Tuesday, December 7, 2010

The white stuff

Call me a grump---call me a scrooge, but I hate the white stuff.



Yucky, cold, wet, squishy, snow.

Like every early December I hear lots of delusional comments. "Oh I can't wait for snow!", "I just wish it would snow already!"  Let it be known, I think you're crazzzzy. 

Because? After it snows. Errr, opens the floodgates of snow-heaven on us (like last year), you'll all be wishing you'd shut yo' mouth. 

Because snow gets dirty. After about 10 seconds of it laying all pretty-ful (yes, thats a word in my head) on the ground, the big-arse plow comes through and ruins all the pretty snow anyway, throwing chunks of pavement, dirt and chunks of grass into the perfect white landscape.

Not so pretty anymore.

Not to mention, it's dangerous. I have an irrational fear of driving in snow, OR anyone I love driving in the snow. Like, literally---a sort of panic comes over me. Snow is dangerous, ya'll. Dangerous. I think growing up with a firefighter dad who always had to go out and rescue cars which slid in a ditch, or smashed into 293082390 other cars because they slid on ice set the fear of God in me. 

Declan's workplace is literally NEXT door to our house, but placed in such a way that he has to drive. If there is snow on the ground? I worry the entire 5 seconds time he's on his way to work. Snow=dangerous. [Let it be known that I do think there are people who can drive really well in snow. My dad is one of them, and my husband is another. HOWEVER, its the other idiots on the road I don't trust that much. Ya know?]

When we were younger (aka: not married yet), and he had to drive in snow--we'd be known to have the phones on speaker the entire time because Zomg! IHadToMakeSureHe'sOkay! 

pathetic much?

Not only my paranoia caution when it comes to snow is a big dislike for it--but the cleanup. Aka: shoveling the driveway sucks.

Now, I know--I haven't had to shovel in forever. I had a by last year. You know? That whole baby in the belly thing was an awesome free-pass. But do you know how much ungodly amount of snow we had last year?!? Like, a few feet of snow would fall at a time. My poor husband. This year? Watching my sweet little angel will likely be my excuse not to shovel. You know, I've gotta be the mom. So again....My poor husband.

A few flurries here and there......Beautiful. Love it.

Real.big.snowfall? Hate.

Let's not even get into the fact of the cabin fever. Oh the cabin fever. I have never, ever liked the "stuck inside" feeling. Evvvverrrr. Now with a baby it kind of freaks me out a tad more. Like, what if I run out of diapers? [Cloth dipe momma's are smirking] Or something very important? I don't know. The idea of being stuck inside sounds good for about 24 hours, and after that? A little overwhelming.

And as a teacher? Yea. I wished for snowdays like the best of 'em. In fact, a 2 hour delay was heaven in the form of extra sleep.

But since this year I'm technically not a teacher. I'll be happy with no snow. None at all. Although, that's likely to happen.

Go ahead, just call me the grinch. But, feel free to come back and apologize after you've been dumped on by a billion pounds of snow, and in March you're dying to see the grass again.

The idea of snow sounds all lovely and rainbows and butterflies in early December. But winter is a longggg season.

Don't say I didn't warn you.


  1. Come to Texas. It was 84 the other day! We were taking our Christmas pictures sweating!!

    I dont know anything about snow, but being stuck inside is not my idea of fun!

  2. I completely agree!!! I think being one of those drivers who went 'off roading' not once, but twice (not to mention incidences with others driving) has given me a nice little fear.

    From what I heard we won't be getting much snow! Yay! But we will be getting ice, which is even worse in my book. Time to start thinking warm :-)

  3. Do you live in Utah?? LOL! I feel you 100%. I live in Utah and drivers are already scary as it is but add snow into the mix and I want to stay FAR away! I want to move to TX so bad. Never have snow? That is my idea of a perfect winter. ;)

  4. ugh i HATE snow. even if i am from chicago, its nice for 1 day..the husband just bought 404 diapers yesterday, it was funny but i feel ready for winter ( high of 53 in orlando today ) lol

  5. I like snow until I have to go outside and walk in it. Blech. Inside, looking at it through my window? Lovely!

  6. Come visit sunny Phoenix. High of 77 today and no chance of snow. :)

  7. I have to say that I am whole heartedly with you on the snow. I like it for one day and then I am ready for spring!!!

  8. girl im right there with you... hate hate hate it, and after the freakin blizzards we got last year i dont even want to hear there is a dusting in the forecast

  9. lol. You obviously don't live in the South.
    I love snow. But see, my version of snow is totally different from yours. When it snows here (which is MAYBE once a year), we only get a couple of inches. The entire state shuts down, people run to the store for milk and bread, and the only plowing done is on the main roads. The people that usually try to drive in it out here are the idiots and people from other "snowier" states that think they can totally handle it, only to end up in a ditch.
    But still, our snow lasts a day... 3 at the most. So I love it. It's enough of a fun wintery break, but not so much that it's annoying.

