Tuesday, December 14, 2010

An ice box, peas, and every effort to get into the Christmas Spirit.

Can I give a big "hallelujah-amen" shout out to my heated mattress pad right now? Because ohmigosh, it is so very needed these days.

First of all, it's beyond freezing cold out. Luckily, there hasn't been much snow---but the wind chill? Holy gosh, it's enough to have all the elderly packin' their bags and heading to Florida. 

And let me just say, WHAT were we thinking when we built this house? They gave us all these cutesy options to make our house thatmuchbetter(orworse), and when we chose vaulted ceilings in our bedroom--on the THIRD FLOOR of our house? We were clearly delusional. Like, brand new first time homebuyers delusional. "Oh, vaulted ceilings are so pretty! and grand looking! Of course we must have a vaulted ceiling!" 

But no one told us in winter we'd have to wear long-johns to bed, snuggle under 400 blankets, and turn our heated mattress pad on the highest number as to make every effort not to die from frost bite. 

And honestly? If it was just as easy as turning up the heat (it's not), we'd obviously do it. The problem is, if we turn the heat up too high, poor Emeline would literally wake up in a pool of sweat. No kidding. Her room is like an easy bake oven x1000. Poor kiddo.

Therefore, we freeze.

If for any reason it appears I've gone missing, just come check my bedroom--as it's likely I've just turned into a block of ice. 


Peas. Guess who ate peas? Don't look at me. I don't eat peas. [No, really--I don't.] But, my baby? Yep. Last night she was all gobbling up her peas. Which is funny---because only a few days before she was gagging at the mere site of peas. I honestly couldn't blame her. But, I heard that still, small voice in me say "Go ahead momma--try the peas again." I did. And HER MOUTH WAS OPEN LIKE A BABY BIRD. It was so cute. She just wanted more. It was oh so green. Peas. Ew. But my girl? She liked them. Go figure.


My efforts to get in the Christmas spirit yesterday were pretty good. I'd give myself an A for effort, if I had to be all self-critical-like. From the second I woke up, I blasted Christmas music. This surely helped my mood a bit. I addressed all my cards (gasp. I KNOW.), but I've yet to put a stamp on them. It took me almost three hours to address them for multiple reasons. A. I was distracted by other things. B. Yes, I handwrite my addresses versus printing/label system. Ancient. I know. C. I have no "c". Um? okay. Yea.  

But, they're done. Not completely done as they're still sitting all over my counter---but mostly. The hard part is done. 

Then? We went out and did a little bit of Christmas shopping. We only went to Kohls. But, let me just give a little shoutout because I do love me some Kohls. For me? It's like one-stop shopping. It's almost as dangerous on my wallet as Target. 

And then--to top it off?

After we put Emeline to bed, I we wrapped Christmas gifts.  AKA: "The great stiff back of 2010" occurred. Seriously, is there any way to not hunch over on the floor wrapping gifts?? Am I doing something wrong? Because, ohhh my back poor achey back. 


Done now.

See? Christmas Spirit abounds.

[Baby steps...]


  1. aww I am so sorry your room is so cold! Growing up my room was always FREEZING (in winter & summer!) when my brother's & sister's room were not. It made for some lovely battles of the heat/air.

  2. A big ole, "AMEN"! I'm over winter already and this is only our first snow. Bah.

    I always *try* to like Kohls and I can never find anything there. Seems like it'd be a great place though....although I DID find the tackiest Christmas sweater in the world there this weekend. That's not what you buy there is it? Hee hee. ;)

  3. katie i don't know if anyone wants to be in florida right now. orland0 at 27 degrees the whole city might shut down.
    Also i just realized 11 more till christmas.. when did that happen?!

  4. My parents are in Florida at Disney....they said it was in the 20's yesterday. lol. Not so sad I didn't go with them anymore.

    Erin aka @ProjectErin

  5. Um, so yeah....the elderly might want to hold up coming to Florida right now, haha!!! So doggone cold for us!!! We're not made for the cold weather, haha!!! :)

  6. i hear ya lady, the windchill is crazy in MN as well and on top of it we have the 18-20 inches of snow. blah! if my family didn't live here i'd be moving asap!
    i love kohls too and i always spend a small fortune there! ;)
    and wrapping presents is a total back breaker!!

    p.s. new follower, i can't believe i haven't found your blog before!!!

  7. Oh my goodness wrapping yesterday 20 weeks pregnant was awful! Maybe people do it on a table? I don't know but let me know if someone gives you tips!

  8. The funny thing is that she'll hate peas again. And then love them. And then hate them. And then...well, you get it. She'll do that with most foods.

    That is, if she's anything like L!

  9. Noah LOVES peas. And lima beans, but definitely peas. I'll give him those pasta shells with cheese (Annie's... he loves them), but if I give him a side of peas? Well, the noodles are gonna rot.
    As for the Christmas wrapping issue? My mom has an island in her kitchen and wraps her presents on that. It's a decent level to avoid hunching over, and it helps that you're standing up. If you have a kitchen counter, maybe give it a try? I still do it the old fashioned floor way. And yeah, I write out my addresses too. I'm not sure I could even tell you how to print labels.

  10. I just wish I could get into the Christmas spirit too but my wallet says otherwise!
    I would have to say that until you have peas fixed the way my mama makes 'em you haven't had good peas yet
    Keep warm and Happy Tuesday!

  11. I hear ya with the 400 blankets, I am so cold this winter, and its a mild winter for us in CO.

  12. OMG I hate peas! How can anyone like peas?!?!

    Umm, I love the Kohlmine (yes, I call it that) and Target ... sign me up! Love them both!

    Alas, you need a gift wrap station ... no one needs to be on the floor bent over, i mean unless you're doing something that involves the hubs! I do mine on the center island...wrapping, that is!

  13. Gina it totally right. Kids' tastes change so much, so often the first year or two.

    And i agree with Aly on the wrapping station. Lol. She's a nut.

  14. Oh my gosh, your blog is adorable! My friend, Aly just told me about it and I'm so glad!

    I have a 16 month old and I'm dying to read about your baby and's the same way at our house! I'm not a fan, in fact I can't stand 'em, but my GG, she gobbles them up! So funny!

    I hope you had a great day!



  15. i had the backache ALLLLL last night too, after a marathin wrapping session.

    and peas are TOO GROSS FOR WORDS, but i'm glad your babe is eating them...less for me to deal with ;)

  16. What is it with babies and peas? Becca had her first taste of them the other day and almost required the Heimlich. Seriously. Coughing, choking, gagging drama queen. Needless to say we won't be trying those again for a while. And Sam was THE SAME WAY. Kids!

  17. I wrap my presents standing up at a high counter I have in my house. It's the perfect height for not getting hunched over and it's big enough to spread out. I also fold my laundry on there. I do it in little spurts, but standing on my feet sure beats the stiff achey back that I used to have when I spread out on the floor.