Friday, December 10, 2010

7 Months Old

*Honestly...the photo taking gets harder each month. The poor owl is face planted--but at least Eme is smiling, eh? You win some you lose some.*

Dear Emeline,

You are 7 months old today. A beautiful, vibrant, happy-go-lucky, 7 month old. Life moves so very fast and we're watching the most beautiful display of it right before our eyes. We love you with every ounce of our being. 

This month has been so much fun. You are just obsessed with your toys lately! You LOVE the jumperoo. You LOVE to play with your puppy. You LOVE going after his dog-bones. In fact, holding up his dog bone is the one sure way to get you to almost-crawl across the room. We joke that one day we'll tell you we coaxed you to crawl with a dog bone. :) Hey, whatever works. You haven't fully mastered a 'real' crawl yet. But you can scootch/army crawl anywhere in the room.

You play with Mac all the time. You hold his bone and he comes and takes it from you. Sometimes you hold on tight and you end up playing tug-o-war. You squeal with delight when he barks and often let out a good belly laugh, too. You think it's so funny when he growls.

You smile from ear to ear and kick your feet in happiness every time Daddy gets home from work. The light in your eyes when you see him is beyond precious. One of my favorite things is to watch you two together. This month, he's been doing a lot of tickling--and has found just the right spots. I love your relationship with your Daddy. Speaking of babble this It's precious.

It's so great now that you can sit up in restaurants in high-chairs, or in the front of shopping carts. You LOVE to see whats going on around you, and stay in the 'know'. You are content the whole time, and let me cruise the aisles of Target, while you take in your surroundings or chew on your Sophie giraffe. You are amazingly happy and I often catch you smiling at passer-by'ers. It's sweet. 

Your hair keeps growing in so nice, and is so very blonde. Your eyes are such a gorgeous blue. You're wearing size 3 diapers, and clothing anywhere from 3-9months. Mostly your pants/jeans are 3-6 months, and anything sized 6 months fits you just perfect. Last week, we had you at the doctor for your cold and they weighed you with all your lots of layers of clothes on and you weighed 17lbs 12oz. 

You're eating a little bit of fruit in the morning and a vegetable in the evening around dinnertime. You nurse throughout the day but much less than before. You take a morning nap and an afternoon nap--and are typically in bed by 8pm. You still get up about once a night. Guess what? Still no teeth. I could have sworn you'd have some by now (and the doctor too)---but nope. I'm okay with that.

My little lady---you are simply the best, most precious gift we could ever ask for. You are sure to make this Christmas so very special for us. You are a blessing and a joy.

Love always,


*Did you see the "She Grows" tab up top? You can click to see her progression pictures and cry with me gasp in awe at how fast babies grow.*

How you looked this month:


  1. Ah! 7 months already! Seriously, it seems like just yesterday you were talking about being 40 weeks pregnant!

    (Haha and the thought bubble I see above Emeline's head in that first picture is "take that owl, oh okay, smile for the camera.")

  2. Love that precious face :) I'll definitely cry with you on how fast she's growing, because mine is right behind her. Her relationship with Mac is so cute!

  3. I can't believe she's already 7 months either. She's such a cutie, though. Just wait till she's over a year and walking... THEN try taking her picture! lol.

  4. 1- I love that onesie. Too cute.

    2- She looks so serious in that last picture! It's adorable!

  5. I'm loving her little headband! Is that one you made?

  6. PRECIOUS!!! I especially love this last photo of so gorgeous!!!

  7. Susan's onesies look so cute on her!!! Love these pictures!!

  8. soo soo cute.. she is getting cuter and cuter as she grows!

  9. so precious! she and KP can be bald buddies!

  10. Love it. You are such a great photographer. And she's beautiful.