Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Just a hunch

I've been so out of it. In a Christmas haze of sorts. 

You know what I mean?

When you forget time. You're just so busy running from holiday gathering to gathering, stuffing your car full of gifts to give and then packing it back up with the million toys your kid got the gifts you've received. Putting your baby in and out of cute Christmas outfits and pj's in efforts to get the most use out of the items that they can only wear a few times, IF that. Trying to squeeze in a nap here or there so your baby isn't "that" baby. Remembering to feed your dog amidst the chaos celebrations. Singing a few carols here or there. You know.

Was everyone that busy? No? Just me...?

No, really. It was good, though. Very good.

I will admit--adding a kid to the mix this year was different. A good kind of different. More planning for sure. But? More fun, too.

But, pssss---real quick.

Boy, how things change in a year, yea? I mean, my hair is so much longer. OH, and there's a really cute baby in my lap too versus IN MY BELLY.

[Our annual Christmas-Eve stocking photo taken by Declan's sister, Lyryn]

Anyway. So, yea. Blessed. Most definitely.

While I'm on a picture kick (wait, when I am I not?), how about this?

[Um, I love them so much--my heart might explode.]

or Eme with her 5 week younger cousin, Ian? 
ohmigoshIknow, CUTE, right?

K. I'm done with photos now.

Needless to say. This year? Was great. This Christmas? So fun. 

I think that it might just keep getting better. But, that's just my hunch.


  1. The cousins picture is too cute!!

  2. Aww. I love the pictures - but especially the one of the hubby & Eme...too cute!

  3. Cutest pictures ever. She is SUCH a doll.

  4. Squeezing in the naps and remembering to feed the dogs may have been some of my hardest things to do in the last week too. Geez! :) And, I think you may be right on with your hunch.

  5. Thanks for reminding me I haven't fed Nika in 5 days. Kidding. Sort of.

  6. AWWW! I hope each year gets better and better!

  7. awww looks like she is getting more hair

  8. Oh I love photo posts. I love the last year to this year comparison. So neat to see how things are changing!