Monday, October 18, 2010

Insert foot in mouth.

We've started the tradition of Friday lunch dates, Declan and I. Well, Emeline too-of course.

It gives us something fun to look forward too...Declan doesn't have to pack a lunch that day...and in the midst of a crazy work day he gets to see his two lovely girls.

Good deal, huh?

We think so.

So, this past Friday we went up to one of our local pizza/sandwich type shops. The weird thing was that the entire strip center was completely out of power. But, there was NO storm. None. Nada.

The door to the shop was still open...and people were still we peaked in. They yelled, "We're still open! Come in!" [It was pretty well lit as the whole front of the restaurant is all windows, and they could still cook because their stoves are gas.]

So, we did.

We took a table by the front, which happened to be right next to a table of two older ladies.

We noticed that with the power being out, it was awkwardly quiet in there. Without the hum of the lights, refrigerators, music, tv's, was q.u.i.e.t.

The two ladies next to us were admiring the little Miss. They had some small talk about her age...her pretty blue eyes, and the way she was *squealing* with glee. You know, the usual.

Declan and I got our food and were chatting (well, I was chatting), and then I saw this funny look come across his face.

"Babe. Shh! Do you hear that?? They are talking about the name 'Declan'."

I start to hone in on their conversation, because I'm nosey like that.

I hear the white-haired lady say, "Declan? How do you spell that? D-e-c-k-L-Y-N??? Why...THAT'S A GIRLS NAME!"

They were both snickering.

I could.not.get.over the oddity of this situation.

The irony.

So, since only moments before we were chatting with the nice ladies...I decided, what the hey--and every so kindly butted in.

"Excuse me? Do you mind me asking what name you are talking about...?"

The younger of the two women cleared her throat and began to tell this story:

"Well, a woman at work I know just had a new grandson be born...and...{insert giggling from lady}, well, they named the baby....hahahahaha.....DECLAN! And all of the ladies at work are like, 'What kind of name is that???' and isn't that just such an unusual name?!"

The second she finished her sentence, my sweet husband turned around and said...

"Well, that's actually MY name."

The look on her face was freakin' hilllllariousssss.

Like, insert foot in mouth, hilarious.

Instantly they were all, "Wow, Oh my goodness (while blushing), well...umm..."

...Declan pipes up again, "Yea, it's a very popular name in Ireland."

It turns out the baby named Declan has a grandfather born in Ireland, and yadda-yadda. So, it makes perfect sense why they named him that with the Irish inspiration.

They went on to ask about how he spells his name, and the one woman even said, "Well, do you actually GO by that name, or a different name?" [Buahahahaha]

My very tactful husband explained so kindly to them that indeed, he does go by 'Declan'.

Meanwhile, I kind of wanted to smack them over the head because DUDE! They were making fun of his name! But, this is why my husband grounds me. We are a perfect pair, I tell ya.

But either way--it was a hilarious scenario.

Moral of the story?

Be careful what you say out loud...or in a super-eerily quiet restaurant. :)

Oh, and for the record--I did a little research and it turns out that over 1,000 baby boys were named Declan in 2009. And ZERO girls. ThankYouVeryMuch.

Go figure.

Happy Monday!


  1. That is too funny. It is funny though the things you notice when the normal hum of things are no longer there.

  2. Bahahahahahah~ That's so amazing! I love this story! If it were me, I would have been all over them. Of course, I'm known to speak the mind a little too much. :)

  3. HAHA!!! I wish you had your camera to capture their expressions!!! I definitely think of Declan as a boy's name. You're so funny that you did research--I would have done the same thing!

  4. My nephew is named Declan and my daughter's classmate is named Declan. I'll be honest though, the first time I ever heard it was a few years ago. When my SIL and BIL announced the name of my nephew some of our older family members seemed unsure how to pronounce it. I honestly prefer unique names over wildly popular names. Guess that is what you get with a name like Michelle and having to share your name with everyone. I bet Katie, is the same way?

