Thursday, November 4, 2010

They make my life better

I just can't live without
[Okay, I CAN live without some of these things, but I'd rather not....] :

Obviously, my little family. My awesome husband who keeps me sane, and my sweet headband-model-of-a-daughter. Oh, how she lights up my life like I can't ever describe.

My computer: for blogging purposes, picture editing purposes, for running my little etsy business....Oh, how a computer is completely necessary in my world.

My car. Really. Life without a car is hard...especially with a baby in tow. I do not take that car for granted, no siree.

My Blowfish flats. I love them, and every year I try to buy one pair (along with other wanna-be Target brand kind)...and the Blowfish outlast all else. They are oh so comfortable. If you need a decent pair of flats at an affordable price, go Blowfish. You won't go back. ;)

Coffee. You all know my need for one cup of joe in the morning. I'm gonna go ahead and blame the fact that my almost 6 month old still doesn't sleep through the night. However, when she does sleep through the night, will I quit the coffee drinking? We shall find out....[well, that is, if she ever sleeps through the night....]

Oh, my phone. Really. I am one of those people that goes into panic mode if I forget it while I'm out. It is always one of the things I double, triple-check before I head out the door. I guess I have this fear of REALLY needing it if something were to happen. When I got into my bad car accident almost 3 years ago now, it was so crucial I have my phone. So, yea. My phone. It's a must.have.

Fresh flowers. Love them and need them in my house, especially when the weather starts to turn cold. It's my way of feeling a little spring and it helps a tiny-bit with the weather related funk that a lot of people (and sometimes myself) go through. Therefore flowers are on our grocery list, no joke. They make momma happy.

Our heated mattress pad. It makes getting into bed so much easier because it takes the edge off the chilly sheets at night. It was one of the best gifts we ever received (thanks Mom!)--and the only year we didn't use it was last year when I had a bub-in-the-tummy who was my little heater. But this year? It's already on the bed, making for a better night sleep for all.

The diaper bag. Dude, leaving the house without a diaper bag at this stage is like suicide. Because if you ever leave without it, something horrible and explosive is BOUND to happen. The diaper bag is a must-have and something I cannot live without.

My camera. That has become my bff. I love it, and plan on asking for some fun things to add to it for Christmas. Yay to the yay.

...and although I missed about a thousand things.

The end.

You're welcome.


  1. Heated mattresses are awesome. I have one back at my parents house and unfortunately it's only a full-size. For a long time i had the heated blanket, but it doesn't help if it falls of the bed! I can't live without my iPhone, either. I don't have to have it with me at all times when I'm home, but I worry about something happening if I'm out. What did people do back in the day?! HA!

  2. okay i gotta get the downlow on what blowfish flats are??? i am so out of the loop. would u post pics??? i looooove a good pair of flats :D thanks girly!!!!!

  3. Your little headband model is soooo precious!!!

  4. love your list! and I pretty much agree with you on almost all (I don't have a precious lil' E to snuggle with though).
    Happy Thursday!

  5. Heated mattress pad....I'm jealous.

    I've never been a fan of a diaper bag. Still with two little ones, I never carry one. I just throw a few diapers in my purse and off we go. ;)

  6. In the last month here my list of necessities has become parallel to yours! Although I am not really a regular blogger yet and I don't own fancy flats I definitely couldn't live with out my little mister or our diaper bag. And living without a car would be a nightmare!!!

    Very nice blog, it's good to be thankful for the things we have!!

  7. 1st she is precious and 2nd i need to see these flats as they are all i wear lately!

  8. Hahahaha... "something explosive is bound to happen". SO TRUE.

  9. Now I have to go and look-up Blowfish flats...thanks! LOL ;)

  10. I can identify with quite a few of these! Especially the phone, computer, car and camera!

  11. Honestly. She's the cutest thing ever. :)