Friday, February 26, 2010

30 Weeks

Gotta love a good bathroom photo session...

Happy weekend...

Marriage is what brings us together today.

As you know, my marriage is so, so, so very important to me. It's important to have that relationship at the forefront of my life, making every effort to keep it in top notch shape. Declan and I have been together over eight years and have been married for three in August, yet everyday I seriously love him more. If you would have told me that would be the case back when I was 19 and head over heels in luurrve, I probably would have laughed at you and thought it was impossible to love him anymore then I 'thought' I did at the time.

But, it's true.

Each day our relationship grows.

Each day I seriously treasure my marriage more.

Each day he blows me away with some selfless act that makes my heart leap. [Don't gag yet...there's plenty more to go.]

For us, there's no big secret to all this. It's just knowing each other well enough to realize it's in the little things. The unconscious things. The

We laugh.

A ton.

We make fun of each other in a lighthearted way all the time.

We say things to each other that make absolutely no sense to anyone listening (and gawd, I hope they aren't listening!), but send us into fits of laughter every time.

We have an odd lingo of our own.

We act childish and weird together at times, and darn-it, it makes marriage more fun.

We try to re-live and re-tell old stories of our past together because they're so very much part of our story.

We tell each other e.v.e.r.y.t.h.i.n.g.

We make sure to tell each other just WHY we love the other.

We are best friends.

He knows what little things to do to make me feel special and fill my love tank. He knows that the way I receive love (my love language) is through quality time. So, he'll sit in the bathroom with me while I take a bath or shower, to catch up with me about my day or simply to keep me entertained for a few minutes because I don't prefer being alone. He watches shows that he would have neeeevvverrrr watched on his own simply because he knows it's important to me. He'll send me an email at work to tell me that he doesn't think I'm crazy for crying that morning on the closet floor over maternity pants, and that "he wants to be there for me" every step of the way in this pregnancy whether its pretty or not. Seriously? My heart melted too. He encourages me in my writing, in my future as a mother, and is my biggest fan.

On the other hand, I know my husband well enough to know he receives love through words of affirmation. He needs encouragement, to be able to talk about his day and know I'll listen, and be told what a great job he's doing running a department, being a husband, or will be as a soon to be daddy. I'm working on doing a better job at being affirming, because it's not just a natural characteristic in me. He knows that I support him in anything he does, that I think he's talented in so many ways, and that I'm his biggest fan, too.

Don't get me wrong, it's not ONLY the little things (but those things sure make everyday a lot better)...because our marriage is built on a firm foundation, which I believe is a key factor to our happiness and desire to see a fruitful marriage. When we said our vows to one another, we invited God to be the center of our marriage. You see, for us, we're just better with him present.

A year ago Declan and I read a book that's based on the love & respect principle. It also became a big part of our marriage, but almost sub-consciously. The gist of the book is: Every man desires in his heart to feel respected by his wife, while every woman desires to feel loved and pursued by her husband. It rings true to us.

With these bigger components as a solid foundation and the additions of the everyday small things, it has truly been the recipe for a fulfilling marriage. No marriage should suck the life out of you, nor should either person be bringing the other down. Your marriage shouldn't exhaust you. Because, we all know we have 329038 other things that exhaust us on an everyday basis, right?

Declan loves me enough to let me be me, in all my uniqueness and with all the flaws I have, and I do the same for him, recognizing that we're so different in many ways--yet together we make such a perfect pair.

We both can honestly agree that we are better because of the other.

We balance each other out, truly. Our friends and family would nod their heads in agreement.

I don't say all this to be on my soapbox about marriage. We are so very far from perfect (what is perfect anyway?) But, I do believe that what God has given us in our marriage is so special, and so important that it deserves to be nurtured and cared for. Every marriage should be that way, it's just often time we lose that focus.

If it's as simple as grabbing ice water for your husband before bed before he thinks of it on his own, or getting your pregnant wife some honey nut cheerios before plopping down to watch American Idol with her...then do it. Those little things take only a few seconds of your time, but can make a heart smile and feel loved for a long time.

Happy blustery (at least here) Friday!

Thursday, February 25, 2010

The most beautiful love.

I'm sitting here in tears...absolutely bawling my eyes out because of this beautiful story. If you can read raw, true feelings and have an appreciation in the little things...then this story is for you. In fact, I feel so strongly about it, I wish all of you would read it. But, I'll's hard to read at times.

What a beautiful story of love, and how God surprises you with little blessings that don't always come in the form you would have imagined.

