Wednesday, June 30, 2010


Since becoming a mom, I feel like I refer to myself as "hot-mess" alllll the time. Oh, and I'm not giving myself a compliment by saying I'm hot. In fact, quite the opposite.

Even though I lovvvve it, becoming a mom is an adjustment. It shakes your lifestyle. Err...should I say, it "shapes" your lifestyle.

Some days, I don't get a shower.

I roll out of bed, and she needs me...immediately.

Therefore, the hair--a mess. The outfit-- what outfit? Whatever I wore to bed works fine. Sometimes I even forget to brush my teeth. Or heck, don't remember to brush them until mid-afternoon. Often times, I don't eat breakfast. Because, I forget. Or, we sleep in so long that I I always get my some point. I prep it with a baby on the hip, but, I will always figure out a way to ingest it. Because, it's important to my life (since baby, ferreal). My house? Totally not up to par. I would fail a white glove test. No, I would more then fail, if there even were such a thing. Dog toys are strewn about the floor. Burp cloths are hanging over the back of the sofa. The recycling is sitting on the kitchen counter needing to be taken out. Oh, and dinner? What dinner? I've NOT "cooked" once since having Emeline. I kid you not. My husband, who works 10 hour days...yea, him--he comes home and grills for us. Every.night. I drink a Dr. Pepper everyday. It's unnecessary calories that I seriously do.not.need (my jiggly tummy will tell you that) yet, I still drink it. Thanks to breastfeeding, I'm thirsty alll the time [water cups are EVERYwhere], oh, and hungry too. I usually forget to pee. Or, I get too busy to pee. I have intentions of getting out and taking a walk everyday, but it doesn't always happen. Oh, and my poor's a good thing he's learned to hold his bladder for many, many hours. And good Lordy, thank you Just wow. I'm so behind on them that I'm literally scared to even attempt writing them.

I feel behind on life. It's true.

Yet, I feel so alive all at the same time.

I love being a mom.

The messy kitchen.

The sans-makeup days (although its a rarity).

The burp clothes strewn about the house.

The endless laundry.

I'll take all of it.

It's worth it, after all.

Happy Wednesday!

Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Cravings....wait, what?!

I've heard people talk about post-pregnancy cravings. I thought it was some kind of cruel joke. Like, seriously...? The cravings can continue?? Whether they're induced due to breastfeeding or whatever--it's true. They exist. Well, for me anyway.

I'm gonna be honest here...and well, tell you the things that for some odd reason, I've enjoyed since having a baby. Totally, completely, unhealthy. I realize this. [Hence the body image post from last week, eh?]

And the honesty of my posts is why you love me. I'm just reminding you of this before you shake your head in disgust at my food list. Mmkay?

In no particular order....
[Oh, and you may see a theme....these are all basically kid joke. You'll see. Just send me back to Elementary School, why don't ya.]

1. Dr. Pepper
One a day. It was my vice. Or whatever. I just love the taste of this soda--freezing cold, and with a...[yep, you guessed it], straw. I told Declan to NOT allow me to purchase anymore. Sad. But, necessary.

2. String Cheese
Weird, huh? What am I, like, 5 years old? I don't know what it is...but I can grab one quick and it seems to just tie me over for a few minutes hours.

3. Freeze Pops
With the heat...I love. Love. These are my most favorite night-time snack. For the record, the colors pictured are my l.e.a.s.t. favorite, but when I went to grab some to take a picture, they were the only ones ::ahem:: left in the freezer. I wonder why...

4. Cool Ranch Doritos
I'm hanging my head in shame. Because, I KNOW. Fatty McFatty, right? I will tell you, honestly, though...I never sit there with the bag and just 'snack' on them. Truly. I prefer them as a side to a sandwich at lunch. But, that makes it no better.

5. Fruit Snacks
Hi, my name is Katie and I eat Disney fruit snacks.
I'm embarrassed.

6. Coffee
Hallelujah...finally something I don't feel that stupid about admitting. I'm not sure if it's a craving, or more of a NEED to cover up my exhaustion. Either way, thanks to my sweet man, it's always brewed and ready for me when we come down in the morning.


Well there you have it. The first step is admitting, right? The good news is, I've pretty much given up on these things as of now (except coffee...I will NOT...)--but, those were the things I found myself craving the last 6'ish weeks.

