Wednesday, March 31, 2010


This morning while getting ready for work...Declan was in the shower, and I was doing my makeup:

D: "Hey babe! I dreamt about [enter baby name] last night!!!"

K: "Aww you did?? How old was she in the dream?"

D: "About 6 months I'd say. She was soooo cute too, babe. I wanted to nom nom her cheeks." (nom nom is sooo something I would say, ha...)

K: "What color was her hair?!" (I love how this was important to me.)

D: "Definitely very blonde...and was weird, I could feel that I was a parent. was like I saw my 'flash forward.'" (where are my Flash Forward fans?!)

K: "Uhh yea, except we know for sure that flash forward is coming true. She's definitely coming and there's no stopping it."


Ohh husbands :)

Happy Wednesday!

Tuesday, March 30, 2010

My daughters name.

Many people I know in real life know our daughter's name. When they ask, I tell them. I do not however shout it from the rooftops, and not one of my students know her name, either. There's something weird to me about all 900 of my students calling her by name that kind of freaks me out. Weird, no? But, I'm sorry friends, I'm withholding it from you, too- its true. But, it's kind of fun, isn't it? [Don't punch me!] I guess for me, there is a huge difference between putting it out there for the world wide web to see, or telling someone face to face when they ask.

But, I have to say--that when people ask, I definitely cringe a little. I don't "love" to share her name to people before she's out here and you can pair a cute little face with the name.

Because-the truth is, her name is not that common (at least around here--at all!), and it is very unique. It's also more of an old-fashioned name, which we absolutely LOVE (we're definitely fans of that). Not to mention, the meaning []--it's perfect and beautiful and it's important to us. I believe her name (through the meaning) has been confirmed to us over and over and over again. Which is why I won't waiver on this name, no-sirree.

The problem is-since it's not too common of a name, when I tell people, I often don't get the typical response you'd want to hear.

Honestly, I should expect that. But, since we've been using it so often (around the house and with family), it just seems so normal to us now. Not to mention, hearing my 3 year old niece say it over and over again just melts my heart and makes me love it even more.

Don't get me wrong, no one has ever proclaimed their dislike for the name or anything (and there are lots of people who do actually love it like us), but I typically get the delayed response of, "Ohhhhhhh...that's diffferent!", or "ahhh....interesting-and...and... unique." They obviously hesitate, and that's fine. It's almost as if they scramble to figure out what to say.

I just need to remember that right now, it doesn't really matter what anyone else thinks.

We love it.

We know it's right.

It's been confirmed to us over and over again.

And when everyone sees that cute little face in a matter of weeks and pairs it with the name--
it will be a perfect fit.

Until then...

Happy Tuesday!

Monday, March 29, 2010

Final Nursery Reveal!

Well, the room is finally (basically) done. Now, onto the other 398038409 things I put on my "nesting" list. Seriously, I've gone nesting-crazy lately. I mean, I can hardly sit still...and some days are worse then others.

But, let's focus on the nursery today, shall we?

Before you start clicking through all the pictures-follow along with me as I explain my thoughts--err, whatever they are.


Below is a nice overhead shot of the bulk of the room. The actual layout of the room is kind of odd, and hard to explain via pictures-but you'll get it.

We decided to keep the chocolate brown curtain-look in here. The reason? With everything else going on, it's just nice to have them a solid color. Also, we found a great deal on room-darkening curtains at Target, and voila-they had them in brown.

...and yes, on that shelf IS a custom monogrammed frame, and YES, I blurred out the letter.

The changing table and dresser:

I love, love, LOVE this dresser. It's so nice and long, and so many of her clothes fit in here! It's great. Also, because it's so long, there's plenty of room to keep a basket full of all the essentials (diapers, wipes, cream, lotion, etc...) at an arms reach.

You should remember that little owl on the branch I painted from this post.

Not pictured (because we don't own it yet!) is the Pottery Barn lamp below. It will go to the left of the dresser shown above. We haven't decided on the lamp shade color/style yet.

A little further to the left is the closet. We recently installed an extra rod to hang more clothes on, and also the little storage system that's on the ground. This way, it's a good place to store baskets with little essentials. Also, we installed the two baskets on the left wall of the closet (which we've owned for years and never used) which currently hold socks/tights.

...and I promise, she has waaaay more clothing then that. But, most is folded in her drawers and I wasn't feeling up to taking them out just to make the picture look cute.
Oh, and here's a closer shot of the photo board I made pictured above. SUPER simple. I'll definitely be adding some more fun pictures to it in the future.

This brown material is the same material used on the edging of the crib quilt. Remember back when I told you about the quilt and that it was a twin size? (It's all I could find that I liked!) Well, a wonderful friend/2nd mother of mine cropped it down to size for me and added the chocolate edging.

Ohh, and see that basket to the right of the crib? Don't you love it? It came from a friend packed with bath-goodies for a shower gift. But now it holds my boppy, and all her blankets are rolled up in there. I love it!