Thankful Thursdays

I'm thankful that I'm sitting here on a Thursday morning, cozied up on my couch with a cup of coffee and oatmeal watching the Today Show.

Why am I home? Oh yes...I'm thankful for a snow day today. I know most teachers hate them because they must be made up, but this time..I'm the lucky one. All my snow days are adding onto the end of the year now, and where will I be at the end of the year?? Oh home, raising my baby.

This also cancels my open house at school tonight, and for that...I'm also thankful. Who wants to be at work until 8pm, honestly?

I'm so thankful for a full day to devote to all that grad work I talked about yesterday. I feel less pressure and I love that.

I'm thankful that although its snowing, Declan can take my car to work (the 'better in snow' car) and I don't have to worry about him in his mazda6.

I'm thankful that our little baby girl seems to be doing really well. She's extremely active and seems to be going through a growth spurt as my uterus measured slightly larger then where I am. Her heartrate is now in the 130's (it went from 170's at 6weeks...and over time dwindled down to 130's), which is kind of cool because as it gets lower, we're getting closer to meeting her!

I'm thankful for the weekend that's coming oh so soon, and that it seems that I've almost made it through this week that felt impossible.

Happy Thursday!

What are you thankful for this week?

Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Push me over the hump, please.

Its only Wednesday and I'm already having one of those know...those long, drawn out, would you hurry up and be over weeks. I've had obligations, appointments, dinner dates scheduled every night, and still have a professional observation of my teaching, an open house at school tomorrow night and then a banquet on Friday night.

On top of all that 'at night' stuff (and you know I really prefer my nights at home) I have going on, I also have had quite a crazy week of grad work. I have three small assignments and one big one all due FRIDAY. Seriously? Don't you know how busy I am?? Pshhh.

Sometimes, I wonder if all these things/events/people come together to devise a plan to dump it all on me in ONE week just to see if I can hack it. You see if I pass the test of "hey let's load more on her ever-expanding body!" [Side note: As of my appointment yesterday, I've gained another 3lbs. That puts me at a grand total of 14lbs now. I just sigh a little every time I step on the scale and try to remind myself I'm growing a human, here.]

Although, I'm sure it's just a darn coincidence.

Oh, and I'll be honest, as busy as this week is and will be...I completely budget time in there for Declan and I to watch our shows, because...umm...I can't miss American Idol, or the Bachelor, or Amazing Race (to name a few). Plus, I still need time to, you know, unwind and relax in all this busy-ness.

Call this irresponsible.

Call it immature.

But I need some me-time. Or us-time, rather.

Once this week comes to close, I hope to get rewarded with a nice relaxing, weekend. [We'll see about that--the weather is calling for another big 'snowicane' around these parts. Sigh. Well, at least I get out of shoveling duty.]

*Edited to add: [since i wrote this post last night]

This morning was one of those mornings....seriously...I hate "those" mornings. It just figures with this week I would have one of those. First, I had a serious mental breakdown over my work maternity pants while getting ready. I couldn't find the ones I wanted, it was as if they disappeared. Then, I lost a tank top that I had JUST.set.down and seriously...couldn't find it. I flopped on the ground of the closet and cried, like a freaking baby, and Declan had to find my shirt for me. Seriously. Hormones, for real?

Then, I got to school all early feeling super good...and realized some little thief (called people who use my room after school) stole my q-tips that I needed for a painting lesson. You know, that lesson I am being observed teaching. So I had to get back in my car and run across the street to my other school and get the q-tips from there. I lost all the extra time I "thought" I was gonna have.

On top of all that, one of my guy friends/co-workers told me that I was sure to gain another 30lbs or so because "you always gain a ton of weight at the end". I wanted to slug him.

So, watch out for me today. I'm seriously in a not-pretty mood.

Hoping your week is stress-free...

Happy Hump Day!

Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Fail. Well, almost.

We had our first parenting fail.


I wouldn't go that far.

It was a fail-in-the-making.

However, we saved ourselves.

But, its big, people.

Really big.

We almost caused potential confusion to our unborn daughter.

This is in regards to this post.

We thought we were so good in thinking ahead for our daughter by purchasing her potential little new friend. We wanted her to become attached. We wanted our baby to love her. We even bought a backup. For heavens sake.

But, we thought it was a horse.

And to be perfectly honest, until I received a comment from this lovely friend of mine yesterday stating that she would have guessed it was a GIRAFFE...I hadn't thought twice about the fact that






In fact, I thought about it throughout the day constantly (before I could get home and check that little bugger out).

I sent Declan an email at work and laughed about the fact that indeed, it was very possible that stuffed animal we referred to as "horsey" may not actually be that.