Happy Tuesday!

Monday, June 28, 2010

Sleepy McSleepster

I've talked about this once before...but, Declan and I literally have our own lingo around our house. I'm assuming most couples/families do.

You know, we have weird sayings, we have certain names for things that make sense to no one but us. Heck, we even have nicknames for each other that are wayyyy too embarrassing to admit. Really, I will never, ever, ever, tell. And that...? That's big. Because you know that I'm an open book.

But, nevertheless.

Our lingo.

Lately, our lingo has become adding "Mc" to everything.

I really am not quite sure where this came from...and I admit, it's odd.

A few examples of common phrases used in my house are: [don't judge]

"Fatty McFatty"
(when referring to something we're eating, want to eat, or a commercial we see on tv, etc)

Example: Declan and I may be craving ice cream one night, and we'll say, "Ohhh that's so Fatty McFatty!" [For the record, does not stop us from eating it, hehe.]

"Sleepy McSleepster"
(used when referring to Emeline, typically...when she gets her heavy, need-sleep, eyes)

Example: "Look how cute Sleepy McSleepster is over here."

"Fuss McGuss"
(a name we've affectionately given our little angel when...well...she's not being such an 'angel'.)

Example: "Baby girl...why are you being such a little Fuss McGuss?"


I told you.

Weird, right?

We all come up with these crazy little sayings, slang, or lingo for our own households.

Don't we?

If you care to divulge--just tell me one of your weird unique slang terms/words/phrases that's common in your humble abode. When you makes me feel...not so...alone, haha.

Happy Monday!

Sunday, June 27, 2010

Silent Sunday's: My loves

These two make me melt...especially when they're together.

Friday, June 25, 2010

Braided-Flower Headbands

Yesterday morning I had a LOT of things to lot. You name needed to be done. And just because the demand was so high, my motivation was at an ultra-low. Although I woke up 2 hours earlier then normal in hopes to get things done...I did not.


I sat down with my cup o' joe and my my google reader open and then I saw this blog post. I saw Jocelyn's really cute, step by step post on how to make these headbands...and I died. After I brought myself back to life, I dashed around my house gathering the materials needed to make one of these amazing headbands, myself.

When I get the creativity urge...there's no stopping it.

I threw the to-do list of 2930283 things out the, and off I went to make one for myself....err...two.

I have to say--it was fun. I burnt pretty much every finger with the hot-glue gun...but it was worth it, because how cute are these?!?

I wore the red gingham one out while I ran errands...and while it's just a simple, little stretchy headband holding back un-showered, tossled, hair....I felt good. It dressed up my very casual look.

If you're feeling crafty, try it yourself. If you're totally not (and I don't blame you)--then check out Jocelyn's Etsy Shop, where you can purchase your own for only $7.50., right? [And her's look so much better then mine!]

It was a fun Thursday morning distraction....

Happy Friday!

Thursday, June 24, 2010

Thankful Thursday: The Phone Photo's Version

I'm thankful for the summer, although--humidity? Not so much.

I'm thankful for a deck to sit out on and relax in the evenings with my family.

I'm thankful for a grill. For without it, we would go hungry in the summer.

On that note, I'm thankful for my husband, who is the grill-master.

I'm also thankful for the nitty-gritty-basics today....


a car that run wells...

food in the fridge...

a cozy place to call home...

a comfy bed...

morning baby smiles...

baby wearing...
(which makes getting things done possible some days)

$3 clearance outfits from Target...

and a crazy-cute pup who loves that cutie...

and I can prove it:
Precious, yea?

Happy Thursday!

Ps: I'm so thankful for all of you wonderful friends who left me some great tips and encouragement on yesterday's post. Thanks for letting me feel comfortable enough to be so...honest.

Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Post-baby body image

I had my first bad body-image day. It was the first day since having the baby where I didn't look in the mirror and go, "Okay...I look decent for only having a baby X weeks ago." I looked in the mirror and said, "Ew...that's gross".

It was one of those days that even though I was really going nowhere...I could find NOTHING to wear. I went up to my closet multiple times throughout the day to torture myself. I tried on every freakin' pair of pre-baby jeans/shorts/capris I had.

