Monday, December 13, 2010

A little kick in the butt.

I have to be honest.

I don't know how to write this without sounding like the wicked witch of the west a scrooge.

And, truly? I don't even like what I'm about to type.

I've had a really, really hard time getting in the Christmas spirit this year.

I know. It's crazy, right? Hard to believe considering it's the first Christmas I get to celebrate with a sweet baby girl by my side. I should be in a ridiculously amazing Christmas'ey spirits, all holiday-cheeriness abounds and sleighbells! and hot chocolate! and stocking stuffers! and memories! But. I'm not.

Something was holding me back. Nothing quite felt right this season. I was just off.

I could blame it on the fact my husband is working a gazillion hours and I feel like he's never home [not his fault, just 'tis the season]. I could blame it on the fact that I left about half my shopping to the last minute, thus making me all anxious and not able to enjoy the season fully. OR, I could just be honest.

I really don't know why I'm in a Christmas funk. I just know that I don't like it and want out of it.

At our Church yesterday morning they started passing around a paper with the lyrics to "O come all ye faithful" & "Hark the Herald Angels Sing". I leaned down and whispered to my sister, "Oh, good! Maybe singing Christmas songs will get me in the spirit." 

Oddly kind of did, actually.

Or who knows--maybe it was an epiphany I had while singing. But whatever it was, I'm bound to drop this bad attitude and make it better.

I have to. For me, for her...for us. Really. Heck, for others too. I need to be doing more for other people this holiday season too. It's so easy to be so me, me, me (inward) focused. But dudes...there are people without food. There are beautiful, little, deserving children without a single gift. My heart breaks for those situations.

And so? 


I'm gonna blast the holiday music. 

I'm gonna finally address those cards.

I'm gonna make a list of the final odds-n-ends I need to do/buy.

I'm gonna finish my homemade gifts.

I'm gonna wrap.

And I'm gonna do something for someone else.

This will surely get me in the spirit. 

If you need a dose of "O come all ye faithful" to kick you in the butt too---here ya go. You can thank me later.


  1. Girl..... This is something we ALL struggle with this time of year. But you are turning it around with the right attitude :)

  2. I'm glad you're trying to get into it! I'm not feeling it as much as other years, but I've still got a bit of it in me. I think you'll love it so much more in a couple of years when you can see Emeline get excited. Children are what makes Christmas special.

  3. I'm playing the pregnancy card because I have no energy for the Christmas spirit. I'm telling myself that I'm saving it all for next year when I'll go all out - decorate the house, cards, trees, the whole thing.

    Yeah, that's the ticket....

  4. I am glad you are getting in the spirit and enjoy this first christmas with your little lady :)

  5. I'm sure once you get a handle on all that is left to get done, the Christmas mood will hit you. I always get flustered and have trouble getting in the Christmas mood when I feel like there is SO much left to do. Once I get a handle on things, the mood takes over.
    Good luck!

  6. This has happened to me before too, usually when I was working. I worked the retail side, and I also engraved jewelry... so yeah. It's kind of a Christmas joy-kill when you've got a million people going crazy around you. :)
    But this year? I'm totally embracing it. Like you, it really sunk in when we listened to the carols at church. I focused on the words, and it made it even more beautiful.
    But just know it's totally normal. But yeah, go stick a little Santa hat on that cute munchkin, blast some Christmas music, make Christmas cookies, and enjoy it. Merry Christmas! ;)

  7. You go, girl!! Some years I'm more festive than others. This year is a good year. :) Congrats on getting hit with some holiday spirit through a song! Love it!

  8. I felt the exact same way last year. I just couldn't get into and yet this is usually my most favorite time of the year. I didn't even feel that let down you usually feel after Christmas is over because I never got excited about it. It was very disappointing.

    This year however, is different. I have a shiny new husband to celebrate with and tons to look forward to. I have to agree, something about Christmas music really helps (and lights!)

  9. Gosh....I am sure I know how you feel Momma! There IS something that kinda brings the funk upon this year. I have NOT done any shopping yet...:| The boys stockings still need to be done. We BARELY found our Christmas tree decorations YESTERDAY...and finally have lights on our house! *sigh* I think I am getting in a better mood as well. Oh, and what probably does NOT help is that we are all SICK, and have been for the passed 2 wks!!! Gosh...BUT I am firmly believing that this season SHALL get better!!!

    So, thank you for admitting that you were just not into it this year....because, my dear, you are not alone!!!!

    Much love, xx

    **Happy Holidays**

  10. I completely understand! My husband just left today for his fourth (FOURTH!) business trip since Alivia was born (three months ago) and it just makes the days SO LONG. But, I wrote myself a long list of things I needed to get done this week while he's away and things I can do to keep busy. If I can keep my attitude in check then I am sure I'll have a much better week. Hope you have a good day filled with Christmas spirit :)

  11. Funny thing, I was just saying last week that I was feeling the same way. Odd that it's our first year with our daughters and we can't seem to get into the spirit. Hopefully something kicks our butts soon.

    Take care,

  12. i've had a hard time too - with being overseas. i'm hoping once i get home tomorrow things will change! until then, i'm blasting my christmas music and hoping it helps :) Happy Christmas to you!

  13. I've been feeling the same way! I'm just starting to myself out of my Christmas funk.

  14. Hope your overloaded Christmas list helps you get in the Christmas spirit!

  15. I've been in the exact same slump but I KNOW why i'm in it and I still
    can't barely pull myself out.

    I hope the Christmas star shines on you tonight and gives you a little push of spirit!

  16. My birthday being so close to Christmas helps me get into the Christmas spirit every year, as weird as that sounds.

    And it cracks me up that you posted this song...because it's my absolute favorite this year. They played it at church the other day ... a kind of jazzed-up, fun version, and I loved it!