Friday, November 12, 2010

Friday Bits and Such

Oh hallelujah, it's Friday.

Today and tomorrow we're looking at some gorgeous weather around here. After these two days of nice weather its pretty much gonna plummet in terms of weather, and get freeze-your-toosh-off cold. Since I'm a coat-hater, the next few months of winter get me a tiny bit down. The whole darkness thing? Yea.

Can I just tell you that all week, sometime around 4:30-4:45pm, I'll
be working on something at home and look around and realize I'm in
COMPLETE darkness in my house. I hate that the darkness comes so early. Hate, hate.

On that note, the whole time change thing somehow did not affect my kid. Now all the other moms getting up at 5am with their babies want to throat punch me [ducks]. All I mean by that is her final wake up time is still somewhere between 8:30-9:15, even despite the time change. Oh, and to make you feel better, I still get up with my 6 month old anywhere from 1-3x a night. So don't hate. I rarely get any sleep. Well, I mean, I get some-but it's chopped up into itty bitty pieces. I'm convinced that moms just don't sleep. It's almost enough to convince me to just keep having babies because I might as well get this whole lack-of-sleep part of my life over with, so, you know, in 25 years I can finally get a good night's sleep.

I am going to try to get Eme's Christmas photo done in these next two glorious weathered days. If our photoshoots go anything like Wednesday, it'll be a big fat fail. Literally, even with the help of my sister, we couldn't get the kid to smile. She smiles 99% of the day, yet that day? Wasn't having it.

I woke up yesterday morning with sore ribs. I hurt. It felt like I'd worked out hardcore, and between you and me (and the whole internetz), I definitely did not. It wasn't until I remembered the way I contorted my body to try to get a good photo of the baby the day before-that I realized that was maybe, just maybe the culprit of my sore ribs. My sister posted this picture to twitter saying "She'll do anything to get a good shot"--and well, then it clicked. That ground was hard, yo.

Somehow, I managed to drop a pant size. MAYBE, just maybe it was a random thing. But, I bought that same brand of jeans only 2 months ago and they were a size higher. They are a bit snug around the belly but fit so good everywhere else. I'm pretty sure I'm one of those ladies whom breastfeeding makes them hold onto extra weight. I have a few other friends like this, and my OB/GYN told me that's the case for some women too. I mean, don't get me wrong, it helped me lose the initial 25 lbs fast, and shrunk the uterus down like whoa. But, still. Well, I've been nursing much less than normal because her solids intake is much higher. Maybe that's why? Who knows. But either way, I'm not complaining. I also, for the record, did nothing to lose any weight, if I in fact did lose weight. [Did I tell you I refuse to step on the scale? Slightly terrified.]

On that note, the Christmas bug is starting to hit me. I'm being VERY intentional about ordering handmade this year. Because us momtrepeneurs need business more than Old Navy or Walmart, right? So, I've started receiving some of the gifts I've ordered in and I feel really good about the fact I'm helping other mom's and small shop owners like myself, rather than those big guys with a filthy amount of money.

Speaking of which, did you see how I have some pony tail holders now? Also, a ridiculously cute Thanksgiving-colored adult headband. This is my shameless plug.

Have a beautiful weekend!


  1. I love your scarf you have on in the photo! Where did you get it?

  2. I agree about daylight savings. It's nice that it actually gets me up and going in the morning, and especially my hubs when he has to be out the door early on some days, but c'mon! darkness at 6pm? sheesh!! The makes me not want to do ANYTHING in the evenings. And I'm not a coat wearer either, although I guess I shouldn't complain living in FL ;) I do love me some leggings and scarves though!

    The xmas/holiday bug has bit me, too, but it's not like I can run out and get everything I want to get done at 38 weeks preggers! I also agree with buying handmade! Def better than contributing to those other guys' already fat wallets.

    ((way to go on the pants!!!)) Have a happy weekend, Katie!

  3. I also HATE daylight savings time. Gaining an hour? Humph, I lose an hour! I wish I was waking up with my kid at 5am. I'm waking up with him at 4am, because 5am USED to be his normal waking hour. That should be illegal. Of course, I don't get up with him during the night (usually) so maybe I shouldn't complain. Your statement about buying handmade this year to support moms made me think twice about where I'm shopping this year, so thank you! Your creations are amazing, as always, very talented lady you are! :)

    And congrats on the smaller jean size! That always makes a girl feel good! I also held on to some extra weight while nursing too, and it's nice to see the numbers go down no matter the reason :)

  4. I'm right there with ya on enjoying this beautiful weather, putting the girls down early for nap time in the hopes of getting outside this afternoon.

    I have no doubts you'll get the perfect picture of Miss. Eme for Christmas, one way or the other :)

  5. Daylight savings only affected us that morning, and it of course it was the morning after we had to stay out because of my brother's birthday. I can't wait to see the Christmas pic you get of her! My sister is taking ours today after school and the day seems to be dragging... come on 3:00! Oh, and we have called in reinforcements for Connor's smiles.. our pup pup will be joining us!

  6. I will go ahead and shatter all your illusions-mothers do not sleep. Ever again.

    Kidding, slightly. But even without the baby, I'd be up often. Nightmares, water needs, bed wets, random fears, puking. Yeah.

    I haven't slept since 2003. It's why I keep having babies. I mean, why not? *snort*

  7. Girl I'm so ready for DST to be over

  8. Ok, so all the moms can hate me too. It didn't affect Noah either. If anything, he's now taking a longer nap during the day (today it was 4 hours!) and then hangs out with us a little later at night. Very weird. So maybe it DID affect him... just not in the getting-up-at-5am way.

    YAY for smaller pants!! (no fair)

  9. I finally got around to adding your Etsy shop to my favorites! LOVE all your work and see a headband in KP's future!
    Oh and I am DREADING the cold that will be coming, this week has been GLORIOUS!