Some of them "fit", but by fit, I mean, I had to dance around like an idiot to get them up, suck in, and then button, and pray it didn't bust. After that, I had the most disgusting case of muffin-top I've ever seen. Maternity jeans just sag and fall down around my waist, now.

I'm at a really annoying in-between phase.

Every shirt in my closet hugs the wrong area. My stomach. Ew.

My thighs were already big, yet, they feel gi-freaking-normous after 9 months of pregnancy cravings gone-wrong.

My boobs...they're umm...big. Duh. But, having big boobs, and not a small waist at this moment in time, makes me look...



I felt really fat.

I know I need to be more forgiving of my body. I know I need to give my body more time. I know it's only been 6 weeks and that I literally just hit the "Okay you can exercise now!" mark. I know what my body did over the last 9-10 months was an absolute miracle and I have a cute-little-face to prove it.

But the truth is, I'll never, ever get my body fully back again. I didn't ever have any great body to begin with, but...compared to this? I would totally take it back in a second.

Writing this makes me vulnerable. I realize this, and I hate being vulnerable.

All in all...I guess I just have a lot of work to do.

I remember posting this belly picture when I was pregnant with Miss E....and I remember feeling insecure because I felt I was in the "awkward" phase.

...and now, I'm NOT pregnant anymore...and, well... I look worse then that.

Oh, dear--God forgive me for posting a bra-less pic for the world to see.

So---here's the part where you tell me what worked for you. Did your belly ever get back to semi-normal again? If so...when? Is there hope? No hope? Should I write my pre-baby-belly a goodbye forever letter? What do I do about all the access around my mid-section....lunges? The not-so-good at exercising me needs advice.

I hate "fat" days.


"Name that Thought" Winner

Our winner with the best "thought" for sweet Emeline in the photo from yesterday is....

Erin from My Alabaster Jar

I think it's the perfect thought bubble for the image.

Thanks Erin, and thanks to everyone else for your cute contributions.

Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Name that Thought

Let's play a game.

"Name that Thought"

What's going through little Miss Emeline's head?

Well, who-the-heck knows--but we can guess and have fun with it.

I'll pick my favorite one, and post the 'winner'--linking to your blog, of course.

Let's see how this goes....

Ready, set, GO.

Monday, June 21, 2010

A BIG announcement.

Well, I have a big announcement...and I'm just gonna come out and say it.

This will be my last blog-post.


Kidding! Totally kidding.

I'm sorry, that was horribly mean.

It's physically impossible for me to stop writing, so you're stuck with me.

Okay, so...

The real "BIG" announcement is...

[Stop calculating in your head,'s physically impossible for me to be pregnant already, okay? It's NOT that. Kay, thanks.]

I'm taking the next school year off, and I'm being a full-time stay at home mom!
(some of my twitter friends saw me tweet this the other day!)

To those of you who have been around for the last 10-12 KNOW that's been a crazy-big desire of mine. In fact, you know that I cried many tears during my pregnancy wondering if I'd get the opportunity to stay home, and how much it would mean to me to be able to do so.

For me, well...for us....we know its the right decision. It truly is the desire of my heart to stay home with Emeline (and all our future kid's if possible...but that's another story).

I was having a hard time, scratch that, a down-right miserable time figuring out what the heck we were gonna do in regards to this [daycare options, etc]. It literally broke my heart because I so badly wanted to be home with my daughter. And...thank the good Lord, we were able to work it out, and we trust that God will continue to provide along the way.

I'm seriously stoked about this.

And I feel so blessed.

You might ask, does this mean I've given up teaching for good?

Not quite.

In fact, I didn't quit my job. One of the many perks of being an educator (at least in many districts around here!) is the opportunity to take a "child-rearing-leave" for any amount of time, typically up to an entire year.

I was approved to take off the entire 2010/2011 school year, unpaid, obviously. They will save my job if I choose to come back after that. If I don't come back, then I will have to terminate my position.

Make sense?

So, this coming school year they will put a long-term substitute in my classroom for the entire year. Next summer, around this same time I will have to let them know what my decision is as to my return.

At this point, we're taking it one year at a time. [In fact, with the summers squished at either end, she will be 16 months old by the time I return to teach, if that's the path we choose to go.]

I'm going to treasure this year fully. REALLY. I promise.

