Friday, October 29, 2010

Friday Fragments and a cute baby horse*

Hi, my name is Katie and I scheduled a grooming appointment for my dog at the EXACT moment in time when Eme is dying for a nap. Am I an awesome mom or what? Or-better yet--I am asking for it. As if it's easy enough to hold a 15lb kid in a 15 friggin' lb carseat
(not kidding, we are SERIOUSLY not using that for the next kid), while trying to hold onto your rambunctious yorkie while crossing a lane of traffic in the busiest.parking.lot.ever. It's a load of fun. Think of me around 12:30pm today. And laugh.

On a lighter note, I'm getting some ME time tonight! Some friends are having a girls craft night, and you know me and crafty things. LOVE. So, I'll be hanging out with some beautiful ladies, making headbands, learning from them....etc. Seriously? Fun. I need it.

I am dying for a date with my husband. We haven't gone out alone since our anniversary (August 4th). Seriously, single people without children--treasure.every.second of being able to just go wherever you want a the drop of a hat. We sooo used to do that all the time, and totally did take advantage of it. But now? I still miss it, greatly. Wahhhhhhhhhh. Okay, I'm done now.

I have been absolutely dying to take pictures of Emeline in a big, ginormous pumpkin. I was gonna carve the mother out, paint some big, bold black polka-dots on it (so cute, right?), and then put her in it and take photos to my hearts content. But, guess who waited too long and can't find a big enough pumpkin for the LIFE of me? Seriously. I kind of want to cry. She'll never be this small again.

So, instead, I took photos of her in her costume for this year. If you follow me on Twitter you know that we've had great debate over what animal this costume is. I've heard everything from *horse, to cow, to giraffe. When we bought the costume last year, I was like 8 weeks pregnant and it was on sale for $5. We thought it was a horse. We figured it was gender neutral enough (since we didn't know it was a little girlie), and it is. I'm still leaning towards horse. I mean, it has a mane, and horseshoe-like things. But, those spots? Seriously. Anyway--cuteness abounds.

So beware.


Happy Halloween Weekend! :)


  1. We have tons of big pumpkins for sale around us still! MD is just a short drive away! And they are on sale!

    I love her costume, so so cute, I wish they stayed this small forever!

  2. Just when I think that girl can’t get any cuter, she proves me wrong!!!!!!!

  3. She is such a doll! Love all the photos

  4. Isn't she just adorable in that costume!!! Love it! Enjoy your Me time tonight!!!

  5. I would so take Eme off your hands for an evening so you and D could go out - you need it!! Make it happen. Why don't you take your baby carrier and strap Eme into it when you drop the dog off ... would that make it easier to wrangle your way through the parking lot? Have fun tonight!

  6. I've wanted to get a picture of her in a pumpkin too, but haven't found time to go to the pumpkin patch (even for pictures of her just next to the pumpkins...).

    Sigh. Nothing like leaving everything to the last minute! Today is crappy so tomorrow is our last chance!

  7. And I totally agree about the car seat. We have the Graco Snugride 32, and even with her just at 12 lbs, it sucks when we have a long parking lot to walk.
    Once winter is a bit past, I'm going to stop carrying her in it and take her out whenever we get someplace.

  8. Your comment about the car seat made me go to our registry to see how heavy the car seat we registered for was.

    19.9 pounds.


    I hope things go well for you today.

    As usual, the pictures are a-dor-a-ble...and I hope you get a date night SOON!

  9. Hmm... I'm going to have to think it's a giraffe..? Based on the spots. I haven't seen a horse with spots like that. Either way, it's the cutest horse-cow-giraffe I've EVER seen!!!! Seriously, amazing collage :) Good luck with the dog today! You can do it!

  10. Um, squish her for me? She looks so stinking adorable in that I can barely stand it.

    *sigh* Date night. Oh, to have a date night. NOBODY wants to watch three kids, so date nights are scarce around here.

  11. what a cutie!! I love all the pics of her in her costume :)

  12. I totally agree with Katie "cutest horse-cow-giraffe I've EVER seen!!!!" I too think giraffe but then you do have the pony's that have spots and cows don't have manes, who knows she's a doll!!

  13. Thinking of you. It's 12:30 (I'm assuming we're in the same time zone of course). Can't lie, I let out a small giggle. :)

    At 5 months, Noah weighed 20 lbs and was still in his infant carrier. It's a great workout, but I feel your pain.

    Date night. Yeah, not happening here either. We get one every couple of months, so I can't complain (living around family is a LIFE SAVER). I really miss deciding at the last minute that we want to go see a movie. And just going.
    My mom used to tell me that having a baby is like being trapped, but it's the best kind of trapped in the whole darn world.

    K, so a horse and a giraffe got married and had a baby giraforse. And a very very cute one at that. I want to just squeeze her. She's so incredibly cute.

    ps. apparently, I had a lot to say. Sorry. :)

  14. well if that isn't the CUTEST horse I've ever seen I don't know what is!!

  15. I'm so jealous you get a craft night - I'd love to spend a night doing crafts instead of studying! :s Your daughter's costume is adorable - Hope you have a happy halloween!

  16. I'm still going with pinto horse.

    And HOW do you carry her in her seat? I never take my seat out of the car...I just use my sling.

  17. So stinkin' cute!

    BTW - I can just see you poor thing struggling with the car seat and your pup. Does she sleep in the baby carrier? Sometimes I leave 30 mins early just so that I can have O sleeping in it when I need to do something. Just a thought.

    Take care,

  18. i would say horse just because of those horseshoe looking things on the feet.

    and i love your shirt!

  19. I was on the fence but now with the new option, I'm in the giraffe camp.

    Either way, she's adorable!