Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Don't hate....Decorate.

Get your tomatoes ready. Because after this? You're gonna hate me.

I used to think I *LOVED* decorating for Christmas. But, I'm pretty sure I've always fooled myself into believing this.

It's not true.

I really dread it.

In fact, it's one of those tasks where I have to carve out a day (aka: last night), and beg my husband to comply. 

Not to mention, adding a child to the mix, well--changes things. Of COURSE I want to have the house decorated, but the process of getting there? I totally loathe.

Like last night. 

Declan has to drag up 29308390283 totes full of more Christmas Decorations then I know what to do with (seriously, I have a problem with the purchasing of Christmas Decor. Help....). Then, I have to open said totes and go through them. The 'have to keep things neat' side of me is starting to get all anxiety-ridden because "omigah! My house is going to have pine needles all over forEVER!" Totally not true, but in the moment---ahhhh. I hate it.

Seriously? The pine needles. EVERYWHERE. Drives me bonkers.

Then? This year---I decided I wanted to tone down on some of my decor. I wasn't into the whole 'sparkly' thing this year. Earthy and vintage was my goal. 

So, it left me with a whole lot of scratching my head and thinking "what the H am I to do?"---and problem solving. Yea. Let's call it problem solving. [Because I like to make things like Christmas decorating challenging.]

Declan did the whole fluffing and pulling/prodding/re-forming of the tree (yes, we have a fake one, so sue me), as I huffed and puffed around the house all stressed out over the chaos that is Christmas, and laughed and quoted as ELF played in the background*. 

I'm pretty sure I've fooled myself over all these years into thinking that I liked Christmas decorating, when really? I like the result.

I do NOT like the process. 

Not one bit.

I've also realized? That the vacuum is my best friend. Because, the pine needles--oh the pine needles. They almost give me a panic attack.

So, there. I said it.

I see post after post in my reader of people proclaiming their love for Christmas decorating--and here I am, all ba-humbug and such typing how much I loathe it. 

The good news is? It only happens once a year.

Don't even get me started on the day we have to take it all down. Because I hate that, too.


*The one good thing about decorating is we always watch Elf. It is, for sure my #1 favorite Christmas movie (Declan's too)--and we may or may not quote lines from it the entire year. At least in the middle of the chaotic decorating I can let out a hearty chuckle now and again. Because, dude, Will Farrell? Freakin' hilarious

And oh? We normally decorate for Christmas on black Friday. But this year we have plans, my brother is coming into town, and other things going on so we did it a few days early to allow for the max family time possible. 


Have a great Tuesday!


  1. I hate it too, actually. It's becasue i'm lazy. I want someone else to do it for me. but I also want to take the credit for it, haha :) There's a company here that will come to your house WITH all of the decor, like ALL of it, tree, ornaments, garland, etc. Whatever you want. And they will decorate. You pay them to decorate and for the decor then you keep the decor and they can come next year and put it all up for you again. I'm not sure if they take down, but they probably do. Of course, it all comes at a price, but still. I kinda want that to happen at my house :)

  2. Elf and A Christmas Story. Best holiday movies. :)

  3. We always watch Elf too!!! So fun! I love to decorate for Christmas (granted we don't have much, so it isn't too bad) but I despise putting everything away. I wait as long as possible...I just wish I could hire an elf to do it for me :-)

  4. I love Christmas and decorating but we don't do it until mid-December-ish. December 10-15th or so. Hubby hates all the commercialism that surrounds Christmas and Thanksgiving is his favorite holiday. He'd probably kill me if I tried to decorate for Christmas before Thanksgiving was over.

  5. I hate it too and have considered not decorating much this year, since we are not hosting any events!!

  6. I like decorating usually, because we have a small space... but this year its going to suck since our apartment is in disarray from getting new furniture!! Ahh!! We're taking part of Sunday to tackle it - we'll see if that happens!

  7. I enjoy decorating, but how I hate taking the decorations down at the end of the year. The decorations stay up about two weeks longer than they probably should because of my dread for the process of wrapping and packing everything back up.

  8. Buddy the Elf..... what's your favorite color?

    I love decorating, but I DESPISE "un-decorating."

  9. I watch Elf as well. I need something to put me in a happy mood while unloaded all the Christmas crap and trying to find a place for it. Like you, I dispise the pine needles and change my opinion on decoration styles nearly every year.


  10. I'm a cotton-headed ninny-muggins because I don't like to decorate either. I love the decorations but I hate to do it. It's overwhelming to me. mother-in-law comes over (usually when I'm at work) and decorates for me! When I get home from work, my house is like a winter wonderland! There is a tree in almost every room!

    It's the best of both worlds!!!

  11. I just like look at everyone else's decorations. I love the look of them, but decorating is a pain in the butt. I have a 4ft fake tree I put in my room every year and that is my extent of Christmas decorating. I refuse to decorate the tree because I hate it so much. I am in much agreement with you here.!!

  12. I will be the one taking the tomatoes-I am not decorating at all this year....... Okay I can see all the jaws dropping now. With school and everything going on I am just too stinking busy. I will work on doing better at it next year!

  13. Oh I totally know how you feel....I freely admit that I am addicted to buying Christmas decor!!!

  14. We usually do it on black Friday, too. This year? Connor adds to the mix. I did decorations this past Sunday and saved the tree (yes, artificial and pre-lit) for Friday. I hate the fluffing and needles, too. You aren't the only one!

  15. hmmmm maybe it's a new mom thing, last year (madi's first xmas) I just WAS NOT feeling it! I hardly put anything out at all and it was more of a chore than anything. NOW this year she wanted to 'help' which is a nightmare, but to see her sweet face when everything is all twinkling, priceless. She keeps saying 'pweety' to the tree :)

  16. " have you seen these toilets, there ginormous" LOL

  17. I want to waive a wand and have my house decorated.

    It could clean the house while it's at it, too.

  18. i LOOOOVE the decorating part....but not so much the clearing everything out so the decorations have somewhere to go part.

    and i tell the hubs at least once a month that he sits on a throne of lies. and smells like beef and cheese.

  19. Too funny! I actually really love the whole process of decorating, along with the finished product, so I think I'm weird. I just REALLY hate the taking-down part. Depressing, boring, and sad.

  20. Hahaha you always make me laugh. I really dread the decorating when I'm planning it out in my head, but once the beautifying is underway, I really secretly love it. Nothing like red and green sparkles everywhere to get you in the Christmas spirit! Love that y'all watch Elf while decorating...I'm planning on going to see Elf on Broadway when I'm in NYC! Super excited.

    Happy Thanksgiving (almost), sweet Katie! Thankful for your fabulous blog!

  21. I love Elf, lol.

    I don't hate the decorating..... I hate the clearing everything out- putting that away-getting all the decorations out process before you can decorate. It's just very overwhelming.

    Also, while I insist on putting everything away (so it's done right), I hate that part, too. It's sad and I put it off as long as possible.

  22. I don't mind the decorating... it's the putting away part I hate. Because not only is it NOT fun, but it's a big annoying reminder that Christmas and all its happy glory is over.
    But Elf? Yep. Perfect anytime, but especially Christmas. :)

  23. Ok, I'm confuzzled.... How do you get pine needles all over with a fake tree??? lol

  24. I'm with you. We did ours Friday, and it about killed me. I was having a sick, tired day, too, and I was literally grey and on the verge of passing out by the end. It was stressful. Love how my house looks now, but gah! It was a rough day.