Oh, in case you're wondering-that cute little owl perched on my chair is from Pottery Barn Kids. It was also a shower gift from two of my beautiful friends. I think she's so cute sitting there!

Another view:

That's my custom hooter-hider (aka: breastfeeding cover) hanging there. I picked the fabric and all--and it's sooo pretty (and neutral for those days down the line when it's possible I'll have a boy). Those bird hooks will likely hold her wet little hooded towels in the future.

When you enter the room, this is what you'll see below.

[Ohhh, be careful, though. I'm TOTALLY tricking you. You see that "B", there? Well, I replaced the real letter with the extra "B" I have laying around (honestly, I have a few of them depending on which name we went with for which gender...we picked them up at a yard sale last spring when I was pregnant the first time!). So I absolutely swear my daughters name does not start with a "B", nor does it even have one IN the name at all. There's a hint for you.]

Oh, and yes. I'm kicking myself for not vacuuming before taking these pictures. Gah!

You can see the beautiful quilt below the best. I went with a very simple bumper, and also just have sheets in solid colors (green and pink--green is shown). I'm really not a fan (for myself) of the matchy-matchy sets. Although some are terribly cute, they just aren't my style.

Oh and don't forget just how cute those little birds on the mobile are. That was a $4.99 steal from Pottery Barn Kids Outlet (woot! woot!). Love that place.

So, do we like?

Tell me your thoughts...but be nice. Remember, I'm very pregnant [and could bite your head off! hehe].

Happy Monday!

Sunday, March 28, 2010

Silent Sunday's: One more day

For the full nursery for tomorrow's post.

Happy, happy Sunday!

Friday, March 26, 2010

34 Week Update

How far along? 34 weeks

Total weight gain: Just had an appointment yesterday afternoon, and I now have gained a whopping 20lbs total.

Maternity clothes? Yep, yep and yep. Maternity tops fit me rather well these days, too. I'm also a fan still of the open non-maternity tops over a tank or another tee.

34 week bump.


Sleep: Good actually! For some reason I have been turning a million times in the night, which is annoying. I also have just recently (past 3 days) started getting up one time to pee in the middle of the night.

I don't have strong cravings...but this past week I've been eating lots of fruit-pineapples, mainly. I pretty much like everything.

Best moment this week: Hearing her little heartbeat again, I love that sound! It's in the 130's now.

Movement: Yup. Her butt wiggles all the time and it makes huge, visible thuds often. Also, you can feel her hiccups from the outside, its amusing. I am getting lots of big, odd, movements.

Gender: My little sweets.

Labor Signs: Not exactly.

Belly Button in or out? In-well, err...flat.

What I miss: being able to walk fast. I honestly used to walk fast ALL the time...through the mall, through the grocery store, down the street. Now, its just not possible. Also? I really do miss bending over easily to reach and pick something up, etc.

Weekly Wisdom: It will all work out, it will all work out.

Milestones: Umm..yea. NEXT week is the first week in April. My baby is due the FIRST week in May. HOLY c.r.a.p!

Favorite Moments: My 1st grade boy saying yesterday, "I'm so happy you're having a baby. I hope she's really pretty." I chuckled and said, "Me too! :)" Hehehe...

A clothed 34 week shot...


Hallelujah, Friday!

Thursday, March 25, 2010

Thankful Thursdays

-I'm sooo thankful I was able to bypass that nasty stomach virus that showed it's ugly face in my house last weekend.

-I'm thankful that today is "Jump Rope 4 Heart" at school, therefore, a much simpler teaching day for me. Yay for that.

-I'm thankful that my hubby loves me enough to just sit and talk with me while I soak in the tub some nights.

-I'm also thankful how hard he works for our family.

-I'm thankful (and slightly shocked!) that my due date is coming up so.stinking.soon. I have said so many things like, "When my birthday gets here, I'll be SO close to having a baby!", and "When Glee comes back on, this baby will be here any-day!"---and the weird thing is, all of these things are coming up, like, soon. Whoa. Weird.

-I'm thankful for a family that supports one another in rough times. That's what family is for, eh?

-I'm thankful that although I wish I knew for sure what my future holds--God has ultimate control and I don't need to spend time fretting or worrying. I have to remind myself daily Worrying really gets me no where.

Happy Thursday...

Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Thank you notes.

Dear weather,

Thank you that the sun is shining. However, if I could be picky for a moment--could you please spare us on the wind? Because of that dreaded wind, I decided to sit on my rump after school instead of take a walk, because, hair is flying all over the place. You know how much I loathe the wind.

A messy-haired-me.


Dear Icee,

Thank you for your cute little machines, strewn across the country in various convenient stores. I was able to get an immediate 'fix' after school when it was needed most, all while, conveniently pumping my gas.

A red-tongued pregnant chick.


