Friday, December 17, 2010

Friday Bits...and pieces....or crumbs if you will.

How is it a week (and a day) from Christmas? Just....HOW? Someone please explain this to me. And someone please tell time to STOPMOVINGSOFAST. K, thanks? No, in all seriousness...this marks my halfway point at home with my girl. It's totally bittersweet. We've had some sweet, amazing moments being home together....but the bitter part? What.the.heck will I do next year? Sigh. Christmas spirit, Katie. Christmas spirit.

Way to kick off this post in a Debbie-Downer fashion. Eh?

I digress.

Its!Friday!Yay!See?I AM HAPPY!

Last night, I graduated from the 14 week prayer ministry school I've been doing. It was a very challenging time on so many levels, but also a really, really good one. Self-reflection is hard, yo. And it's icky. But? I did it. I've got the certificate to prove it. And? I'm a teensy bit proud of myself for doing it, too.

I fear if I put this on the internet things might change. But, I just have to say it. After SEVEN months of craptacular girl is finally sleeping pretty good. Can I get a big, fat, "AMEN, hallelujah." No, really. It's been so good. I mean, yes---I've got so very used to the waking 2x a night (or more) thing for the past few months that I literally think I could probably do it the rest of my life and function fine. [Hello,] But, really--it's just nice to lay my head and down, and then be shocked as heck when I wake up and realize I got to stay in my comfy bed all night. Woo to the HOO. Nice. It came in the nick of time too---because I was having a big mom-fail moment this week. God just wanted to surprise me that night and give me the blessing of sleep, I think. You know, as a little encouragement. 

While I'm tooting my girls horn. Holy cow--this girl is so very well behaved in public. I hope it lasts. Last night at my graduation service, she was quiet as can be--played around in peoples laps, made eye contact with about as many people as she could get to look at her, flashed them her SUPER CHEESY grin (this isn't her normal smile...its the extra, over, and above REALLYCHEESY smile. Its ridiculously funny, and cute), and was quiet as can be. I mean, at home? She's all "da-da-da (insert HIGHpitchedsqueal!), Na-na-na (insert really cute giggle), Da-da-da."  But when we're out? So quiet. So attentive. Like, really? I was proud of her. I just wanna give her a big squeeze for being so ridiculously easy sometimes.

I tried to get the cheesy grin for you. It's a cross between these two--only even cheesier.

And today? A week before all the food fest holiday fun begins, I'm feeling extra chubby. I hate fat days. You know what they make me do? They make me want to go shopping to find clothes I feel good in. Which is detrimental to my wallet. Also, do you know what the mall looks like a week before Christmas? My closet better throw me a bone, fast.


Have a wonderful weekend, friends.


  1. Love the cheesy grin. And about the halfway point, it sucks, not going to lie. Sorry girl. I remember feeling that when Kirsen was 7 weeks old. I'm glad E is 7 months old and you're only at the halfway point! I really hope you're able to stay home next year too, for your sake. BUT, if you're not, we can complain together about being working moms. AND, I'm pretty sure we (as teachers) have the best mom-friendly schedule in the world. That might help a little?

  2. Look at all her blonde hair! Gosh, it seems like she suddenly has all this hair! I'm so glad that she has started sleeping better for you! I bet you feel like a new person after a good night's sleep! I'm having a fat day too. All this holiday baking I've been doing is not helping either! :/

  3. YAY for sleeping through the night!! That is wonderful!

    Congrats on the 14 week prayer ministry! Love hearing this!!

    Umm, fat days are the story of my life as of lately! Seriously. I cringe at the thought of getting weighed today at the doctor...just cringe!!!

  4. I loved everything about this post. The end.

  5. Congrats on the graduation! That's awesome (and impressive, considering you have a baby and a business and all)!
    YAY for sleep! This is about the time Noah started consistently sleeping through the night, so let's hope Eme does the same!
    As for the closet issue? Buy some cute sweatpants. No one will notice if they're all trendy (like from VS or something). Right? :)

  6. Jaxon just started sleeping through the night last week too! So wonderful isn't it?! I mean, he's up at 6:30 am to eat, but hello, 8-6:30, I'll take it!

    I can't believe Christmas is next week! Just plain crazy!

  7. Cute post. Love those cheesy grins. G has already started the catching-strangers-eyes-to-flirt thing. Cracks.Me.Up.

  8. Time goes WAY too fast! I want Christmas to last another month..for realz.

  9. Congratulations!!!! :-) I think that is awesome - and I've been having fat days too. So you are not alone!

  10. Aw, what a great kid! Maybe she somehow knows she's in public and needs to be quiet and behave herself? Whatever it is, be thankful that she's got it! Because so many kids don't.

    Enjoy the holidays and Merry Christmas!