Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Marks of motherhood

One of the marks of motherhood are tired, sleepy eyes. Although, not all the time. But, once you have kids you realize there will be times (okay, lots of time) where you don't get sleep.

There are nights where you're up holding a wide awake baby, trying to coax them back to sleep.

There are nights when you're nursing a sick baby back to health.

There are nights when your kid is going through a growth spurt and ohmigosh, wants to eat around the clock.

There are nights when your poor baby has tummy pain, of some sort...and your night is filled with rubbing their belly, doing bicycle legs, and giving them mylicon-- making sure everything is a-okay.

Or there will be nights like I had last night, when it is obvious--so very obvious beyond compare that her little teeth are shifting under those gums and trying to make their way through those tender little gums.

Where she wakes up in sheer agony, and I hear shrieks and cries of pain like I've never heard out of my happy little lady before.

I go and scoop her up because I know, I just know she's in pain. It's rough. The night was rough--but it was harder for me to see her struggling so much.

You know? I'm told that if adults had to go through the teething process that we'd never make it. It's too difficult. Go figure.

So, last night, as I was in the rocker, holding her--stroking her head, feeling her warm cheeks, and rubbing her back, I thought Yep, this is it.

This is motherhood. The unpredictable nights when new things are happening to your little one. The sacrifice of your own sanity sleep to make sure they're comfortable and being soothed. The rough nights, when in a moment of "holy crap I'm gonna die I'm so tired" you realize that you're holding the sweetest little gift God ever could have given you. Then you stop. You realize how blessed you are.

And just like one of my favorite fancy bloggers, Miss Kelle Hampton puts it---those are the nights you earn another badge of motherhood. You've done good.

When she's in pain, when nights aren't 'right' or feel off---yep, you better bet I'm there. Earning another unseen badge of motherhood.

Because my reward is in smiles, and happy feet.

Happy Tuesday!


  1. Aww poor Em! Hopefully it doesn't take her too long to cut her teeth.

    I remember when my wisdom teeth came in and was extremely painful! I said that I could totally understand why babies scream b/c I wanted too, and I KNEW what was going on. They have no idea. :-(

  2. Aww this is sooo sweet! I hope she gets them teeth to let her feel better soon!

    I love you blog header :)

  3. Kelle definitely knows how to put it, doesn't she? Sorry Eme is so uncomfortable. ((hugs))

  4. Katie... I just want to say thank you!

    I had a VERY rough night last night with my little one. It ended in tears.

    You put me in my place. I shouldn't be complaining. I should be rejoicing that God gave me this gift!

    Thanks so much for your post!

  5. Poor little sweeite!! I hope teething goes fast for your little one (for her sake & yours!!)

    Love the blog, your header is absolutley adorable. You have a stunning daughter :)

  6. Don't you wish you could just slit the gum a little and let those teeth in? There were many times when I wish I could have done that, especially when my little man's molars came in.

  7. Great post! Kelle's "Momscouts" post was one of my favorites of hers. She's awesome.
    Sorry about little Em! Get some Tylenol, Orajel, and maybe those teething tablets. I've heard those are good. You'll get through it!

  8. So, so true:)

    And as someone who was allowed to keep her wisdom teeth and therefore had to let them come in, teething SUCKS! I can't believe babies handle it as well as they do! It killed me! Hurt like the dickens! Glad I didn't have to have them removed, but OW!

  9. Amen Mama, Hope Eme feels better soon.

  10. What an absolutely sweet post. You are so right and why does it always seem it is the middle of the night when we have these revelations?

    I big heart her blog also...I always cry whenever I read it. Her words and pictures are so moving.

    Hope she starts feeling better soon. I had my wisdom teeth come in also and OUCH! My daughter finally just had her second tooth come in so she is much happier...until the next!

  11. Teething is the worst!! I hope that she cuts them soon and you can all get some sleep again :)

    CUTE post.... :)

  12. I've said 'Oh, he must be teething' for the past few months it seems. Those teeth are taking their sweet little time to pop through. But I'm not complaining. Ha!

    I also adore Kelle Hampton. Every time I read her blog I am inspired and motivated and usually do some creative/free spirit/enjoying the small things/rockstar thing in my own life. Ah, bliss.

    Way to go earning (another) motherhood badge. There's more out there, so leave room on your lapel, cuz you're doing good momma!


  13. Oh my goodness!! I just love the new blog, it is adorable and so is your little girly! :-)

  14. Aw, poor girl! I always felt so bad when the baby I nannied for was teething... and she wasn't even my own kid! Those little ones are pretty darn tough!

    I hope Eme's teeth hurry up so she feels better soon!

  15. I hear you Katie! It is really tough the whole teething process. Will has his 2nd set of upper ones next to his front teeth coming through and it is taking 18 thousand years. Well it feels that way, and they look SO sore. It also makes for a great excuse when you have NO idea what the problem is as 2am. Oh, it must be teething. Thats what i do anyway!

  16. Two great natural teething relievers that my lil' one loves-
    Mesh food bag filled with frozen peas or a frozen banana or anything cold/frozen!
    A wet wash cloth to chew on.

  17. They are the best kinds of marks to have! xo