Dear School District,

Thank you for conveniently blocking blogger as of today. You consider it a "social networking" site now, which is oh so wonderful. But, let me explain something. You have gone and messed up my day. I cannot even approve comments now on my lunch break. Not only that, I cannot even update my *ART BLOG* that I keep for SCHOOL. Lame. Lame. Lame.

23-teaching-days till maternity leave...



Dear Kong (as in, the dog toy),

Thank you for being such a great toy--but, WHERE the HECK are you?! We have lost you. Mac misses you. I MISS YOU. You caused all of my days of coming home to a pee or poop filled crate to cease (because you distracted an already-anxiety-ridden pup). But, when you decided to disappear into the great beyond of our home, all those ugly days came flooding back.

Please, oh PLEASE mr. kong--just show the heck up! We need you. I need you. Mac needs you.

An- "I'm ready to give him away if you don't show your face"-Me.


Dear Home,

Thank you for being a great shelter. Could you clean yourself, now, please?



Dear Body,

Thank you for doing a beautiful thing by growing another human.

But, ow.


I now understand why women waddle.



Happy Wednesday!

Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Tuesday Tidbits

-Declan is feeling much better. Thank you so much for your sweet comments yesterday. I've also managed to stay healthy thus far, and feel really optimistic that I'm going to steer clear of it all together.

-Last week we hired my long-term substitute to cover me while I'm on maternity leave. I can officially have this baby and not have to worry about things back at school. SO happy about that!

-Maternity tops officially "fit" and they fit good. They aren't too loose, aren't too big....they're pretty perfect. I welcome maternity tops to my wardrobe with *some* dread I'll admit. So long to all my other tops...I'll see you in a few months.

-Speaking of pregnancy...this little girl literally gets the hiccups all.the.time. I mean, quite possibly 5-6 times a day. I personally hate the hiccups so my tendency is to feel bad for her--but there is nothing I can do for the little sweetness now. In about 6'ish weeks--I'll have a solution or two up my sleeve. For now, I'll deal with a rhythmic belly.

-I'm NOT a Dancing With the Stars fan...I repeat, AM NOT. However, while putting away groceries last night I flipped it on, just in time to see Kate Gosselin and Pamela Anderson. Oy ve. That's it. Just oy ve. [Is it just me or did our dear Kate get a little *ahem* enhancement?? I could be way off, but wow.]

-Last night at the grocery store...all I wanted to buy was chocolate cheerios, and they had NONE. I almost cried, right there, in front of the dude stocking the shelves with his chocolate-cheerio-less cart. Then, I proceeded to grab Fruity Cheerios instead (not the best idea I've ever had), and knocked over about 8 boxes right on the stock-man's feet. Sometimes, I even amuse myself. I apologize profusely and felt like a big idiot, but you know...people have more sympathy for you with a big old belly.

-Lately EVERYONE asks "when is baby due?". Waitresses, grocery check-out ladies, convenient store workers....everyone. I think you get to a point when you look 'big enough' that you could really go anytime and so people feel it's okay to ask. I don't really have a problem with it. It's been nice to just say, "in about 6 weeks!" as my answer.

-Our little Mac-boy sleeps with us at the bottom of the bed (in his own bed) at night. The funniest/cutest thing is, that as soon as he hears our first alarm go off, or one of us mutter a word to the other...he takes it as his sign to army crawl right in between us and cuddle closer. It makes us giggle every morning. He usually rolls over to get his belly scratched.

-It's only Tuesday, but I just know this week is going to fly by.

-Oh, and my feet...they hurt...SO bad. All day, every day. The extra weight must now just be "catching up with my feet".

Happy Tuesday, loves!

Monday, March 22, 2010

Beautiful turned Yucky

The weekend weather-wise was absolutely gorgeous. We spent our Friday night out with friends eating pizza, taking walks and eating waterice. Saturday, we got a bunch of errands done together-just Declan and I. We even outfitted the baby closet with an extra rod, a rack at the bottom, and installed some baskets for miscellaneous goods like socks/leggings, etc. We felt super efficient. Saturday night, Declan went out to the lake with a buddy of his to start off the fishing season. I headed off to my parents for a cookout and a relaxing night around the firepit.

When I came home that night, I curled up into Declans lap and cried. I'll blame hormones for the intensity. The emotions were real. I was crying over the unknown. Things I have no control over. He never ceases to make me feel "at home" and comfortable. Its one of the safest places I know to be.

I fell asleep on his lap while watching TV that night...and then a few hours later we went up to bed.

Off into dreamland we both went.

But then, at 1:45am I hear something that woke me up. I looked up, and in the midst of our dark room I saw light beaming from all around the bathroom door.

Declan was sick.

Like, really, really sick.

Stomach-virus sick.