    Ice though? That's a whole different ball game.

  10. I despise snow. I have many friends who live in the south who are all "I love snow IT'S SOOO PRETTY and snow is great and you're soooo lucky to have snow." I want to choke them. Instead, I settle for explaining to them that if I got there pretty 1 inch of snow each winter that is nice and gentle, I'd probably like it too. Instead, I get 8-12 inches at a time and have to drive with morons who don't know how to drive and work and such. Everything doesn't shut down in Michigan over a few inches of snow the way it does some places.

    And it gets black and dirty looking.

    And it makes messes in my house.

    The end. Snow rant over. For now.....

  11. I've recently moved to an area that gets lots of snow (we've already had some this year) after living places that never got snow. I think I've seen real snow 3 times, well 4 now since it snowed here recently. I'm soooo terrified of driving in it. It should be interesting to see how this winter goes...

  12. Hi Katie! I told you I would stop by! You have such a darling blog! New follower :) have a wonderful week!

  13. Sounds like Michigan. haha.


  14. I can stand it until January 1, but after that, I'm totally with you.

    Although, I am a teacher, so I do pray for snow days. At least that's one good thing about the snow for me!

  15. I have a friend who lives in Ohio but grew up in Pittsburgh who wants me to come visit her early next year because she can't believe I've never seen "real" snow. I've seen Texas snow and that's all. But I can only imagine how much of a pain it is because around here, people forget how to drive when it rains so I can't imagine anything worse!

  16. I like snow the first day. When it's falling, and everything is soft and quiet.

    After about 12 hours, I'm done. DONE. And if I can avoid going out in it? Yeah. I totally will. Cause people in show are total dimwits.

  17. haha well, I agree with you most of the time Katie, but I'm going to 100% disagree with you on this one :) I think last winter in Philly was my favorite to date! I LOVE SNOW! haha I'm a Pittsburgh girl and grew up loving and driving in the snow ;)

  18. I don't like it either! I always refer to it as the "bad s word"! I wouldn't mind it if it could be 70* and snowy! As long as it didn't mess up the roads and make traveling not so fun I'd be on board! So far we have just had the pretty flurries, but where my school is at it was worse so the roads on Monday weren't pleasant! I love a good snow day, but I could really do without it!

  19. You and me both, friend. I have wanted to barf on everyone who has talked about wishing for snow for the past few weeks.

  20. Agreed! Snow is a pain, and I have to walk 25 minutes to and then again from school everyday! My dad was also a firefighter so I was scared by a lot of things (including non-seat belt wearing). Then I read scary things like "most accidents happen within 1 mile of home" and that is when I would demand that your hubby walks ;)

  21. Yup.... SouthTexas living is the KEY for winters w/ no snow!!!! Though are you a fan of HUMIDITY??!?!?! We have ALOT of that...especially since we live by the water!!!

    It snowed from my whole 25 yrs of living, in winter 2004!!! Ppl here went crazy w/ the pics, vids, and playing in it!!!! It was nice....but just for that ONE TIME!!!

    :) Remember: Texas living!!! LoL!!!

  22. haaa, you need to move down here to GA!! we rarely get snow, and it rarely lasts more than a day or so, so it doesn't have time to get un-pretty!!

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  24. I have always wanted a white christmas seeing as I live in Australia and all and it is currently summer! But I have always been thankful that our winters do not include snow! I mean sure it has been known to flood and up north we get a cyclone or two every year but I don't live in those parts!
    So while you are enjoying woops I mean hating, the snow. I will be enjoying going to our local theme park ( I live within walking distance of it and have a season pass) and swimming and getting a nice tan!
    But please feel free to fly over and vist! :) xxx

  25. I'm not new to your blog, but a new commentor. And I have to say, I totally hate snow also. Right now, as I type we are getting our first snow fall that is sticking to the ground and I'm already fearful about driving home later today. YUCK!!!

  26. I am so on the same page with you here.