Before I ran waddled up the steps last night to check out if this thing was indeed a giraffe-Declan and I had decided:

1. If it had nubs on it's head...duh... it's definitely a giraffe.
[but we both sworeeee it did NOT have nubs b/c we would have surely remembered that, right?]


2. Since we both remembered it did not have nubs, we thought it could have been one of those hybrid animals, you know...the kind where you get to choose whichever is your favorite in the moment. Uh know what I mean.

But then I approached those cute little pink twin ladies who were sitting on the soon-to-be changing table...

and I realized......she clearly has nubs.

Therefore, she's OBVIOUSLY a giraffe.

Therefore, we obviously were.not.thinking.

Therefore, I am glad I have pregnancy brain to blame.
(Declan, what you got to blame, babe?)


So, now...I'd like to re-introduce to you....

"Gia" the Giraffe.

[Declan's so clever, eh?]
We're sorry for the identity crises we gave you...

and the potential confusion we almost caused our daughter.

ps: Yes, if you're scratching your head, I did indeed just write an entire post about a stuffed animal. I know, I know...just leave now...if this is any sign of what is to come, we're doomed. The next thing you know I'll be blogging about the consistency of my babys poop.


Monday, February 22, 2010

Not Me! Monday! The Friday and Saturday Version

On Friday afternoon I did not email Declan telling him I came up with a bright idea of what our Friday night should look like.

That "bright" idea did not consist of going to our favorite pizza shop, and then going grocery shopping afterwards.

We most certainly would not think grocery shopping was an acceptable Friday night activity. We are much too young for that....

...and while in the empty grocery store, we did not ooh and ahh over the fact of how nice it was to shop on a night that We aren't losers like that.


On Saturday evening Declan and I did not just get in the car and drive with no real clear intentions on what it was we were actually doing.

We did not end up at Target searching for lighting for the nursery.

We did not leave WITHOUT a lamp for the nursery, and instead have a cart full of other random things.

We did not end up with room darkening curtains for the nursery, a scale, a clock, and the original Scrabble game.

We were not thrilled about our Scrabble game purchase, since we're Words-with-Friends addicts as it is.

I did not have a burger-craving all stinking day, and did NOT fulfill that craving by eating at Five Guys while out on our adventure. [If you have not eaten a Five Guys burger, you are so.missing.out.]

As soon as we got home we did NOT break open our Scrabble game and play a full game while watching the Olympics.

Declan did not beat me by 5 measily points.

I was not bitter.

I still am not bitter two days later.


Overall, I did NOT realize how old and uncool we are...and I also did NOT realize that I love my life and wouldn't want it any other way.

Happy Monday!

[To join in the "Not-Me" fun check out MckMama's blog]

Sunday, February 21, 2010

Silent Sunday's

We've been searching high and low for a little stuffed friend that would be a perfect size for our daughter to love and attach too....

...and by golly we found her.


You see-we are firm believers in having a replacement item, God forbid something go wrong with horsey #1. [Yes, they are horses.] You see, having two nieces who are very attached to their "bear" and "sheepie", I know the importance in back-up lovies. When one is in the have another. When one gets lost at the have another. When one gets left at Mom-Mom' have another. So? We're planning ahead in case we can never find Miss. Horsey again in all her vintage pink and brown goodness.

Trying to be good parents already,

& Declan

Saturday, February 20, 2010

So very soon, little girl.


Dear little love,

In just around 10 weeks we should be meeting you. It sounds so far away, but also really close at the same time. If you choose to come a little earlier, we wouldn't mind one bit.

I cannot wait to meet you...I think about it

I can't wait to see what you look like, or who you look like.

Will you have dark hair? Light hair?...No hair at all? [If that's the case, you take after your Daddy, tehehe...]

I have a lot of dreams about the day you come into this world.

I'm not scared of delivering you...I'm excited. It's like opening the best Christmas gift I've been waiting for all my life.

I can't wait to hear your cry that first time proclaiming to the world that you've arrived. My heart leaps at the very thought.

I can't wait to hold your squishy little body in my arms, and know that you're all mine (okay...technically Daddy's and God's too).

My heart is so much connected to yours already. I love that I get to experience the mother-daughter relationship with YOU.

Little girl, I can't wait to cuddle you and kiss your little cheeks and ooh and ahh over every silly face you make in your sleep.

Until I get to meet you in the flesh, little lady....I will cherish every kick in the ribs, and ninja move you make. Because, right now I don't have to share you and you're all mine to enjoy.