I jumped up SO STINKING FAST (which doesnt happen these days...but I internally panicked when I knew something was wrong) and peeked through the door. I said quickly, "Do you want me or would you rather be alone...?" [Everyone has their preference.] He quickly muttered something along the lines of being alone. I ran back to my bedside table and grabbed my water to give it to him.

He crawled back into bed and I rubbed his back. He mentioned that he really thought it was a once and done thing. I felt relieved.

That proved false within about 30 minutes.

Over, and over and over again. Up every 15-30 minutes for about 6-7 hours.

Pure torture.

My poor husband was seriously sick.

My heart broke.

You see, I don't deal with a sick husband very often. The man hasn't taken a sick day from his job in over 2.5 years (and that's how long he's worked there!).

Obviously, the stomach flu got the best of him.

Seeing him so sick got the best of me.

At one point, I realized he was taking a long time--and so I peeked into the bathroom. I heard the shower running. He just needed the hot water to relax and run over his tired, achey body (at that point). I sat on the ground outside the shower and just cried. Big, big, tears. I hated seeing him so sick. It broke my heart. Just earlier that evening I was on his lap, feeling protected and comforted by my husband, and now, here he is--with the flu getting the best of him. It sucked.

I realized that I will be that mother who cries everytime her child gets a cold. Yea, that will be me.

In the midst of all that went on that very.stinking.looong.night, one time Declan said--"You know what I was thinking...? If you went into labor right now it would be terrible. I'd be useless." I thought it was sweet that with everything else he was feeling at that moment, that's where his mind went. He also mentioned multiple times, "I can't believe you did this everyday for 4 months?" (in regards to baby-puke-fest).

The next day (Sunday), some relief seemed to come. However, the fever, body aches and chills lingered all day for him. He didn't really move off the couch, and even joked he might have "bed sores" when he got up.

He was really concerned about me getting this bug with being pregnant and all. I was equally concerned.

It was gorgeous out yesterday too--so I had all the windows open, a nice breeze was going through the house ridding the germs (I hope!), and I kept a pretty good distance. By the time we went to bed, his fever had broke.

While our weekend wasn't a total wash because of the sickness that plagued my normally healthy husband, it definitely wasn't ideal.

Better now then when I'm 39 or 40 weeks pregnant, right?

Here's to hoping your homes are healthy right now---and say a little prayer that I can steer clear from that nasty bug.

Happy Monday!

Friday, March 19, 2010

It caught up with me.

Apparently, pregnancy "caught up with me"-per my nurse at the OB.

It all started last night.

I had pressure beyond belief in my 'area'. Like, whoa. It was so bad, that while Declan and I were trying to catch up on American Idol from the week (we're oh so behind, and honestly? I'm bored with the season already, so whatev) I literally moaned and groaned and cried big tears over the pain.

Not to mention my lower back literally felt like it was going to break in two...and my legs were cramping up a storm.

Now, don't get me wrong--I've had my share of pelvic pressure and such the last few weeks, but this...this was different. I have a decent pain tolerance too, but ow, seriously. OW.

I despised my 3 story townhouse last night and all those steps.

Declan had to "escort" me to bed (aka: push my bum from behind to give me some extra 'umph'). In bed, there was no comfortable position.

I woke up at 1:45am and had a desert-dry mouth. I could hardly talk. I muttered something to a sleepy Declan, "Need. water. bad." He muttered something back, like, "Me. get. water. for. you" (okay we don't really talk like cave-men, get it.) Then I said something back like, "With ice and straw please!" (I know...picky at 1:45am after being in a dead sleep. High maintenance I guess.)

I chugged it down, and still just felt so miserable. Miserable is really the only word for it. I had leg cramping from my thighs on down, a back that felt like it was about to snap, and this pain down under that ohmygosh was NOT fun.

Therefore, I was up. Completely, 100% awake. For about 3 hours. Thank God for my iPhone in times like these, when I can update my facebook status, tweet or read tweets, and play games. Also-I googled. I know better then to google, but some of my searches included "33 weeks pregnant and pain in my 'hoo-ha'". The things I found I did not like. That is why I hate google, and usually stay away from pregnancy-googling for fear it will turn me into a crazy monster.

I finally fell asleep a few hours later, only to wake up again at 7:30am. I grunted like a man when I got out of bed, but I did it. I got up, dressed and ready for my work day all while feeling less then normal to say the least.

I called my OB nurse just to explain what was going on, (not to mention, my hands decided to swell on me today, and I have a ring-sore-therefore, they're removed now. Enter in the "unwed mother" look.) and I told her all of these things.

I mentioned the big tears I cried.

I mentioned the pain and that I've felt pretty great up until yesterday. I mentioned the increase in BH contractions. I mentioned the suddenness of all of it.

I awaited some really great diagnosis for my issues.

But basically, all she could tell me was that pregnancy just "finally caught up with me."


