Thursday, December 30, 2010

Maybe the best yet.

We've been battling with some major lack of sleep around here with a very sick little girl.

The lack of sleep has sucked every little creative particle of my brain out the last few days and I'm on "Just Function, Katie" mode. Which basically means, I stay in my pj's all day, clean up endless amounts of snot, catch puke with my bare hands, and wake up a billion times a night to comfort a coughing/can'tbreathe/ear-infectioned cute snot face. 

The last few days I've seen a million (exaggerate, much?) "Year in Review" type posts. Not gonna hate on them. Okay, maybe I will. I honestly don't care for them that much because if I'm a reader of your blog, I've seen the photos already, I know what's happened. But, then I realize--just like I do, you write for yourself. 

This is your journal. You can write whatever the heck you want. If it helps you remember, recap, feel grateful, remember the heartache, happy times---do it.

I also realized, man--this year has been good to me. Good to my family. 

We started this year off with only the ultrasound prediction of a little girl being my belly. Pink rocked our socks off. a!little!girl! I moaned and groaned through my last few months of teaching while looking and feeling whale-like. I honestly didn't realize how exhausting teaching 900 little kids a week, while traveling from building to building daily, and growing a human could be on your body. I didn't stop, and I will always give major props to women who do it. 

And then on Mothers day, I labored. But she decided to come just 2 hours and 40 minutes past Mothers day and my moms birthday. She wanted her own day and I can't really blame her. I had an awesome labor/birth experience and was in amazement of what my (our) bodies are capable of. I was honored to have my sweet hubby by my side and some of the most beautiful women in my life supporting me.

We made the decision that I would take the year off to be a full time mom. It's been nothing short of myfavoritejobEVER and I have to ensure (somehow) that I can do this gig forever. I love it that much.

I became a mini momtrepeneur with the start of my Etsy shop. Over 130 sales (thanks to lots of you), and a busy me working during my kids naptime led to a little fun and a small income. I fully expected it to flop, but it didn't. I'm totally grateful for that.

We joined a Church we finally love and feel called too. We've made new friendships, gained new mentors. Added new family members. My husband got a much deserved promotion. My sister and best friend, got engaged

I never really realized the joy and fullness this year was going to bring. Truly. My heart has enlarged by about 50 times. 

2010 has been good to us. So, good.


  1. sounds like a fantastic year to me :)

    I know you posted about this a long time ago, but how do I make it so when I comment, it's easy for the blog I comment on to just reply right back to me in email?

  2. And just imagine, it will only get better! Watch out 2011! :)

  3. what a great year!!! totally hoping 2011 continues to be even better for you...and little miss emeline of course =)

  4. And like that you did a recap of your own, sucker ;) It's been a great one for you!

  5. It has been a year to be truly grateful for! Hope the little one feels better soon!