Most of all, baby, I can't wait to be your mommy.

Friday, February 19, 2010

Bump Watch-29 weeks.

Honestly, I have no idea how I got to doing this on the ODD weeks, but whatever. Odd weeks for an odd girl. Makes total sense.


How far along? 29 weeks completed...about to enter into week 30. Huzzah!

Total weight gain: Muahaha....this part isn't so much fun to answer now that I've gained a fair share of weight. As of right now, 11 lbs total gain.

Maternity clothes? Started wearing a few of the tops now that I'm HaaaaUGE, love the nursing tanks, and still love the jeans-but absolutely dread the work pants.


[It bothers me too that I did week 10, 20 and 29. BUT-in all fairness, I don't have 9 week bump pictures for some odd reason. Also, I only do the bump update every 2 weeks.]

So here you go...

Where...oh where did my waist go? Or that long torso I used to be so fond of? Sigh.

Sleep: It's been decent. I don't get up to pee until the morning, when I rush try to hobble to the potty and pee like a racehorse. I sleep with the pregnancy pillow now thanks to my sister-in-love, Kesh who loaned me hers since she's sans-preggo now. It has helped me to feel much more comfortable while sleeping as well as supported. It's getting IN and OUT of bed that is becoming increasingly more difficult.

Cravings: Nothing weird or abnormal. The cravings have seemed to die down a bit, actually. No fun McDonalds stories for you this week, cuz it's been a while since I've had any fries. I promise.

Best moment this week: Feeling her get the hiccups! It was the craziest feeling ever, and it was completely obvious. I was laying in bed (as I was getting up), and was able to fully focus on it too. While I felt bad my little miss had the hiccups for so long, it was really, really cool to feel.

Also, this past week my sister couldn't resist and gave me some onesies she's been making for the baby...and just LOOK how stinking ADORABLE these appliqued little onesies are! You guys, the OWL!? I'm in LOVE. Love, love, love.

Movement: Yes, yes and yes. Although, I can tell that recently the movement is different. I'm now entering the phase where she's a little more squished in there. So, I feel harder, more forceful movements but a little less frequent throughout the day. Oh, and by the way--she's head down! Yay, my little girl knows how this is supposed to work.

Gender: Little Miss.

Labor Signs: Still getting those Braxton Hicks. Trying to drink my water...I'm trying.

Belly Button in or out? Definitely still in and might stay in the whole time...I'm thinking it will just get REALLY flat and ugly. Haha.

What I miss: Just this week I've really been struggling with just feeling very "ugh"...I mean, I'm starting to feel more pudgy in areas other then my belly, and I just don't feel cute in anything I put on. I have over 2 months of feeling like this left...and I have a feeling it may only get worse.

Weekly Wisdom: Even though I might feel "ugh", see past it and soak up every minute of this pregnancy.

Milestones: Entering week 30, that's kind of cool. Oh, and we signed up for childbirthing classes which start on Tuesday, March 2nd.

Favorite Moments: Favorite? or Funniest?....when one of my 2nd graders pointed at my stomach yesterday and said, "Ahhh! It's GROWING!! That's WEIRD!"

They are honest, aren't they?

Oh, and here's a growth pic comparing last week with this one: the way-It's FRIDAY!

Thursday, February 18, 2010

Funny Kid Comment of the Day/Overheard


4th Grade Class
9:15 am

Student 1: "Did you know Elvis is still alive?"

Student 2: " He's not. He died. I heard he OD'ed on drugs."

Student 1: "No, I'm pretty sure he's still alive."

Student 2: "Are you thinking of TuPac and Biggie?? If so...then you're right. They might be alive."

[Me at my desk, thinking, no...laughing....TUPAC in comparison to freakin' ELVIS?!? For real??]

Student 3: "I think 'Lil Wayne and Eminem are dead too."

[ did we go from Elvis to Eminem? Something is wrong here.]

Some things are just better to stay out of...


2nd Grade

Boy (all sorts of chubby and round, love him and his little lisp): "Hey Mrs. B---Do you notice something different about the way I look today?"

Me: "Hmm...buddy...let me see." (Seriously...had no idea what was different...)

- "Is it.....your.....haircut??! It looks like you got a haircut!"

Boy: "Nope!"

Me: " it..."

[Cutting me off] Boy: "It has to do with my birthday!!"

Me: "Ahh OKAY...that was my NEXT guess actually! [<--Liar] You look about a year're looking more mature in the face, and even a little bit TALLER, too!"


Ahh...gotta love their vulnerability.


Happy Thursday!