Side notes:

-I've never DONE this before, so it is SO hard to know what is "normal" and what is "not". I try not to complain, I really do.
-I went down to the nurse and I have completely perfect blood pressure. No issues there.
-The doctor is going to call me if she thinks any of what I told the nurse seems abnormal. She's pretty sure it is normal.
-The pain is a lot less then it was last night.


On those notes...

at least its Friday...

Thursday, March 18, 2010

Weather and Mood

Why is it that the two are closely linked? Well, for me at least.

When I'm laying in bed, contemplating getting up to start my day--I can 'just 'feel' what kind of day it's going to be by the little bit of weather I see creeping through my blinds.

I'm not sure if this makes me shallow or not to believe my day is based on the weather--but truly, it does affect my mood.

A rainy, dreary, mucky day= a sort of dreary, not-so-peppy Katie.

A beautiful, sun shining, birds chirping day=a very peppy, upbeat, and smiling Katie.

When I walk outside on a beautiful morning I can just feel it's going to be a good day.

And I love that.

We've been really lucky the last few days in that our weather is getting g.o.r.g.e.o.u.s around here. With the first day of Spring coming in just a few days, it's about time.

Going outside without bundling up.

Feeling the warmth of the sunshine on your face.

Getting into a warm car at the end of the day.

Wearing short sleeves.

Actually enjoying bus-duty because it's sooo gorgeous out.

Taking the pup for long walks after school.

Those are just a few things I love about Spring.


With that said, on this lovely Spring day here in PA--Happy Thursday!
(I'm obviously in a good mood because the sun-is-a-shining!)

Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Spontaneous late night date night.

Last night Declan and I were driving home from our last childbirthing class (we are graduates now! yay! We can have a baby!) both complaining of hunger pains. Four hours prior we had eaten dinner, but we just ate some salad a tiny little bowl of soup. Obviously, it didn't hold us over too well.

As we were nearing home, Declan says, "Hey-wanna go to the diner?"

I got kind of excited at the thought of a $4 BLT sandwich & chips and said, "Umm...SURE!"

We looked at the clock in the car, and it finally clicked that I had NEVER changed the time since daylight savings, therefore, it showed us it was only 8:50pm-when truly, it was 9:50. PM, people. PM.

I'm a teacher. About to go out at 10pm on a school night. To the diner. Lugging my pregnant belly around. When I should be e.x.h.a.u.s.t.e.d. and in bed.

So, we went back and forth....

..." is kind of late...."

"Oh, and what about the dog...?"

..."It's a school night babe, you sure you'll be okay?

"But we only have a few weeks left of being this spontaneous...."

[Meanwhile, we missed our most convenient exit to get there efficiently]

Declan told me to make the final call, and with exhilaration I said, "Let's do it!" (I felt like such a rebel on a school night!)

We detoured slightly, having missing our exit and off we were to the diner for a late night date.

Just the two of us.

I ate my BLT on wheat toast, and Declan ate his grilled cheese. He drank his coffee, and I chugged my one and a half glasses of ice water.

We talked about how crazy annoying the girl in the booth was behind us (seriously, you should have heard her)...we talked about nothing and everything...but most of all we enjoyed just being us.

No real distractions...just the two of us. On a school night. On a late night date. Being rebels.

You know what?

Even though I got to bed well after 11pm (which is decently late for this momma), it didn't matter.

We needed to be spontaneous. For us.

Our life is about to change majorly in 6-7 weeks, and during this time we'll enjoy just being two.


Happy Wednesday!

Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Put this in my pregnancy journal.

All of the following are things I want to remember from this beautiful and crazy phase of life called pregnancy.


Some of my recent pregnancy struggles:

-putting on any shoes other then ones that slip on easy--if I DO put on any shoes that tie, then I have to hold my breath, and that's not cool, just necessary.

-putting on socks (good thing I HATE socks)

-painting my toenails (I even asked Declan how good he thought he'd be at painting them...I love him, and think he's talented, but am willing to bet his nail-painting skills aren't the greatest.)

-taking a brisk walk without feeling like my hips are gonna break off by the end of it, or like this baby is gonna fall out of me. (I loooove I won't stop. But, gah!)

-getting out of the bathtub on my own (I can do it...I'm just struggling. If Declan is around, he gives me a hand.)

-getting out of bed requires more strategic planning these days. Again, if the husband is around, I sometimes have him lend me a hand. It helps. (A pulley-system above my bed would be awesome! haha.)

-having a full wardrobe full of clothes to choose from...since most things just don't stretch this far anymore.


Some things that I don't prefer to hear while pregnant:

-"Wow. You look big. But you have so far to go!" (um, thanks.)

-"You still have plenty of time to get stretchmarks" (Trust me, I know this and don't need you reminding me of that!)

-"You'll gain SO much weight in the last few weeks...just wait!" (Really? Because I've also heard the opposite and that you can have a stand-still on weight.)

