Thursday, December 2, 2010


My free Shutterfly cards sit to the left of me, needing to be addressed and mailed out.

My closet? Looks like four two baskets of clean clothes threw up all over it.

My linens need to be washed.

I have a game-night par-tay here on Friday night, and prep to be done for it.

I have homework for my Thursday night class to be done. Here it is Thursday--not.done.yet.

I have two bathrooms that need cleaned in a major way.

However, all those things I need 'to do' don't seem all that major in the grand scheme of things this week.

You see---I've been playing with my girl.

I swear that having a baby is good for your soul, man. It's good.

And see? I now have a baby who can play. She loves to jump. Good Lord, does that girl like to jump (thank you Jumperoo---or for working arms that can assist her in jumping). She also loves her toys. Anything that squeaks. Makes sound. Crinkles, or rolls across the floor. She loves.

She also loves all Mac's toys and scooches her little self to wherever they are in the room, and makes it her life goal to get them away from her fur bro. It's so dang cute.

She giggles when you smooch your face in by her ears. She giggles when you bring her feet up to your mouth and squeel, "Poo-tinky! Poo-tinky!" (don't.ask.) She grins from ear to ear when you sing the "Do your ears hang low" song (you know? Old school Barney-style).

She full on belly laughs when Mac barks. Which is all too often. She sits there and stares at him wherever he is in the room, and he comes up and lays between her legs and flops upside down.

We play airplane.

She smiles because dude, she's flying high. How fun to be a kid again. And I? Get nailed with drool in the face every.time. But I've been covered with much worse things in my short mommy life. Trust me.

I'm teaching her what a kiss means. I lean over and whisper "kiss", and she pulls her head forward with her cute slobbery open mouth, closes her eyes as if she's waiting for it---and I plant one on her. One day? She'll be giving me the kisses.

We read her peek-a-boo books. She always braces herself when on everysinglepage, I open the flip-up page and in my highpitchedcrazypersonmomvoice I say, "PEEK-A-BOO!"

She says "Da-Da" over and over and over again all day long---and every once in a while, I lock eyes with her and say very seriously, "Ma-ma". She looks back and with her little half snarly smile (which I swear she got from my husband), she'll whisper, "Da-Da" as if to spite me. Such a funny kid.

I have a really content baby. I mean, seriously---she rarely cries. She's happy 97.65% of the day and when she's not? She's either hungry or tired--both of which I can pretty much fix.  [Don't hate me too much--my kid doesn't "sleep through the night" still. Ok? Hey, at least she's awesome during the day. I'll take it.]

I've always enjoyed her. Always. But this last week? Maybe even more so. I just feel like I have a little more balance back in my life by relaxing a bit with my facebook and twitter addictions. I never, ever ignored my kid to do any of the above [nor do I think any other moms who use them do]---but it definitely was a distractor at times for me. I want her to remember me as the mommy who would roll on the floor with her, and wreck my hair in the process--because who the heck cares?! Its just hair. Not the mom who stops and tweets it all.

And seriously? While this sounds really silly---I MISS twitter. I have a group of momma's on there whom I adore. Give me awesome advice. Have my back. And? Are just pretty much hilarious. I'm not gone for good--from either of those sites. But, leaving them completely alone for a little while is definitely giving me some perspective.

Now, if you'll excuse me I have a bouncy little girl to go play with.


  1. Don't you just love this stage? I wish I could freeze time and keep Ethan at 6 months for a while just to enjoy it more!

  2. Wait until she hits about nine or ten months. That's the fun part. From about then, until about 18 months is my absolute favorite.

    Livie does kisses too, open mouthed, nasty, wet smackers on my cheek, and I adore every one of them.

  3. Hahah my neice does the 'da da' whisper thing too... I keep repeating Aunt ChiChi Aunt ChiChi to her but she's not diggin it

  4. I'm so happy for you that you are taking some "you" time and enjoying the moments with your baby! you derserve such happiness!
    and your to-do list has nothing on my to-do list . . . I just wish I could blame my lack of energy on a cute little baby other than sickness :(

  5. When they can start playing it takes you to a whole other level of love in motherhood. Once they start talking to you and having conversations and sharing their feelings, it's a whole other level. Enjoy each level, it keeps getting better but it goes by so very fast!

  6. OMG, I loved doing airplane! Would it be weird to ask someone to do that to me now?!

    Cute pictures of Emeline!

  7. The kisses are the best:) Your blog looks so cute, BTW. Also, I agree with what Jess said about favorite age. But then again, I've thought every age has been my favorite - just until we get to the next one!

  8. Aww, what a precious post. Those are just gorgeous picture of your little one-- and TOO fun! I love how much you're chronically her every step (scootch/jump) Awesome :-)

  9. Ahhh.....bliss!!! What happy, happy moments!!!! Also, happy to hear u are definitely feeling better!

    Hmmm....maybe I should take some time off too?!?! Thinking...

    Muxh <3, xx

  10. We still aren't sleeping through the night either! Don't feel bad!

    Emeline is just too cute for words! I love the shot of her flying on your feet! :)

  11. You are so right!
    some drool and messy hair is what makes us better :D

  12. Wet sloppy kisses are the best, because you know they actually mean something now. :)
    She's such a doll.

  13. ps. the "poo-tinky" thing made me laugh out loud. we have all kinds of weird funny stuff we say over here too that if anyone was listening in, they'd be raising eyebrows all day long going, "Huh??". :)

  14. so so so fun . . avin is learning kisses and clapping too this week and I am loving it!! She gets so excited when we get excited for her so cute!!

    Love that you rae just enjoying your time playing with her!

  15. beautiful post! love the new layout, too sis!