Wednesday, February 17, 2010

A public service announcement...or not...just a request to my friends.

Dear Friends,

I can call you friends now since so many of you de-lurked yesterday and introduced yourself. Some of you I've "known", others, not at all. Hooray! We are no longer strangers. It was really fun to hear where you're from, why you read, and that you're usually laughing 'with' me and not directly AT me. Come to find out, you're pretty sweet, too. Oh, but that might be due to the fact most of you are cake lovers-unlike myself.

Can we make our friendship even better?

There is something that has really bothered me (not in a "I'm mad at you" bothered-type-way), and I think you deserve to know.

So, here it goes...

So many of you, like, SO MANY of you do not....I repeat, DO NOT have your email addresses attached to your blogger profile...and it hurts my heart.

Here's why.

There are times you say things in a comment that need no reply-but, there are times....yes, many times when I want to write you back, to thank you, to throw a witty joke your way (muaha)--and want to click "reply" when I get that email of your comment and type back quickly (sometimes on a lunch break, when I have a second...etc). Yet...the dreaded, "" comes up....

and I kind of want to cry.


It happens to poor old me.

It's not a matter of me being too lazy to go over to your blog, and comment on one of your posts in response to what you wrote me--but more so, sometimes it's not something I'd want the entire world to see in comment-form. But, sometimes, yes, a quick email is easier and definitely more convenient for us busy-folks. It's not just about being easier, though. It's about principle. Yes. Principle. [Not really, it just sounds official.]

So, please. Do me a spare me the grief of seeing the dreaded garbage one... more....time---

Its really simple.

I promise.

Let's have a quick lesson, shall we?

Go to your dashboard.
Click on Edit Profile (next to your picture).
Add an email address.
Click the check mark to make it visible.

And gosh darn-it if you're one of those who doesn't want to "share" your email address with all of us, then make one specifically for blogging purposes.

Trust me.

You'll be so glad you did. Or I will be glad. Whichever.

Make a pregnant woman even happier today, would ya?



PS: I feel so much better having gotten that off my chest, and I feel like we can all be better friends now.

PPS: Yes, this post was somewhat brought on by the slew of comments I received on yesterday's post. There were many of you I wanted to reply to, and many of you who had emails attached did, indeed receive a response back from me. So, please-do me a favor and make sure you're reachable, that is, if you ever want to be reached. If not, just make sure you never think to yourself, "Psshh that Katie girl never acknowledges me".


Thank you, thank you, thank you for telling me about yourself yesterday. It was so cool. Don't be a stranger, you that we're friends and all.


Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Unveil Yourself. I dare you.

I have a lot of really awesome faithful readers. It's kind of humbling, scratch that--really humbling considering I never, ever, ever meant this blog to be a public place that I'd lay it all out there, be brutally honest (almost to a fault), and spill my guts to the world.

Yet here I am. Telling you everything you did not want to know about me and more. I told you, honest-to-a-fault. My sweet husband reminds me that its NOT a bad thing, and he really thinks that's one reason people feel connected-because of that honesty. I secretly think you all just like to laugh at me when you hear I pee my pants when I throw up, or hear that I wait weeeeks before putting away laundry and let it sit in piles on the floor, but--whatev. ;)

I'll be honest. Your comments are sweet, encouraging and oh-so-amusing at times, and I love you for it. But? I'd still be here writing away if none of you were here reading. Heck, I totally blogged for 8'ish years with no one but my sister and quite possibly my mother reading (hi mom!).

But, now that you're here...I want to know who you are. Pretty please? I see the numbers beyond my 'followers'. I know there are people out there...a very, very, good amount of you lovelies (I always assume you're all women...are you?...muahah...)--so if you're one of those, who doesn't tend to comment, but reads pretty regularly. Fess up. It's time to come out of the closet de-lurk yourself. Nothing more creepy then a silent stalker, right? :) But, lets just all be friends.


Regular commenter or NOT. Tell me some things about yourself.
Now. Go. Do. It.
Besides, I'm pregnant. Hormonal. Some-what grumpy. Pretty sore at times. Trying to avoid more uncessary contractions. [Don't be the reason I go into pre-mature labor!]

What's your name? Where are you from? How long have you been hanging around these parts? Do you come to secretly just laugh at me? Because honestly...that's okay if you do. Do you like candy more then cake? Because I honestly don't know what it is with me--but I would prefer candy over cake-like-items any day.

...and if no one unveils them self I'm just going to go hide under a rock too...and see how you like it. [This grumpy pregnant woman gig is working out quite well. I like it.]

