Friday, October 22, 2010

Friday Fragment'ish Things

My little sweets is sick with her first real cold, and it kind of breaks my heart. I know, I know, I KNOW things could be worse--but I just think it's sad to see a baby so helpless with a cough, runny nose and sneezing her little head off. I'm sure it's just 'cause I'm a new mom and all.

I got a new computer this week. I used to have an old Macbook Pro. It was really nice and all, but the screen was starting to go. Oddly enough, just two days ago the screen broke for good. Luckily, my hubby got off all my photos (hallelujah) and other important documents just hours before the great crash. Anyway, my new computer is a plain 'ole white Macbook, which is perfectly fine and dandy for me.

So, I've been watching Teen Mom. I see people tweeting about it all the time...and so every now and again I'll watch it from On Demand (I hate commercials anyway). Yesterday I watched the finale, and ohmigosh...I am such a baby. I was sobbing. SOBBING. The relationship with Caitlynn and Tyler is so unbelievably precious. The situation is eerily similar to Declan's younger adopted sister and her boyfriend who also gifted their baby boy for adoption last year. It's just emotional...and so beautiful at the same time. Now, Caitlynn's mom on the other hand? Somebody hold me back.

I've started to go through old clothes of Eme's that she's outgrown, which is a ton. It's a little bit sad, but also a bit exciting. Because? It's like Christmas! All new clothes she gets to fit into, and they're all brand new (things my sisters, mom, or friends have bought her). It's probably more fun for me then for her :) Oh, and I've decided that I would like to have a little girl next so these clothes don't sit and go unused.

I'm officially a Saturday widow. Blah. Declan now works every Saturday until well after Christmas. His department at work always gets swamped around this time because people order custom products for gifts. I always like to book up the time he's at work (8am-2pm) with things to keep us busy. This week? I think antiquing with my sister is on the agenda. yay to the yay. We're cool like that and looooove searching through aisles and aisle of things you can't find anywhere else. Good times. is seriously so much fun to watch Eme and Mac interact. She is totally aware of him and when she see's him she flashes him her best smile. She does all sorts of friendly hair pulling (and he doesn't freak out either!), and fur-caressing. And to think...we weren't even sure what to expect when bringing home a baby to Mac.

It's safe to say they'll be great little buddies.

Wonderful Weekend.........!


  1. Oo antiquing sounds like fun! Where do you go? I'm still hooked on Saturday yard sales, although I think the days are numbered.

  2. Lizzy is totally jealous that Eme has a dog! Seriously, she is flapping her arms at the computer screen right now!

  3. My husband works Tuesday through Saturday (although he works 'till 6 PM!) so I hear ya on the Saturday widow thing. We usually try to make the most out of Sundays because that's the only time we have the whole day together.

    I love Teen Mom. Don't get me started on Catelynn's mom, or about how much Amber needs help and I child protective services should step in and take Leah away from her and (useless) Gary.

    Have a great weekend!

  4. That's such a cute pic of Mac and Eme. Add two Santa hats and it's almost a Christmas card photo!

  5. Such a sweet pic! Sorry to hear about the cold.. We went through that last week. Must be the change of seasons? Saline spray and Boogie Wipes from Walgreens are awesome! Connor woke up this morning with crusted green presents all over his sweet face this morning. The Boogie Wipes make it hassle and pain free to clean up with one swipe! Sorry to hear about Declan being gone on Saturdays now. If we lived close, we could have awesome playdates! Enjoy antiquing.. I have never been but would love to hear how it goes!

  6. Aww! That pic is absolutely precious! I love that he doesnt even freak when she pulls his hair! ha! So cute! :) Sorry about her cold and hoping she feels better soon! She's too adorable to be sicky!

  7. Oohh that picture is PRESH. Enjoy your saturday with your sista'!

  8. Sorry Eme's sick... her and me both =/
    YAY for new a new computer and double YAY for getting your pics off in time!!! (I was not so lucky a couple years back..)
    Don't even get me started on Catelynn's mom, either. Gosh.
    Have fun antiquing! If you get anything good, share with us!! Going to check out what's new in your shop... Have a wonderful weekend :)

  9. GIRL Teen Mom is my weakness. Catelynn and Tyler are my FAV! They are so sweet and smart, way smarter than their costars!
    I'm sorry babes is sick! Hope she feels better soon!

  10. Oooh, sick babies are so sad/sweet. I always feel so bad for them, because they don't understand why they're so uncomfortable.
    I can't watch those shows. They turn me into a big sobbing mess. And then I want to go squeeze Noah and never let him go. Of course, I only watch tv whenever he's sleeping, so that doesn't really work out... which leads me to why I don't watch them. :)
    Have fun antiquing! I've never been, but I think I might have to start. I love good finds, and it sounds like fun. Now if I can just convince the hubby it's fun (and worth the money). :) I totally understand the crazy Christmas schedule. My husband works for Target, and you can imagine the chaos that ensues there around this time of year.

    ps. that picture is so freakin cute.

  11. awww poor thing we will pray for her.. my sweet girl already got an ear infection??? how does that happen at 6 weeks.. and I'm psycho mom and make everyone wash there hands before holding her

  12. I still just adore that photo of the two of them, it's so precious!
    I need to watch the finale on demand - that's a great idea since I missed it!

    Have a great weekend Katie

  13. Hope Eme gets to feeling better. Everyone I know has a nasty cold right now.

    I've been watching Teen Mom this season too and Catelynn and Tyler are my favorite. Her mom clearly needs help though. And I'm not even getting started on Amber. Poor Leah.

    Um, If I get pregnant then I'll gladly take Eme's clothes off of your hands! After all, she is the cutest dressed kid I think.

    Have a fun weekend :)

  14. I love their puppy-baby relationship!

    I have a feeling Marv will be just like that! Last week, during craft week, two 7 month olds were literally crawling all over him, grabbing his skin and hair in their little baby vice grips, and whacking him with their toys, and he just laid there. One even grabbed his muzzle and nose and pulled Marv's big old face directly toward him, sucking on the poor dog's nose. And Marv just let him! Poor pup! But it was too cute!

  15. Ethan has his first cold too and I feel so bad for him! He's still all smiles though so that makes me feel a little better.

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