-"You're drawing attention to your belly by wearing that hot pink shirt." (SERIOUSLY? Rude. Rude. Rude. When you are 32/33 weeks pregnant, everything draws attention to your belly.)

[I must say, I've had a hand-full of crazy comments--but, I've been lucky in that I've had many really wonderful compliments too!]


Some things that make a pregnant woman (aka: ME) FLOAT on air:

-"I've heard that pregnant women glow...but I never really saw it before until you. You truly glow!" (seriously, my heart melted...this is coming from a woman at work I have literally spoken 3 words to e.v.e.r!)

-"Pregnancy just works for you." (My swollen feet thank you...)

-"Wow! You're so tiny for 32 weeks!" (Amazing how one person can think you're huge, and another think you're small. Perceptions...)

-"You're all out front! I was all over when I was pregnant."

-"You dress so cute even being pregnant." (Well, I try. I don't think that wearing moo-moo's is permitted anytime, not even while pregnant.)

-"You're gonna get your pre-pregnancy body back in no time!" (Okay, whether I liked my pre-baby body or not, that still is a great compliment. I can only hope it comes true.)

Some hysterical comments from my students:

-"Hey Mrs. B--did you have your baby this weekend?" (I look down, check out my tummy and say, "What do you think?!? and WHY would I be here??")

-"WOW. Did you know your stomach is growing??"

-"How's your baby? I love her little feet. I've seen her little feet before, and they're so cute!" (Weird, I know. But, this little 1st grader sweeears she saw the baby's feet back when I was 23 weeks pregnant. She did not. It was the buttons on my pants.)

-"What does a baby kick feel like? Is she kicking RIGHT now?" (TMI kids...)

-"Holy COW, you have POPPED!" (Just last week a 4th grader told me this--um...definitely popped a looong time ago, sweetie.)

-"She's gonna be the best artist because you're a good artist."

-"When is the baby coming out again?" (I just love the way they ask this.)

Happy Tuesday....

Monday, March 15, 2010

Giveaway Winner and a Not-Me! Monday!

And the WINNER of the awesome hand-held dust vac is....
Robin: Email me at with your shipping address and I'll get that sent out to you right away! Congratulations and hope you can put it to good use!

Thank you to all 77 of you who entered. If I was Oprah, I would give all 77 of you one of those bad boys. Heck, I'd give you all a car.


Moving on...

Not-Me! Monday!
(To join in the fun-check out MckMama's blog...)

I did not realize this weekend that I make a very bad single person with Declan being away for business. I did not realize that having all the house/dog responsibilities at 32 weeks pregnant (for one measily weekend) would be so exhausting. Not me...I'm much more independent then that.

I did not summon my sister to keep me company all weekend, literally, from sun-up to sun-down (practically). I did not thoroughly enjoy her company because I do not function well alone.

I did not manage to somehow complete all my grad-work Friday night and I was NOT excited to finally be d.o.n.e [at least until after baby-just one class away!], and also relieved to do no more stinky schoolwork.

I did not save all the things I told Declan I'd do around the house until almost midnight Saturday night. I was not up putting away laundry (the ever-growing piles were insaneee), blow-drying Mac after a bath, and doing miscellaneous housework. I was not trying to maintain my 'good house wife' persona-which I times.

I did not walk around the mall Saturday with my sisters
and fall in love with all the adorable summer tops in Charlotte Russe right now. I did not feel completely un-fashionable and HUGE realizing that none of those cute tank tops would be 'cute' on me. I did not long for a post-baby shopping trip and endless funds to do so.


Happy Monday!

Sunday, March 14, 2010

Silent Sunday's: Dreaming of those days....

when fresh flowers adorn my home....

when I can hang and plant my flowers...and put my green thumb to use...

when the beach doesn't seem so far away...

and we can act like kids because we're on vacation....

and hang out on the lake just because we can....

Oh spring and summertime...come, come quickly.

Saturday, March 13, 2010

Bump Watch-32 Weeks

I think because things are changing so much in these last weeks, I may start posting these weekly. That is, if I remember.


How far along? 32 weeks

Total weight gain: 16 lbs

Maternity clothes? Um, yes. Again, though-I don't wear many maternity tops.

The belly:


Sleep: Doing really well up until Thursday night. I fell asleep then woke up at 3:30am wide awake because a certain little girl was kicking the crap out of me, getting hiccups, and jolting my insides. It was maybe the first time that I just wanted a break. I was sooo tired. Luckily, she calmed down and I fell back asleep an hour and a half later. Still getting through 99.9% of the nights without peeing. Crazy, I know.

Swedish Fish, English muffins with peanut butter, apples, honey nut cheerios. [None of which are severe cravings...just things I like.]

Best moment this week: My baby shower last weekend was so very special. Also, having Jennie and Breck come into town to be with me. Hearing her heartbeat again, and measuring exactly 32 weeks at my appointment.