I know that I'm getting an amazing opportunity to stay home with Emeline; to be able to watch her grow and learn.

So, that's my big announcement.

Well, big for me. Big for us.

Thanks for supporting me along the way.

Happy Monday!

Saturday, June 19, 2010

Am I ridiculous?

...for getting so excited over THIS....?

Happy Saturday!

Friday, June 18, 2010

Sleeping and Newborns

I'm keeping this really brief today, because,'s Friday.

But, can I just tell you the one question since having a baby that I get ALL the time, and that seriously annoys.the.crap.out of me?

Yes? No?

Well, I'm telling you anyway.

"Is she sleeping through the night yet?"

I literally hear that maybe 2-3 times a DAY...from!random!people!


Seriously. Why.

Do me a favor, and rephrase the question as to not make me feel like a failure that my 5 1/2 week old isn't "sleeping through the night" yet.

Perhaps..."How has your sleep been?"..."What's her night-schedule like?"....

When you ask me something and I have to say..."" she's freakin' 5 1/2 weeks old people, give me a break, for heavens sake! it makes me feel like a failure, or like I'm doing something WRONG. Which, I'm not.

I realize, there are some amazingly lucky people who come home with a baby (typically, it seems it's the bigger babies) and they sleep for something crazy like 8-12 hours straight.

I have to remind myself that those are rare cases.

I'm in the majority.

Typically, newborns wake up every few hours. That's normal.

I've even been semi-lucky in the fact that I usually get a good 4-5 hour stretch of sleep, and then another 3-4 hours after a feeding.

Thats.not.bad. [Could be worse, and we've had a few of those looong nights, so I'm aware.]

But seriously.

NO more asking that question.

It's driving me mad.

In fact, the next time I may just flip out.


It's annoying.

The end.

Thursday, June 17, 2010

Thankful Thursday, photo style.

I'm thankful for this cute little lady...drool flowing down her cheek, and all!

I'm thankful for these cute little feet.

I'm thankful for those big, beautiful, alert, blue eyes.

We're both thankful (she told me) for fun little hats and headbands from Etsy.

I'm thankful for the opportunity to watch her grow and learn...

...and most of all I'm thankful that God gave me love and care for....

...and to take endless photos of ;)

Happy Thursday!

Wednesday, June 16, 2010

The kennel

I've been a little sad the last few days. None of the sadness is at all related to my dear, sweet, baby. Honestly. This time, it's about my fur-son, Mac.

I know, I's been so long that I've talked about him since being a bit head-over-heels in baby love preoccupied. So, let me re-introduce you, quickly.

Here's our Mac.

He really IS a good boy at heart. He loves to play with his kong, he LOVES taking walks, he's friendly (umm..ook....OVERLY friendly), and he loves to give kisses. He's completely house-trained. Loves to play fetch. Sleeps soundly through the night at the bottom of our bed. And? He also is a great protector of his baby sister.

Now, where does the sadness part come in, you ask?

Well, my entire family is going on a vacation in a few weeks to the beach. Sadly, the pup can't come with us. We've had to get pet-sitters for Mac before. We've tried everything. We took Mac to camp-out at someone else's home for a week. We've had people come stay in our home to keep him in his own, comfortable environment.

The verdict?

He is TERRIBLE when we are away. Like, it's really, really frustrating. We've pretty much exhausted all our options when it comes to having pet-sitters for our boy, because, if someone has done it once, they don't WANT to do it again--because he.was.that.bad. [Let me interject and say my parents are the best, and will always take him for us, like when Emeline was born...but, this time they'll be on vacation with us!]

I always leave the friends who are watching Mac with his typical schedule written out, plenty of food and treats, and everything that would make Mac feel comfortable. The problem is...I can't leave myself and Declan behind...and that....that's the problem.

You see, he has anxiety issues when Declan or I leave. I guess, attachment issues. He literally forgets all his normal schedules, pees or poops in his cage, and sometimes even gets physically sick and throws up. So, he makes way more work on the person or people watching him. Which equals frustrating. Which equals NO more pet-sitters willing to watch Mac (or that we're willing to ask, for fear of getting tomatoes thrown at us).

