Monday, November 1, 2010

Oh Monday, Monday

Prepare yourself right now for a scattered post. Because, it's headed that way, I predict.

First of all--if you haven't checked it out yet, my Eme*Kay Etsy shop is featured over on the weekend flea market on Blue Cricket Design. That's super exciting, eh? If you've ordered anything from me and loved it, go ahead and leave some comment love on the post? Would ya? [My desperate plee....]

Secondly, we had a majorly wonderful weekend packed with time with friends, where I got to craft with some wonderful ladies on Friday night, and Declan had some friends over while the baybeh slept. It was a win all around.

On Saturday morning my husband had to work (as usual this time of year), and so me and Emeline decided to go see my parents for a little Saturday morning visit. While there my mom says, "So, you and Declan need a date, huh?" [For the record, she reads my blog.] I told her a desperate "YES!", as it's been 3 months but mentioned how our next few weekends are busy. She said, "Well what about TODAY??" We had NO plans once he got off work. So I.was.thrilled. A surprise date night was in order. Hoo-to the-ray.

We enjoyed a leisurely, relaxing "order whatever you want" dinner at Outback. Then, we upped the romance to the max and went grocery shopping. NOTHING says romance quite the way food shopping does.

And yes, we really did grocery shop. Do you know how fast it is to shop withOUT a kid(s)? We breezed through there in 15 minutes. No lie. It was a world record.

Oh, and of course...this has to serve as a "this was my kid's first halloween" post too. Let me admit, though---we never got big into Halloween as kids. But, I like the idea of dressing kids up in cute costumes and parading around, or having any excuse to take pictures [Um, do I need excuses to take pictures though? I digress...]. However, let it be clear that I absolutely despise anything scary. Therefore? That little 10 year old last night with that freakish green mask? Yes. Him (or her?) I'm still haunted by it thankyouverymuch.

Let's keep it cute, people.

In the years past we've gone and hung out at my brother and his beautiful wife's house on Halloween night. We have some chili, watch their girls get dressed up and hand out some candy. This year, the same tradition stands. BUT, we had a cute little one to add to the mix.

While we didn't quite feel 'right' about going up and asking for candy which was clearly for us, we just sort of hung back, let the older girls do the trick or treating, and watched the masses that swarmed their neighborhood. It was crazy, people. Crazy. But a fun kind of crazy.

At one point, my sister (aka: Eme's kindred spirit, dude--I swearrrr) took her up to a few houses, where she scored us a nerds rope. That was the jack-pot house.

Overall, it was a pretty wonderful weekend. No, a fantastic one, actually. Declan and I each getting to hang out with our friends separately, a date night, and a fun chance to show off your kid in a horse/cow/giraffe costume....seriously, what more could we ask?

And wow. I guess I just wrote a weekend re-cap post. I hate weekend recaps. But, I just wrote one.

So sue me.


Happy Monday!

pssss: don't forget to head over to blue cricket!


  1. Weekend recaps aren't so bad! I like the randomosity of it all. Glad you and Declan got a surprise date!!

  2. Grocery shopping on a date night, funny how things change huh?!! Sounds like a great weekend!

  3. We have so done grocery shopping on date night! We have also contemplated going home to take a nap> Not a *wink* nap *wink*, but a real honest to goodness nap!

    PS- Eme is so cute!

  4. Loved that you ended up writing the re-cap because it made me laugh out loud :) After finding your blog a few weeks ago, I look forward to comedic relief from reading it (and adorable pictures of your little one too!). Your writing reminds me a lot of a good friend's blog that you now follow as well (the Best part) guys are great/hilarious writers and thank you for the laughs!!

  5. What a great weekend. You guys are the cutest trick or treaters ever. I wish you lived in my neighborhood.