Monday, February 15, 2010

*Simply Love Swap: Show us the Goods!*

Thank you for making this swap such a fun success. We had well over 100 participants (something like 120 or so....), so that means lots of smiles and giddy laughter were happening when packages popped up at your doorways all over the country. Am I the only one who get's giddy like a school girl over packages? I hope not. That would be embarrassing.


If you've received your package, take some photos, post a blog about it---then copy the link that goes DIRECTLY to that post. Sign up your name on the Mr. Linky below and paste the url to that posting. [If you wrote post last week, link to that one!]

It's a ton of fun to hop around and view what everyone got, and bonus: you might find some new blogging friends. Three cheers for that.

Thanks again for joining in the 2-14 fun and hope you all felt a little extra special love this Valentines Day.

ps: if your package has not arrived yet-no fear...this post will stay up, well, forever. So, PLEASE come back and link up. We'll all keep checking back for updates.


Sunday, February 14, 2010

Yes, he rocks. Thank you.

My husband, that is.

For Valentines Day, he sat down with a grumpy, pregnant, and quite picky wifey....and tackled my new blog design.

I absolutely LOVE it. Love. Like, truly. I'm in love.

It pays to have a husband good in all things-graphic-design'ish/web development'ish...doesn't it?

ps: are you in love with that header-photo as much as I am? Welp, probably not since that's our baby and we're particularly fond of her, but still.

Hope your Valentines Day was sweet and you're feelin' the love,

Silent Sunday's: Happy Luuurrrvvee Day/Swap News

**Swappers: Tomorrow the Mr.Linky will be up! Please have your posts up with pictures of your Simply Love Gifts so we can all pop around and enjoy what you received! We all wanna feel the love :) See you tomorrow!**


I love my amazing husband.
I love my family to pieces.
I love all of you for being such sweet friends.

I thought since 2-14-2002 was me and the misters first "okay, fine I'll date you" day we were officially together, happily-that I'd show you some flashback pictures.

8 full years
[Uh, yes. That makes us BABIES when we started dating]
(ps: I said 9 the other day-whoops...pregnancy brain.)

[please note: people in pictures below may be skinnier and may also appear to have more hair. What can I say? Aging was not good to us...ahem...them.]


Saturday, February 13, 2010


Today, I am cashing in on my prenatal massage Declan got me for Christmas. [Hello Relaxation!]

Today, I am attending the 1 year birthday party of the sweetest little girl, ever.

Today, I have 28 weeks of pregnancy under my belt and am 7 months pregnant.

Today, I took a picture of my belly and thought, "Wow...just wow."

Today, I'm enjoying my Saturday to the f.u.l.l.e.s.t. and HOPE you are too.

Friday, February 12, 2010

Friday Bits, with some SWAP info and other randoms...

-Friday somehow feels a little less exciting when its your 3rd day off school due to the snow storm the other day. Oh, and thanks to the Holiday Monday--I have off then, too. Hello-it's been a 6 day weekend here.

-Nothing gives me warm fuzzies the way it does when I receive a package in the mail *just because*. It seriously makes me feel like a million bucks, and so so special. This week, to my surprise I got a package from my dear blog friend, Kayla. She picked out some beautiful hair bows and a headband for my little girl!! I seriously danced around the kitchen and squealed out of excitement. I am secretly obsessed with all those little headbands with flowers and bows on them (and don't even own any yet)--so Kayla has officially kick-started my obsession. Thank you, my dear friend!

My little unborn girlie can feel the love already, most certainly so did I.

-As you know I took my glucose test this past week, and found out yesterday at my OB appointment (yes, I ventured out--the main roads weren't bad at all!) that I passed with flying colors! woohoo! No diabetes for me.

-I finally had a good jump in my weight gain. According to my appointment I gained another 7lbs. Which, did scare me a little...honestly-but, in the grand scheme of things at 28 weeks I've gained 11 lbs, which still is pretty good. I'm gonna just say little Miss is having a growth spurt :)

-As you know, I participated in my own swap. What the heck, right? I should get to have some fun, too. I received my package this week from the dear Ginger (aka: Mrs. A) and it had some of my favorite candy, a pair of earrings, headband, candle, lip balm(s), and a really cute sign for baby's room. Thank you, hun!

Here it is:ps: i may or may not have eating the sour patch kids before I took this photo.

[SWAP FRIENDS: Come back MONDAY and I'll have up a Mr. Linky where you can link to your post in which you post about your swap package! This way, we can jump around and check out what you got. If yours hasn't come yet, b/c I have had a few people email me only this week claiming they didn't receive their partner info (it went into junk mail!), it's probably on its way!]