Also? It's literally painful when I call to check-in on him. I get the whole, "'s going.......[long pause]...okay....", and then mommy-guilt (Yes, it happens with DOGS) sets in, I can't enjoy my vacation what-so-ever because I'm feeling so bad that my dog is burdening others. Seriously. It sucks, big time.

I think our friends are pretty sure we lie when we say he IS a good dog at home with us. They probably roll their eyes and are like, "Yea...umm...suuuuuure". But, minus a few issues here or there, he is. That's the truth.

We've come to the conclusion that our one and only option for this trip is to board him at a kennel for the week. Sounds horrific, right? Even though I've visited the place, it's really nice, family-owned and operated, the dogs get out for hours on end a day (with lots of playtime with other dogs)....I feel sad about leaving him.

I have legitimate fears about how he'll be upon return. All week I'll be wondering if he thinks we've totally abandoned him. Will the other dogs be nice to him? [Seriously, I know, right? I'm pathetic.]

The one thing that's making this entire thing easier is that Mac's best friend, and doggie-cousin, Chase is going with him. They know eachother, they love eachother, they play together often.

So, while my heart's a little sad. I know its really our only option. I've done my homework. I've checked the place out. He'll be taken care of properly. We'll miss the heck out of him. But, he'll be there when we return.

Over the next few weeks, I'm gonna be giving him lots of extra cuddles and belly rubs.

I think its evident I already feel sad about having to do, hateful comments. K,thanks.

Tuesday, June 15, 2010

We love babies in this family.

Yesterday, at 8:41am, my sister-in-love, Lyryn and hubby, Jesse, welcomed their new, precious addition to the family.

The gender was a surprise...and we all waited with bated breath to see who was in there doing ninja moves all this time. Since I obviously have a new baby of my own to take care of, I wasn't able to be there in the waiting room, waiting for the details of who this kiddo was that inhabited Lyr's womb for all these months.

But, they were ah-ma-zing and dialed me in on speaker-phone so I could hear the "It's...A...!" speech directly from Jesse's mouth even though I wasn't able to be there. It still felt very special and me and cousin, Emeline did a happy dance around the living room when we found out the baby was a very healthy little...


[We would have done a happy dance no-matter-what because, a new life is PRECIOUS! And he was Healthy! And Aunt Lyryn was doing great! Oh, and new babies just melt me all over, anyway.]

Mr. Ian Bray Yacoe was 8lbs 5oz, and 20.5", and seriously, CUTE as a freakin' button.

The hours crept by until Declan got off work and we could drop EmeKay off at Mom-Mom and PopPop's to be babysat. I occupied my time by going to the store and buying Ian some cute boy clothes and staring at his cute picture all day long. I got a lot of strange looks as people saw my little headband'ed-in-girlie-clothes-baby in the stroller, but me with a handful of boy clothes. I even explained to the cashier that Emeline just had a baby boy cousin born this morning, EXACTLY 5 weeks apart, and that we were so.very.excited.

Here we are meeting our sweet, tender little nephew for the first time.

See? So excited.

I'm a sucker for new babies. I took in all his sweet, new fresh-out baby'ness. I looked at every one of his little features...and marveled in the fact that he looked like his big brother, Jayden, but did totally have his own unique look. I compared him to his 5-week his senior, cousin, EmeKay--because, duh. She's my baby. He's her cousin.

Most of all, I contemplated the many ways I could have smuggled him out of there and kept him all for myself because I already love him that much. But, I realize that wouldn't have been too kind to his momma, who obviously deserves to keep him :) hehe...

We are so, so, so thrilled he's here....healthy as can be...and that mommy is doing well.


Can we talk about the cousin-factor for a minute? Because, obviously having two babies born so close in age is loads of fun--but, it makes comparing their looks so much easier, too.

You can TOTALLY tell they're related.

To prove it, I scoured my photo's this morning...and well...this is what I got.

Example 1.

Example 2.
Those lips.
They are famous in Declan and Lyryn's side of the family.

Example 3.
They both agree that being a newborn is hard work.

Lyryn and I both can't wait to get our camera's on these two for a cousin photo shoot. They are roughly the same size in weight about now (Emeline may be about a 1/2 pound bigger), and so it will be too much fun to watch these two grow up together.

They'll be buddies, I know it.

We love you, Ian--welcome to the family!