Tuesday, November 2, 2010

I'm sharpening my mom claws

Lately I have found myself ticked off to the 10th degree at other drivers on the road.

Seriously, are they getting worse--or am I just more paranoid? I'd like to think it's not me. But I'm certain that a teeny, tiny bit of it has to do with the fact that I cart around the most ridiculously cute (almost) 6 month old on the planet [bias mommy alert!].

So, there are a few things I need to get off my chest.


Dear beat-down truck guy,

When you are driving below the speed limit in the passing lane on the highway, you may upset some folks. In fact, you may or may not infuriate them. I chose not to get angry (at first), however I chose to pass you on the right, because you left me no other choice. As I passed you kindly, you decided to throw up the old middle finger trick at me, waving it at me like a crazy man. Hello Grandpa driver! DRIVE THE SPEED LIMIT. While you're at it--move over to the right lane, would ya? The fact that you gave me the middle finger shows your classiness (err, lack thereof). Such a classy guy, you are. I hope you went home and told your wife that you gave the 'ole bird to an innocent lady and baby. That'll sure make her proud.

Just trying to get to Target


Dear lady I passed on 1st avenue,

While I am an advocate of reading and think its a wonderful thing to do (despite my lack of enjoyment for it), I just cannot, and WILL NOT condone the fact that you!were!READING! while driving. I, under no circumstance can see any reason to make reading so important that you have to hold an open book at the steering wheel while trying to maneuver the roads. Ummm, you are not only putting your whacked-out-priorities-self in danger, but you are also putting the other 29308290328 people on the roads in danger. Which includes me and my precious baby. So, idiotic lady--why don't you head over to the store and buy your book on CD, because? No book is worth risking other people's lives. Honestly. HONESTLY. I just seriously do not get it.

Don't ever let me see you do that again


Sigh. I feel a tiny bit better.

Texting and driving is bad enough, and I get that. BUT READING?! If you decide to read full-out novels while driving you deserve to have your license taken away. There, I said it. I cannot be your friend if you do that.

No. Really.

That's pretty bad.

The best (or worst) part is? These drivers get under my skin enough to have me in my car throwing a hissy fit as if they can hear me. I'm yelling things like, "Don't you know I have a BABY IN MY CAR!", and "Stop putting our lives in danger you *insert comment here*!" (and other things I don't care to admit).

But yea.

The whole point of this is to say that I'm letting other drivers bug the heck out of me recently. I know I shouldn't, but darn-it--if we share a road together, be responsible! Be courteous! Heck, pay attention to your surroundings.


For the sake of all the paranoid mommies on the road.


Do you get irked by other drivers like I do? What really bothers you? Or are you one of those who reads behind the wheel? [Please excuse me as I beat you over the head] Any other new'ish mom's feel your tolerance for other drivers is lower since having a baby? Curious...


  1. i feel you on all these. i just recently wrote a blog about all the things people do while driving that make my blood pressure boil.

    i don't even have a child, so i can't imagine what i will want to do to them when i'm carrying around that precious cargo.

  2. I once saw a guy reading a book on his iPad while driving! On the highway!!! I have serious road rage issues and they only escalated when I had Cooper. And don't get me started on texting while driving. I admit that I'll look at my phone when I'm at a stop light or something on regular roads, but I never even look at it when I'm on the highway. And I don't text while my car is in motion. My husband on the other hand, texts while he's on the highway, WITH OUR BABY in the car. I almost started WW3 yesterday while we were on a road trip. I've never been more furious with him.

  3. Oh my gosh, yes. Those mental drivers ... hate them. Did I tell you about the first time I ever took Evalyn somewhere in the car by myself and I almost got hit head on by a huge 4 door pick up truck who drove into the wrong lane? Yea, um, that's enough to send a new mom into a tizzy and make her want to never ever ever leave the house with her precious child again.

  4. This morning, I had someone cross the street in front of me. I literally had to bring my car to a complete stop in the middle of the road on the way to my parents all because someone didn't have the patience to wait their turn. If you are going to pull out in front of someone, at least do it quickly...don't dilly dally. So yes....since I was trying to drop off Bella, quickly get down to the township building and vote all before work...I was a little upset. But I have to yelling was involved.

  5. I SWEAR drivers are getting worse! D and I just got rear-ended on the highway because the driver behind us just wasn't paying attention...I mean, what?? How do you not pay attention when you're going 65 mph?? I don't even want to think about how livid I would have been if there had been a baby in the backseat...

    So, I'm not even a new mom and my tolerance for drivers is lower than it's ever been. :0)

  6. Ugh, I hear ya on the idiotic drivers. They drive me CRAZY!! (ha, no pun intended) I don't know what I'm going to do when I actually have an 'outside baby' in my car with me. I'm going to have to walk everywhere from now on. Oy.