Movement: More like crazy karate skills. She is seriously getting so big, the movements are just insanely different then those beginning cute little kicks. They jolt my entire belly now and I can literally feel her limbs, and know exactly how she is positioned. Its crazy! Oh, and hiccups. Galore. This poor girl gets them at least 2 times a day. For the record, she is head down--verrry head, hiccups with the positioning of her head equals a very AWKWARD combination. Enough said.

Gender: lady bits

Labor Signs: Just the good old BH contractions.

Belly Button in or out? In, and flat. Weird.

Enter "Creepy Frontal Picture" time:


What I miss: My wardrobe of other clothes. I really do miss them. There are a lot of things I can still wear (open cardigans, tanks, etc)--but, there are some things that I just miss wearing.

Weekly Wisdom: Stress isn't good for you OR the baby. I've felt too stressed lately and need to just calm down. Maybe I should practice some of those relaxation tips from our childbirth class? haha. perhaps.

Milestones: Thus starts the "7 weeks and X days" left count. It all seems so soon. Wowza.

Favorite Moments: Praying over her in my belly. Sitting in the nursery just soaking it all in. When Declan told me that he would be on primary Mac duty for the rest of the pregnancy (getting up to take him out in the morning), because he realizes it's getting harder for me. Love that man.

Hope you're enjoying your Saturday...!

Friday, March 12, 2010

Funny Kid Comment of the Day, and a surprise.

The class was Kindergarten.
Yesterday afternoon.

[while working on artwork...]

Boy 1: (talking to himself) "Jerry! Jerry! Jerry! Jerry!" [as in, Jerry Springer-sigh.]

Boy 2: "Oh I love Tom and Jerry!!"

Boy 1: "Oh no...this isn't Tom and Jerry. It's this show that my dad watches." [big huge SIGH again]

Boy 2: "Oh. I like Tom and Jerry. You know, with the mouse."

Boy 1: "This show I'm talking about is the one where girlfriends come on there and then beat up their boyfriends on stage."

[I'm seriously overhearing this thinking it's both a mixture of funny and e.x.t.r.e.m.e.l.y SAD]

Me to Boy 1: "I really hope you don't watch that show, it's definitely not for kids."

Boy 1: "Oh, I don't. I watch shows like spongebob and stuff."

Boy 2: "Why do they shout Jerry over and over over again?"

Boy 1: "Um...I'm not sure. I think it's cuz he's like the director or something."


On another note, a much higher note in my opinion--I came home to a surprise at my doorstep! I love packages, and honestly, never really got any until more recently. My heart gets tickled with every single one.

The lovely Taryn sent the little Miss some accessories, actually--that I just love. Honestly, this little girl is spoiled, and I kind of love it. [Well, when she's a baby she won't know how spoiled she is, so its okay, right?] She threw in a scarf that she knew I'd adore, too. She was right, because I put it on right away and wore it to dinner with Declan that night.

Thank you, sweet Taryn--you made me feel oh so loved.

Well, it's Friday. I've been wishing for Friday since, well, Monday.

Happy Friday, loves!

Thursday, March 11, 2010

Thankful Thursdays...a hodge-podge

I'm so thankful that this week is nearing the end, as sad as that may sound-- I really could use a nice, laid back weekend.

I'm thankful that tomorrow marks the LAST day of my grad classes for a while. I remember thinking that when they were over, I'd be so close to having this baby--and here I am.

I'm thankful that I got a 94% in one class and 100% in the other. Love that. I now officially have ONE class left until I have my Masters! Time flies.

I'm thankful for the friends and family in my life--who love me and shower us with blessings for our little chica to come.

I'm thankful that we were able to fulfill so many of the nursery needs with gift cards and such, and now the nursery is 99% done. It looks awesome and I'm so excited to reveal it to you soon.

I'm thankful for DiDi on American Idol. I love her...I really think she's awesome and has the most flawless, gorgeous voice e.v.e.r.

Apples. I'm thankful for Golden Delicious apples. They are so yummy, and taste like candy to me.

Speaking of candy, I'm thankful for swedish fish. I love them right now, too.

I'm also thankful that this week we got a few days of glorious sun and 50 degree weather. It was heavenly. Sadly, it didn't last all that long as we're in for 4-5 days of solid rain.

I'm thankful so many of you entered into my giveaway. Tomorrow's the last day to enter. Go now, hurry.

I'm thankful I got to hear my babe's heartbeat Tuesday, that I'm measuring exactly 32 weeks, and that I didn't gain 50lbs in two weeks even though I felt like it. I gained 2 more if you're wondering, and if you're keeping track-that brings our grand total to 16lbs.

I'm thankful that one of my art shows went well Tuesday night, and that I got an unexpected gift certificate from the 1st grade teachers just thanking me for all I do! It made my heart smile.

Happy, happy Thursday!

Be thankful today...

Wednesday, March 10, 2010

My toilet epiphany.

