortable.

But, still--my hatred for all things dentist related continued. In fact, I probably, on average, canceled and rescheduled more appointments then I actually attended the first, correct time. I will do anything to get out of the dentist.

So when my appointment came yesterday, I did a mini-freak out. I had forgotten to call and cancel. But it was too late, so I had to attend.

In fact, it was the last time for this year I could even go since I'm getting on new insurance next month and my new insurance isn't accepted there.

My mom came and watched my napping baby, and off I went.

The dental hygientist swooned over my teeth. "Ohh if all my patients had nice teeth like this it would make my day easy as pie...", and "Oh I still can't believe you never had braces. Your teeth are so nice!", and "Wow! A lot of women who just had babies have really bad gums, but yours are in exceptional shape!".

Not to mention she asked about my baby girl about a million times, which is always a way to my heart.

I realized right then and there yesterday--I don't hate the dentist anymore.

For one thing, it's 30-45 minutes of 'me' time. For another thing, my teeth are exceptionally better then when I was kid, hence, not too much bad news and cavities happening these days. And THIS lady toots my own horn, making me feel like I have rockstar teeth. Score all around!

So, I think my hatred for the dentist is ceasing. At least a little.

Former dentist-hater convert, right here, yo.


Happy Tuesday!


  1. I actually used to like the dentist and could never figure out why people were scared of them!!

    Then I grew up.

    And me and the dentist are not buddies,I really really need to go, but I really really don't want too!

    And my dentist is nice too, but I know its going to hurt. And I can't do pain in the mouth.

    The End.

    Erin - @fidography

  2. Oh no! I can't stand going to the dentist. Seriously. I'll have nightmares about it!

  3. I have a love/hate relationship with all dentists.

    I want to go to make sure I don't have cavaties or gum disease or receding gum lines or any other mouth related problem. However, I have mini panic attacks when I do go because I'm so scared of them telling me that I actually do have one of those things.

    Plus, I'm not sure I like my new dental hygenist. She's a little rough.... last time I was there for a cleaning, I had sore gums for three days. I don't think that's normal.

  4. Oh you are preachin to the choir right here. I currently have a GREAT dentist, very professional, very nice and a great, clean place but holy cow I STILL cancel appointments as much as I can. Even regular cleanings freak me out lol. It's not that I'm scared of needles, but I had some bad experiences with being charged like...$800 when I didn't expect it so I'm really leary now ;) Glad you don't hate the dentist anymore though because it's just one of those things that have to be done so at least you don't dread it haha.

  5. The dentist totally makes or breaks the experience.

    Glad you found a good one!

  6. Um, yeah… I wish I could tell my dentist that my teeth are naturally beautiful, but no, I’ve had braces 3 times, yo!!! Ugh! HA!

  7. The dentist is the first person that told me I had a little mouth- it's usually the other way around.
    I don't hate the dentist but I hate the noises and how my teeth feel so violated after. Just saying.
    It is very important to me to keep all my own teeth my whole life sooo I shall continue. I guess.

  8. Love your blog, I'm a new follower! I'm a former dentist hater too. Still not totally a dentist-lover, but I can at least go now without a major meltdown : )

    Happy Tuesday, girlie!!

  9. Ugg don't even mention the "d" word to me! Dentist, doctors, ick. They are all the same to me. Not sure why, I just don't like them. I really need to go to the dentist, I just haven't found a good one in this area and driving to Lancaster every time is just not an option.

  10. As a dental hygienist myself...I like to think I've converted a few haters myself! Glad you found an office you can tolerate! :)

    PS Not wearing a mask is definitly an OSHA no-no! And really gross...good call on ditching that guy!

  11. Hahahaha!! I was the kid with the soft white, cavity-prone teeth who also LOVES to eat anything made of sugar! I always had a million cavaties! Now it's not so bad, because I never get cavaties anymore...uh, come to think of it, that's probably bc I already have them all filled, LOL! Glad you're not a hater anymore :)

  12. Ugh, I hate, hate, HATE the dentist! I literally have had fillings falling apart in my mouth for the past 2 years now b/c I am too afraid to go back, and have yet to find a good dentist that I even like a little and trust.

    I'm glad that someone has gotten over their fear...good for you! :) I hope to do the same someday.

  13. This post describes my last 3 months with my dentist. I went in for a toothache (of course!), to find my old filling that was less than 2 years old had fallen out, and now I had an infection and needed a root canal.....and a deep cleaning....and 4 fillings. Luckily I found a super-sweet dentist who doesn't charge a fortune and has been so wonderful! Glad to see you are all fixed up, and now we have to remember to go back in 6 months! :)

  14. HATE! THE! DENTIST! Like more than anything else in the whole world. I don't think my mind could be changed unless they could render me unconscious whenever I go and I wake up and it is over. I am a horrible person on top of it all because I haven't been in years, I dread the day I finally go in. I'm going to be in so much trouble.

  15. I HATE and have an absolute FEAR of the dentist! I blame my childhood dentist for the fact that I don't go now. When I was 8 or 10 I had a baby tooth that had a cavity. They filled it but then I had abcess. So to fix it they pulled it. But they didn't tell me they were going to. They covered my eyes, held me down, and yanked it! I kicked the tray and screamed. Then the dentist screamed at me for kicking the tray. It was horrible and I can still remember it like it was yesterday! Plus I think he really overlooked some problems that could have been avoided with teeth I've had worked on since then. I have actually been to a couple of very nice ones since, but I can't make myself go! Last time I went was to have my wisdom teeth removed and I wouldn't have done that if I hadn't been in terrible pain. I just don't want to pass it down to my kids!

  16. When I was a kid I use to hate the dentist but once I changed where I went was I around 17 I've never had any problems.

    That's great that you found one you like!

  17. flossing is AWFUL. i never do it...but please don't tell my mother, the dental hygienist. she'll probably be mad...

    but i do LOVE brushing my teeth. so that's gotta counteract the floss-hate right??