Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Decor. Less or More?

I'm not a decorator, but I do love my decor. My sister and I can spend hours in HomeGoods, antiquing in random shacks, or in Ikea on any given day. 

A few years ago when I finally had my "first" Christmas in my "first" house (aka: this one), I bought Christmas decorations up to my ears. Of course, as most first time homebuyers, we weren't exactly rolling in the dough. So, I resorted to whatever the heck I could find cheap. 

If you asked me then? I would have thought my house looked ahmazingggg and to others? They'd probably say the same thing. The truth was though? It looked like a craft closet full of children's glitter threw up. To put it nicely.

Now, I'm not cutting on sparkly Christmas decor, as my reader is filled to the brim with photos of sparkly-ness (if that was even a word)---but it didn't really quite fit with my house in general. Plus? The sparkly glitter piece everywhere?! That's almost as bad as the pine needles.

This year, I decided to simplify. Don't get me wrong--there are plenty of decorations, as Christmas is pretty much my favorite holiday (although, it's right up there with Thanksgiving thanks to the  stuff-yo'-face-feast beautiful meal with all the trimmings). 

I just decided to stay more true to what I actually love. Simplistic. Rustic. The fun, earthy, "over the hills we go, laughing all the way" type feel. Ya know? Pine cones. Greens. I'm pretty sure not one thing with glitter adorning it made it out of the garage this year.

I'm okay with that. In fact? I really, really like it.

Here's just a tiny, tiny taste---as I don't feel like taking photos of the entire house. Mainly because? That would require really "cleaning" it, which Lord knows I'm a bit behind on. 

It does give you that warm Christmas feel without being too in your face, doesn't it?


And because we all know who is the real star of Christmas around here. Okay--okay, it's Jesus. BUT--for right now? It's my cutie-cuteness. [Although I'm sure baby Jesus was pretty darn cute himself.]

I'm so looking forward to this Christmas with her. 

All the holiday outfits. The headbands. The matching hats. The shoes. The smiles. 

Yea. Love it.

Happy Wednesday!


Thank you, thank you, thank youuuuu from the bottom of my heart for your sweet words yesterday. I feel a lot better today. I know who I am and that's what matters. xo...


  1. What pretty decorations! Such a cute girl!

  2. Love your decorations. I am slowly moving in that direction too. I still have lots of cutesy stuff but I'm hoping to keep moving towards earthy each year.

  3. AH! Nakey baby in front of the Christmas tree!! SO CUTE.
    It seems like the whole rustic theme is really popular this year. I love how you decorated. Very tasteful AND festive!
    You're going to have SO much fun this Christmas with Eme. Babies make the holidays so much more special, even if they have no idea what's going on half the time. lol.

  4. Hi Katie, I love those Christmas decorations, so understated and festive at the same time! I'm a new follower, I actually just found your blog yesterday and could.not.stop.reading (at work, whoops!). I love your honest way of writing - your pregnancy posts were amazing! Keep it up, girl!

  5. Pretty Pretty decorations :) and pretty pretty girl. I missed the drama yesterday but I think you're an amazing writer and person because you stay true to who you really are and that is greatly appreciated in a world filled with people trying to be something they are not. So many people lose themselves on their blog myself included sometimes and I appreciate the refreshing realism I get from you. Plus it doesn't hurt that your little princess is so adorable :)

  6. I like little bits of shine here and there, but I'm not a huge fan of overt glitter myself. It's hard to make it all meld, in my personal opinion. I have a friend who uses glittery pieces, and it looks fantastic, but I'm not that good.

  7. Awww....cannot wait for Jacksy's 1st X-mas!!! It's much more awesome w/ kiddos...esp. babies who could careless about toys, but LOVE wrapping paper, boxes, and bows!!!

    xx :)

    Eme is the CUTEST!!! <3

  8. Love that photo collage! I've been working on one too!
    My lil' one is sick right now, but I can't wait to get some cute pics like you did with your lil' girl!
    Has she been taking the ornaments off one by one?

  9. love how you decorated . . want to come and decorate my house just for an everyday look.. I NEED MAJOR HELP!

  10. I like your decorations! They are nice and homey and cozy. I like lots of traditional-looking pieces myself. I've seen people do "theme" trees, or have "theme" colors like blue and silver, but it's not for me. I'm boring red and green all the way. :)

  11. AAAAHHHH!!! Naked baby in front of the Christmas tree!!! BEST PIC EVER. I adore naked babies. They're so flipping adorable. You'd better believe Livie is so doing a naked Christmas pic. Bahaha!

    Ps. Cute decor. I like.

  12. I think your decor looks great, your taaste is alot like mine.. I'm not all for the glitter I love the "comin home for christmas" kinda feel... hot cider, wet boots by the door, fire in the fireplace.. you know.

    however what I really love is naked baby by the lit tree... how freakin adorable is that!!!!

  13. I LIKE what I see! From what I can tell we have the SAME Christmas decor style!!

  14. I probably have what seems like a lot, but I love it all! The living room has the most stuff, but for the most part it all goes together.

    I love what you've done! I think it's fun that everyone has such different decoration styles!

  15. OMG! Look at your little girl! She is PRECIOUS!!!! :)

    Sooo glad you found me, I found you! :)

  16. that face in that flower hat?? i cannot take it.

    and my all-year-long love for glitter only gets worse during the holidays!!! far, it's being barely reigned in =)

  17. love your decorations and absolutely adore the b&w of E sitting in front of the tree!! she is so adorable!

  18. Katie! Your decor is so awesome..we haven't been in our house to long so I was thinking of getting some Christmas decor and these things look awesome..I may have to borrow a few ideas.:) Baby E looks so cute! I love your new blog look by the way. Your brother is just as good at photography as you..runs in the family. Enjoy the day sweetie.