  5. LOL. Oh gosh. I bet that lady wanted to crawl under the table. Too hilarious. :)

  6. HA HA! It's even better that the ladies were older...they should know better! Way to ask them about it and stand up to them. :)

  7. I know a lady who had a baby a few months ago and guess what? Named him Declan. So glad you put them in their places!

  8. Wow! That's awesome that you said something. I really like the name Declan. And why on earth would you ever think it was a girls name? Some people of the er, older generation, just don't understand that everyone doesn't think like them. Glad you guys set her straight!

  9. Haha! Wow! Now, I've never heard the name Declan before reading your blog, so unless I'd known you were referring to your husband, I wouldn't necessarily have known what gender the name is. I kinda feel sorry for those ladies! They must have been SO embarrassed - and what are the odds? lol

  10. How awkward for them, and you guys!

  11. Too funny Katie! John & I love that name & will most likely use it if we have a boy someday:o)

  12. Oh my goodness, that is too funny...and you are so much braver than me. I would've just listened and not said a word. I have never heard of anyone with the name Declan, but it doesn't even SEEM like it would be a girl name. I think it's hilarious how you guys 'confronted' them about it...they probably turned as pale as ghosts. :)

  13. This had me laughing. I know a girl who named her baby (boy) Declan. I think it's a cool name, myself.

  14. I'm 12 weeks pregnant. If it is a boy we are going to name him Declan! I was inspired by your blog and our last name is Irish. My husband wants an Irish name for his son!

    We get a lot of compliments on the name. We will find out in a few weeks if we can use it.

    My only concern is that people will mispronounce it as De- clan, not Deck-lan. Does anyone mispronounce your husband's name?


  15. I love the name Declan! I love out of the ordinary, unique names. I'm sure we'll have a few old ladies snickering about the name my hubs and I have picked out for our sweet boy - it's not original! But we love it, and that's all that matters. You can never please everyone!

  16. Oh man! That's too funny! And seriously, I don't see Declan as a girl's name ever! Sigh. Blame it on their age!

  17. I freaking LOVE that you researched it!!!!!! Way funny story!!

  18. Hi, I am a new follower.

    Love your blog posts. Your little girl is just precious!

  19. That's pretty random that of all names, they were talking about your hubby's.

    I though it was an odd, but kind of cool name myself the first time I heard it, which was not long ago in the movie 'Leap Year'. Since then I've started seeing it in all kinds of random places.

    Maybe it's just me but Decklyn doesn't sound like a horrible girls name either haha.

  20. My cousin named her little boy Declan about 5 years ago.
    Maybe it's because they were spelling it with the -lyn at the end? Most names ending with lyn are female.

  21. that is too funny!! that is so what i would have done too!!

  22. I had a little boy named Declan in one of the PreK classes I taught years ago. The first day he came I pronounced his name wrong the ENTIRE day! I think I thought it was something like Dee-clan. I asked his mom when she came to get it and I think there was some family reason for it but she also said it was the name of Richard Gere's character in the Jackal.

  23. SO funny! You're right, never ever laugh at names. You never know who you will insult!

  24. Wow, you never should make fun of names. Yikes!

  25. HAHA!! Oh geez.. these situations are why I have (sorta) learned to keep my fat trap shut! I bet those poor women were humiliated (love it!). Sidenote, that's a neat little tradition, just may have to rope my hubby into that!

  26. One of my friends has a 3 year old SON named Declan. Although I had never heard it before I never would have thought it was a girl's name. Love that you said something to them. :)

  27. Haha. I am so glad your husband was so kind to them! That must make them feel even worse. One of my best friends named her son "Declan." I always liked the name. Never thought it sounded weird or feminine at all!
    Poor ladies. Haha :)

  28. I wonder if you'll see this because I am behind on blog reading - had my baby boy 11 days ago! And I have to say, we named him John Declan!! I am sitting here with my mom asking her if she works with anyone in PA! I just can't believe that. We've gotten nothing but compliments on his name, and he will actually go by Declan. (My husband works for an international business and has an associate in Ireland whose name is Declan and he fell in love with it!)

    I just can't believe this. It's a great name. Silly ladies.

  29. ha ha ha ha ha ha this is a great story!!! love it and I love that you guys said something!