-Oh and lastly...when I'm bored (I really shouldn't say "bored", but more or less, trying to avoid other necessary "work") in the house, I do random make Valentines Day-themed cupcakes. Since I didn't have work today, I made some for Declan to take in-and I'll deliver some to my Dad and Mom later too. You like?

The funny thing is....I don't even really eat cupcakes...but making them was fun :)

Happy FRIDAY, loves!

Thursday, February 11, 2010

A bittersweet post

I am really hesitant to write this, but know it's something I should be getting off my chest. Obviously, writing is my way to do and my little online slice of heaven is my outlet. So here it goes.

In three days I would be officially due to have my first baby....the baby we obviously lost. The baby was due on Valentines Day, and honestly, that's why I'm writing this now. See, Valentines Day is such special day for Declan and I because it marks our yearly "being officially together" anniversary. This year, 9 years. We're not that cliche couple that has V-day as their "anniversary" (technically, not our real anniversary anymore since 8-4-07, but still) but it honestly just.happened.that.way. You know what, though? I don't mind it. Because? It makes Valentines Day all the more special for us.

I really want to maintain that generally good feeling I have on that day...and I'd rather speak freely on this subject now. Hope that makes someone...anyone.


I think some of the sting of the miscarriage has faded because I feel so blessed to be carrying such a healthy and what-seems-to-be happy little girl inside right now. Sitting here at basically 7 months pregnant, I honestly feel blessed beyond measure.

However, I still remember. I always will. I think I owe it to that baby not to forget, to share my story, and to help other women who go through the same dreadful and painful experience I had, just by being there and actually, truly understanding the emotions and empathizing with them.

Although I'm completely riddled with happiness beyond measure over the life growing inside me right now-in an INSTANT I can put myself back in the place of how gutted we felt when we found out our first baby's heartbeat stopped. I can also instantly remember the 'words' that people would say to me that they thought were uplifting and encouraging, but were-SO-not. [Please, please...choose your words carefully. Simply tell them you love them, are there for them, and the situation sucks. Trust me.] I can remember feeling such crazy pain in my heart when Motherhood Maternity would not stop emailing me about the world's best maternity pants--when I certainly did not need them at that point. I quickly remember how I viewed every pregnant woman with such envy--in fact, I was almost angry at them. Why had my body betrayed me? I can remember feeling frustrated that people took advantage of 'getting pregnant' and how simple it was for them to carry a baby to term and never ever having to deal with the grief I felt. I remember the day my body was getting back to normal and my period returned...I felt so backstabbed. Then, I went through some stages of grief, the one I remember vividly was being angry. SO, freaking angry. I couldn't help it. I couldn't explain it. I wanted to curse at the world. I can remember the thought of "trying" again, and how OVERWHELMING the thought of it was. Then, I can remember the day I decided that since this baby would never make it's debut here on earth (but in heaven, for sure), I wanted to make a permanent mark on my body to remember him or her forever. It only seemed right and fair.

I can, then, clearly remember how all my hope had been restored when a few short months later it seemed I was carrying a baby again...this time, healthy and strong.

The last few days I've said multiple times to my husband or close family members, "I just can't believe I'd be having a baby in a few days".

I can say now that I realize how ultimately my plan is not my own, God has full control over my life and truly desires the best for me and my growing family.

Although the pain of a miscarriage is so strong and so real-your JOY will come, in a way like you could not ever imagine.

Have a lovely Thursday!

Wednesday, February 10, 2010

I'm obviously snowed in if another blog is coming...

But don't worry, this one you can just click play and requires no reading whatsoever. This snow doesn't seem to be stopping anytime soon...and it kind of makes me nervous. I cannot tell a lie. I am sort of over this now.

dreaming of someplace warm and tropical.....

Holly, Jolly, Family

Well, I'm off school today. No big surprise...we're in the middle of a blizzard. Lovely, lovely. The great part is, even Declan's workplace closed down too-so he's home with me too, err...outside shoveling away. Whatever. He's here, and I'm thrilled.


This year at Christmas we took our updated sibling photo's at my Grandmom and PopPop's house (and I never shared them with you! tsk tsk!). It's pretty much a tradition. We've been doing it since we were too small to see over the banister.

This year, we were practically hitting our heads trying to squeeze them into the "frame" of the steps.

I want to introduce you to my wonderful siblings, again....oh how I love them.

You can totally tell we're related, right?

Oh, and our family (minus mom and dad) is actually extended to this:
[Plus our baby girl is in the tum here, too!]