On Monday I was taking a 2.5 second bathroom break at work. I take them alltoofrequently. In fact, in between every class. So, I pee essentially every 45 minutes give or take. Lucky me, though-I still don't pee in the middle of the night [knock on wood]-so I just figure I make up for it during the day.

Anyway, back to my bathroom break.

I was sitting there-and seriously, suddenly it just hit me how close this pregnancy is to being over.

Some of you will tell me that "these last weeks will dragggg by". I hear you, I do. But, I just ain't buying it right now. My life is waytoohectic right now to make anything go by slowly. Between finishing up my grad classes, having three art shows, trying to get a substitute acclimated to my classroom, my maternity photo shoot, Easter, my birthday, and lots of other things strewn in there...I can't see it going by slowly at all.

So, all of a sudden I got this shock of reality.

I'm having a baby.

Holy crap. I'm having a baby.

Having my shower definitely added to the realism of the situation.

Baby stuff strewn about my home, being organized by my sister, my friends, my hubby and I. Stacking diapers in the cute little bin next to the changing pad. Putting clean sheets and a bumper on her crib. Organizing her drawers by size and styles of clothing. Cleaning and organizing her closet. The list goes on.


You guys...I'm having a baby.


So, that little toilet epiphany led me to ask a few other teacher friends that day (who are moms) if this shocking reality happened to them, too (I always like to reassure myself I'm not that weird). They all reassured me that YES, do get to a point where you realize it's really happening, and you ain't slowin' that clock down.

And please, don't get me wrong, I am dying to meet her. But, wow. This is REALLY happening. I am really going to be a mom. We are really going to be parents. I won't be pregnant forever. She WILL come, and it will be much sooner then I can truly grasp right now.

This little miracle, made in love, knit together in my womb by her Heavenly Father--this precious, precious gift will be here before I know it.

...and gosh darn-it, I couldn't be more thrilled.

Happy Wednesday!

Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Feeling lucky today? *Giveaway!*


A few months ago I won a giveaway on Kayla's blog. It actually was supposed to be for a crockpot, but sadly the crockpot went out of stock before the giveaway ended. Actually, let me admit something--since I sort of have a phobia of the kitchen--I wasn't toooooo disappointed (but Declan was). Instead, I got to pick my own goodies out.

We were in need of a little hand vac at the time.

A hand vac, yes.

You may not think that's too exciting, but I did.
I thought of the million ways it would help me clean up baby cheerio spills or when a bunch of goldfish crackers get stepped on by little feet in the future (instead of lugging out the big 'ole vacuum).

AND- it's cordless, people. Cordless=convenient.

So, when mine got delivered, I charged up that sucker [no pun intended], and started going to town with it. It actually became my side-kick when I clean the three bathrooms in my home. Honestly, its 10x easier using that little sucker to get up unwanted hair and such before doing a final wipe down/mop of the floor.

I'm a genius, I know. Now you know my secret.

So, today I'm partnering with CSN--you know who I'm talking about. They are out there like crazy in blog world doing all sorts of amazing giveaways that consist of kids bedding, cooking supplies and other cool things.

You get a chance to win your very own Dirt Devil Extreme Power cordless hand-vacuum, since, I loved mine so very much--I wanted to share the love with you.

Oh, and little secret: this one is even better then the one I own. It even comes with a recharging station and the handy dandy tool is already attached and just flips up and down. Love it.

Want in?

Nothing fancy to sign up.
One entry per person by leaving a comment.
You must be a follower.

In your comment, let me know why you'd like to add this bad boy (well, it has 'devil' in the name anyway) to your home.

Deadline to enter: Friday, March 12th!
I'll post the winner next Monday.


Happy Tuesday!

(Ps: Thanks for all your comments about the beautiful baby shower. I am so, so, blessed!)

Monday, March 8, 2010

Showered with Love, love, love.

I have all these beautiful girls to thank for my memorable shower (and my mommy too!). The love I felt was unexplainable. I truly feel blessed beyond measure and was overwhelmed at the amount of thought, love, creativity and work that went into everything.

Perfect details...

Pink and green owl cookies ordered from Etsy...

...a delicious menu at a great restaurant....(thank you mom and dad!)

...a "wishing" tree...
(and all those "wishes" for our daughter are now in a small little scrapbook for her to read later in life. Thank you sissy for all those thoughtful additions!)

Absolutely beautiful fresh flowers everywhere....with, of course, some more handmade owl details. AMAZING and delicious cake made by my sis-in-love, Keshet.
She is awesome, isn't she?

Thank you to my sis-in-love, Lyryn for these perfect photos to document the day.

[Wanna see more photos? Go to her blog for a full slideshow of the day, but make sure to come back here and tell me what you think. You can also read more about the details in party planning on my sister, Susan's blog too. She's the brains behind this whole event, anyway :) ]

I love you girls so much...thank you for making this so special.


happy monday!