  7. I'm always complaining while driving about some idiot or another. My kids even yell at people now. "OH COME ON!" I'll hear from the backseat.

    It's like they get their license and turn stupid. Ugh.

  8. This makes me laugh out loud because my husband gets mad at me a lot lately for this (because, you know, he says that Abby should have a nice peaceful environment for the next 4 or so weeks). I get so mad at other drivers on the road that I'm shaking by the time I get whereever I'm going just because they are so stupid. And if you could only hear some of the things that come out of my mouth (I really need to work on this so Abby's first words aren't something I'm completely embarrassed by). I'm just glad to know I'm not the only one!

  9. Oh Katie! Yes, I thought I lost my mind when I started driving with Allie. When my husband drives I'm finding myself pumping my imaginary brake because I think he's too close to the cars in front of us (for the record, he's a waaaaaaaaaay better driver than I am). I think I actually also told him we had to get rid of his car because it's just too little and not safe enough in case of a collision. I gasp when cars pull out in front of me or cut me off...even if they are a half mile in front of me. It's part of the new mommy reflexes, I think.

  10. I live in a retirement community so most of issues are with OLD PEOPLE.

    There! I said it. OLD PEOPLE!!!

    Here are a few reasons why:
    - they drive the biggest sedans ever created but they can't see over the steering wheel.
    - they have no intention of going the speed limit.
    - when you DO go the speed limit, they gesture ugly things to you.
    - they choose MY LUNCH BREAK to do all of the above.

    Ok...I vented. Wow! I didn't realize I had so much frustration!

    Thanks for the post!!!


  11. I am seriously SO SCARED to bring my baby into this world with roads like this. I live in old-people-country and it's awful! What irks me (beside everything you already mentioned) is when people don't know how to merge on the interstate! These old folks go sooooo slow. There's not enough room for me to speed past them, or maybe someone is in front of me, so then I have to slow down and worry about someone crashing into my from behind.

    I used to be a happy (er, unhappy) honker. I'd honk at every little 'irk' in the road/ idiot driver. But now, I realize it doesn't help anything. It only makes me feel more agitated. I wish I could paint my car bright yellow and have BABY ON BOARD! DON'T DRIVE LIKE A CRAZY PERSON in size 200 font across the side of my car. (Doubt it would even help, unfortunately...) Stay safe momma!

  12. I don't have a baby and I think drivers are getting worse and worse. I'm constantly yelling at other drivers no matter where I'm going.

  13. OMG! Kev and I were just talking about this last night on our way home. People seriously don't know how to drive any more. I have a 'story' almost every morning of some idiot on the road.

    My fave are the people in a rush on 202 in the morning. Hello, if you've been around for the past 5 months you know that there is construction and traffic gets backed up...flying into the other lane won't help.

  14. Preach it, sister!
    What in the world makes people think reading while driving is acceptable??
    I once had a lady tailing me, weaving, etc (on the highway!)... turns out, she was busy texting. And speeding. Sheesh.

    I got a lot more paranoid after having a baby. Suddenly, you're hyper aware of everything that could possibly put your little family in danger.

  15. I can't even get started with my driving annoyances.. Most of my pet peeves are about driving & drivers.. there are so many. My blood just boils when I am driving.

  16. I think we can all sympathize with this. There are some insane drivers out there and some that truly need their licenses taken away. Don't get me started on drunk drivers and texters . . .

  17. so glad it's not just me! I have had one too many near death experiences since Kendall's been born!!! I almost got plowed by a semi that ran a red light with her in the car! I don't think I've ever been THAT close. Scared the bejesus out of me! Stay safe!

  18. Yesterday, there was a woman KNITTING behind the wheel. I kid you not.

  19. Oh I could go on and on about this but I won't! It makes me hate traveling north when we go see the in laws! People are just SO ridiculous! It's one thing to do something that hurts yourself, but it's not cool to do something that could potentially hurt others too!

  20. I saw a guy driving a semi-truck and reading at the same time, while on the highway. It was pretty crazy to be seeing it.

    I think I have found that I have a lot more road rage since I've had my son. I use to not be bothered by driving before, but now I HATE it. I never was an impatient driver, but now I yell at people if they drive too slow in the fast lane, who cut me off too closely and the list goes on and on. Hopefully this all goes away before little man learns how to drive.

  21. I've seen a lot of crazy things that people do when driving, but reading?! That's a new one.

  22. Ugh. It seems that drivers ARE getting worse. The other day I passed a later who was doing her make-up and holding a cup--while trying to drive! It drives me crazy that I do not the authority to confiscate their driver's licenses!