Wednesday, October 20, 2010

So What?

I'm just gonna say, "So, What??"--

...So what if my baby stayed in her Pj's until 2pm yesterday afternoon? It's not like we left the house until 2:30 anyway. It's fun to have a Pj-day after all.

...So what if I cleaned the bathroom yesterday right before I was about to jump in the shower, only because the amount of hair on the ground (from postpartum shedding) had finally disgusted me enough. I'm a busy mom, so what?

...So what if I'm contemplating driving 30 minutes away to our closest Sonic (isn't that a sin?? just to indulge in one of their delicious drinks, preferably a cherry limeade. So what if I could make it myself.

...So what if the only reason I got out of bed before 8am this morning was because my left lady lump was, in, ummm...unbearable pain. So what if I got up only to grab my cup of coffee and run to my pump. [Typically we get up between 8-8:45am...rough life, I know.]

...So what if I cannot resist to pick up something cute for my daughter almost every.stinkin.time I go out? Having a girl is ridiculously fun and so easy to entertain. [My wallet is not saying 'So what?']

...So what if we made cinnamon buns last night for dessert? You only live once, right?


What are you saying "So, What?" to this week?

[This is a link-up with Shannon @ Life after I Dew]


  1. umm cinnamon buns sound fabulous.. I may have to make them for dessert tonight ;)

  2. Parent-Teacher Conferences.. so what! Only 5 come to talk to me and their children are the ones who get A's!

  3. I absolutely HATE that Sonics are so far and few between around here. They were on every corner in TX!

    I'm saying SO WHAT I've had a glazed doughnut twist EVERY.SINGLE.MORNING this week and don't plan on stopping the trend. YUMMO.

  4. So what that I took a nap when my son did after he was up for 3 hours in the middle of the night wanting to play.

    So what that I took a bath at 10 pm last night. It was the first chance for me time.

    So what we also stayed in our PJs all day.

  5. So what that I sat around all last evening while my husband took care of the dogs and cooked dinner. I had worked all day and I was tired!

    So what that I slept in this morning after hitting snooze 11 times before getting up for work.

    So what that I was lazy and french braided my hair instead of taking time to actually dry it.

    So what that I've been eating candy corn all day and I hate candy corn. I just wanted some sugar.

    So what that I've been sitting here doing nothing for most of the day.

    I love "so what" kind of days. :)

  6. I would probably buy more clothes for G if he was a girl...but I totally bought him the cutest little outfit at Target today.

    So what if he SO does not NEED it?

  7. mmmm you had me at cherry limeade!! The closest sonics to us is 30 min away, too! And I am CRAVING poptarts today. Made me think of you ;) Hopefully I can convince my hubby to make a little special trip to the store. Those cinny buns sound amazing, too!

  8. mmm sonics! i like this post im going to "so what" blog too

  9. I've done the Sonic run more times than I can count. Next time you feel the urge, call me.... It's very likely I've got the same crazy notion! :)

  10. Hey there's nothing wrong for being in the pj's all day!

  11. right there with you on the shopping thing!! Yikes my wallet hates me and my husband is starting to ha ha ha!!! :) It is good to stay in jammies for an entire day sometimes ( lots of times )

  12. katie!
    out of curiosity what program do you use for photo editing? or do you use something online?

  13. You really are hilarious and your daughter is adorable. I love the term "left lady lump" you slay me.

    Take care,

  14. I hate waking up to a cinder block on my chest... worst feeling ever.. sometimes though it even gets better and its a wet cender block .. NICE!

    How often is she eating now.. please tell me there is hope as they get older because the evey two hours schedule is making me feel like a dairy cow

  15. by the way.. I may have e-mailed you this before our baby was born, but due to mommy brain I can barely remember what we did yesterday.. let alone a few weeks ago.

    We named our daughter "Emmaline" a little bit different spelling but I was wondering if you had came up with it from watching anne of green gables/ anne of avonlea movies????

    someone recently told me aout a show called army wives and a girl on there having the same name?