Dang, what a good looking group of people.

I'm so very blessed to have an awesome family.

Happy [Snowy!] Wednesday!

Tuesday, February 9, 2010

I'm so honored...!

I posted a guest blog over at Sonja's today....(well, she posted it for me--I just wrote it. You know how that goes.)

Go know you want to read it.

Snowy, snowy week it seems.

This last weekend we got slammed with a snow storm...I'm talking, over 2 feet, easy. It was actually really nice to be home, getting work done in my comfies, with the husband stuck inside too...taking care of all the shoveling (I heart him!). He wanted to make sure we stayed nice and healthy (and contraction-free) inside.

Well, yesterday we had a 2 hour delay in our school district, and in fact, it was questionable whether or not we should have even gone into school at all. The back roads were REALLY bad. But, we all seemed to make it--and only had a few late buses come in.

This morning, we got another 2 hour delay, because, the temperature hasn't risen enough to melt things...and so....some of those back roads again still.suck.big.time.

While I've been enjoying these two hour delay days, eating some really delicious breakfasts, and watching the news for the first time in a long time--the week is only going to get more hairy.

You see...this afternoon, we are getting slammed with another 12-18 inches of snow into tomorrow. That's TWO "blizzards" in ONE WEEK. Are you serious...!?!? Honestly.

So, my goal is to embrace this *last* snowstorm (just my prediction that we're done after this), and then wish for Spring with all my might. My plan is also to wish that my husband's place of work closes down too, so that I'm not alone at home all day on a snowy day (because school will totally be canceled tomorrow and probably even Thursday), feeling guilty about my lack-of-shoveling, and watching too much tv, I mean, doing too much grad-homework.

I need someone to keep me sane.

For the next few hours until the big storm hits, I plan on going to school for just an hour and ten minutes, and then heading out early for my glucose testing this afternoon. You know...!? The test with the gaggy-orange-drink that everyone dreads? Yea, that'll be me this afternoon.

Wish me luck, and you're sure to be hearing from me while we're buried under with more dreaded snow.

Happy Tuesday!

Monday, February 8, 2010

Nursery Sneak Peek: Part 3

I have a confession. Yesterday I made it seem like I did a bunch of nothing. While my day did indeed consist of some relaxing, I also stayed quite busy and productive (while unshowered and in my comfies alllll day!) making delicious breakfasts, homemade chocolate chip banana bread, doing school work, and-oh yea...working on nursery projects that sat unfinished for a long.long.time.

I call it divine inspiration. When suddenly, you get the urge to complete something...and you just do it.

While I will not spoil it all for you quite yet (but, honestly...I'm TOTALLY dying to show you all the pictures)....I will show you a few more sneak peek pictures.

First of all...we found something that was just perfect for the look we're going for in regards to the baby quilt. However, I happened to fall in love with a TWIN sized quilt, which is massive for a crib. A lovely 2nd mother of mine is going to cut it down, add chocolate brown trim and make it perfect for our little chica.

Here's a peek.


Then, I spent some time painting those 97 cent frames I found at GoodWill a while back...and it looked like mass chaos, I tell ya. In fact, it was a little chaotic. As I was off in another room, my dog decided it would be a GREAT idea to run right on top of all the wet paint, ruining the paint job I'd just done. Needless to say, I had some touchup work to do--but, he's running around with pink paws. Muahaha....serves him right.


To fill the frames I went through lots of different ideas...but, ended up with the idea of doing simple brown silhouette paintings of both owls and birds. Originally, we were going just for owls...but, we'd found a great bird mobile from Pottery Barn for under 5 bucks (I know, right?!)--and decided that our love for birds throughout the rest of the house was bound to creep in the nursery at some point.


So now, I promise to show you how this chaos DIY artwork turned into lovely accents for the room.

The brown shelves were a 2 for $5 find at Christmas Tree Shops. They were white and I painted them chocolate instead.

The tin-artwork you see: "Welcome", and the "peace", "hope" and "love" were from the shabby-chic section on clearance at Joanns Fabrics. I think I got them all for under $2 a piece. I had to repaint the green one to get it more of the correct green color-but that was no big deal.


Overall, I'm so pleased....I just love the softness of her room. It's so classic, but totally us at the same time.

You like?

Oh--and bonus! I just got an invite to my baby shower this week in the mail...I AM SO EXCITED! They are so cute. I love my sisters...they are the best. [I am not one of those girls that wants to be 'surprised' when 7-8 months pregnant. No thanks. Oh, and I blurred out my sisters phone number and such because, well, you know you're all dying to call her.]