Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Amazing how a little inspiration can go a long way

I have a secret.

Are you listening?

I hate to clean. There, I said it. I hate it. Hate, hate, hate.

I love to straighten. I like things to appear clean. But I?

So yesterday morning I reluctantly got out of bed, although it was a tad-bit easier as I was awoken by the chatter of "Da-Da-Da" coming from my sweet girl. [Oh how I love her babbles.]

We went downstairs, saw Daddy off to work, and we did our normal morning routine. I give Eme lots of snuggles, she squeals with delight. I plop her in the high chair, while I whisk around the kitchen getting her breakfast ready (banana's), while drinking my coffee and throwing a bagel in the toaster. I feed her, and in between her bites, I eat my breakfast too. It's a grand old time.

Then, I lay her down on a blanket with a plethora of toys around her, and turn on Baby Faith (aka: the christian baby-einstein)--and I sit right near her with my laptop catching up on blogs. It's a nice wake-up time for us (err, me).

One of the first posts I came across in my reader was from Katie. If you don't read her blog, you need too. Anyway, her post was all about the chores and things she wanted to get done around the house yesterday, and she wrote about how hard her hubby works, and how keeping house is part of her job as a SAHM.

And yea.

I immediately felt like a whammo-brick hit me in the face, and I also got inspired.

I should be doing more.

Less straightening. More cleaning. I was inspired to clean.

Whicka-What?! I know. Right?

My husband works his arse off, though. I have time during her naps to get things done without sacrificing quality time with my girl.

So, as soon as Eme went down for her first nap-I went to work.

Scrubbing toilets, hand-washing the floor, washing the rugs in the bathrooms, stripping the bed of the linens, putting on the heated mattress pad (heaven!), washing the sheets, dusting our room, dusting the living room, scrubbing the kitchen counters, organizing the massive piles of shoes in my foyer, staying on top of the laundry and collecting trash around the upstairs.

Then, my dear woke up and we played for a little while. We headed to the store and picked up a few pink totes to start organizing her clothes that she's outgrown and a few other things.

She went back down for a second nap, and once again, I went to work.

I organized all of her clothes and packed away all 0-3 month stuff [may or may not have cried a little when looking at her Newborn onesies, gah! they grow so fast!], I tackled the disgusting mess that was our closet and hung and put away all the clothes ( 4 basketful's of stuff. Madness!), and then I re-made the bed with fresh and clean sheets.

Not to mention when my sweet husband came home, he came in to a home-cooked meal (and I even GRILLED the chicken), and a clean and organized house.

After I told him all about my day, he told me that this officially qualified me as a "domestic diva". Score. My life's dream.

I'm gonna try to keep at it. Really.

Thanks to my friend, Katie for the cleaning inspiration. It went a long way, and at the end of the day I was proud of all I accomplished.


Happy Wednesday.


  1. You're a rockstar! I bet now that everything's really clean it'll be easier to maintain too!

  2. I saw your tweets yesterday and when I got home from work, had to check out Katie's blog. Let's just say this new place we are moving to will be kept better than our current place :) (because i also haaaaate to clean)

    So thank YOU for passing on the inspiration!

  3. This post made me tired. I try to do a little bit each day but my domestic divaness has definitely gone down hill. I guess I have a decent excuse but I need to start getting back into the swing of things. The "I have a newborn" excuse won't last forever. Good for you for getting all of that done! And thank heavens for rubbermaid totes! Someday I'll have to take a photo of our storage room to show you how many I have :)

  4. That's awesome. Completely awesome. It definitely takes inspiration. Question for ya: How do you plan to keep it up? That is my problem, I do oh so great for a week or two, but then it all goes down hill. If you have any great tips on how to keep it up please do share;-) Ha!

  5. That's awesome! I'm not a big fan of cleaning either

  6. Feel free to come clean my house next.... just an idea! ;)

  7. You made me exhausted just READING about what you did yesterday! haha you go girl! I'm in the same boat as you though... except at least for another couple of weeks I can use the excuse, "I'm 9 months pregnant." [THEN... "I have a newborn"...] Obviously cleaning takes a back seat nowadays. But once I get the momma-thing down, I have the same goals. I CANNOT clean all in one day like my own mom though. I do one--maybe two--thing(s) a day! :o)

  8. I also have a list of one major chore that I attempt to do each day--dust and sweep one day, clean the bathroom another day, wash the sheets another day, etc. It doesn't always get done, but it feels so much easier to just feel like I have ONE thing to get done, rather than eleventy billion.

    I just wish that Lizzy napped. Like ever!

  9. LOVE this. I bet you felt AMAZING after all of the hard work you put into your day. I'm exhausted just thinking about, but it's inspiring to ME, too!

  10. Whoa!! You were on a mission!! I need some of that motivation to move over my way. our house is a filthy mess right now and I have absolutely NO desire to clean it. Not aone bit.

  11. I need some of your motivation to kick my butt in gear. It doesn't help that I work all during the week and weekends are usually spent out of town . . it's meant that my house is a wreck and I'm too tired to clean!!

  12. Thank you. I really needed this post today. My husband invited his coworker and his wife over for dinner tonight, and I'm attempting to get the house in order (fyi, when she turns into a toddler, it's waaaayy harder. you get the dishwasher emptied, turn around, and there's pots and pans pulled out all over the kitchen. lol).

    Anyways, I needed some extra motivation. So thanks! :)

  13. Accomplishment! I too am a queen-straightener but like you, I will get these random twinges that inspire CLEANING. Good thing I have a husband that's obsessed with cleaning ;)

  14. So how hilarious is this? Your day, minus taking care of that beautiful baby girl, is pretty much how I LOVE spending my days off. LOL! How sick is that? I love to get up, have a cup of something warm (tea, coffee, cocoa), and get to work. Laundry, toilets, floors, counters, you name it. Then, at the end of the day, I look around my house and feel totally calm and able to relax for the rest of the night. It rocks.

    Also, I'm kind of a loser.

  15. Holy cow you got a lot done yesterday. I agree with Declan on the "domestic diva" title :)

    And can I just say...I laughed outloud (and may or may not still be laughing) at the use of "whicka what?" haha!

  16. You go girl!! I hate to do the deep-cleaning stuff too...I just straighten up...and then hubby has to come in and use his elbow grease to REALLY clean things!!

  17. Love the heated mattress pad! Best thing ever!

  18. you go lady!! i don't even have the M yet....just a SAHW...and let me tell you, the hardcore cleaning does NOT get done by me alone. so to do it with a baby?? you wear that diva crown PROUDLY.

  19. Wow what a productive Mommy you are! Very impressed!

  20. I'm proud of you!! From a self proclaimed neat freak, I don't "clean" as much as I probably should

  21. The best part about it is that once it's all put away and clean, it only takes a little effort each day to keep it that way.

  22. Way to kick some house cleaning ass! And crap, I went and read Katie's post and between her and you I feel like I need to clean now. Oh, and she has such a cute blog that I added her to my reader-thanks for the suggestion!