Friday, November 19, 2010

The fragments of Friday

I'm convinced that the jumperoo (of any form) is God's gift to Mom's. Hello? If it gives you even 10 minutes of time to get something done, where your kid is restrained confined to an area and you know they're safe--it's pretty awesome. Not to mention--all the jumping. Since the jumperoo came into our lives, she naps better. Case closed.

Pop Tarts even slightly over-toasted are disgusting and un-edible. The icing then gets burned creating this nasty hard-burnt-crunchy coating thus destroying the deliciousness that is a pop tart. But, err...I wouldn't know about that, since, I don't eat them. Ahem.

Last night I got devoted time in my craft room. Declan took over the baby-duties completely and I shut my door, turned on my laptop and iChatted with my sister while we both were creating [in our own houses. Technology is awesome]. See, we're cool like that. Plus, just knowing the other is 'there' kinda keeps us motivated. We have a craft fair this weekend and both needed to get lots done. We both did.

I told Declan that I wanted him to pretend I wasn't even there so I could get lots done. At one point, I yelled down to him for something and he said, "Do I hear a ghost, Emeline?" Touche....touche.

As for the blog redesign stuff I posted about the other day, thanks for your feedback. I wasn't super clear, but if you want to talk to me about doing your blog, let me know. Of course, I charge for the time--I have to. But, for the record-I'm much cheaper then any other peeps I've seen.

Oh and yesterday's post--you all made me smile. Like a million times over. The daddy-love cup runneth over in this household as I'm sure you all can tell. I do realize how blessed we are to have such a good "da-da" (as Eme says), and a good husband. I'm just an amateur photographer (duh), but I'm having all sorts of fun documenting nonetheless.

Oh and BIG NEWS in our house. 

Are you ready??

Are you sure....??

My daughter now has enough hair that she had her first case of bed-head EVER this week.

Of course I documented this momentous event.

Cuteness still abounds.

Have a happy weekend!


  1. Bahaha! Cute bedhead! Ry could share some of hers, that's for sure!!

  2. I can't believe how blonde she is!!!

  3. Love the bed head! :)

    We are totally in love with the jumperoo in this house too! Jaxon gets so excited when we put him in it and he will just jump away while I get things done! :) Such a blessing to any Mamas!

  4. Cute bedhead. She has enough hair to wear those clips I was telling you about!

  5. God bless the jumperoo.. or the pooperoo as we like to call it. It never fails to induce a diaper change for Connor! The pooperoo in front of Clifford or Curious George makes getting ready in the morning so much easier!

  6. I totally LOVE Pop Tarts and ate them at least once a week while pregnant! So what. And bed head is precious! From one bald baby mama to another, cannot wait for this girl to get some hair!

  7. If she isn't one of the cutest little girls I ever seen...


  8. She has some of the cutest bed hair I've ever seen..she's so darn cute!!

  9. aww look at that bed head, so cute! And re: pop tarts. When I was first pregnant but hadn't told anyone yet, the ONLY thing I could eat was pop tarts. I made them at work in the morning and this weird woman that works there and only eats PRUNES and peanut butter said "ohhh POP TARTS. I haven't seen those in a while" And the way she said it, you would have thought I was eating dog poop. I was so annoyed and wanted to make a comment about her prunes but I kept my mouth shut. And yes, I only like them slightly warmed and crisped in the toaster. And I pick off the edges and only eat the center with the filling, haha.

  10. love love love that hair and the expression on her face! Adorable.

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  12. awwwwwww she is the cutest! Soon you will be able to put it up with clips and ribbons :) I love the top too :D